September 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “Cheques to be phased out in Australia by 2030

    1. The 1% want the power more than anything they already have too much money, so are bored buying everything they want, power is the next step.
      Watch this nteresting doc:

  1. Well I pay my rent with cheque because it is the only way I do not get charged extra. Real Estate keeps asking to use third party payment system and will not take cash like before, using a card costs too much. I use to transfer using bpay but they won’t allow that anymore. Hopefully by 2030 I won’t be paying rent.
    Be interesting to see a list of all the implementations by 2030, bet most will not arrive on time. In the meantime I have gone back to using cash as much as possible. Just training my brain to use an atm again lol.
    Reignite Australia has a print out you can take to all the places you pay cash with the reasons why.

  2. If CBCDs do end up becoming the norm in the years to come, then I’ll most likely switch to cryptocurrencies preferably privacy orientated ones like Monero, Pirate Chain, Dero or what have you. Because I don’t want no part in this centralized, permission based monetary system!

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