September 25, 2023

9 thoughts on “Reserve Bank launches centralised digital currency pilot program

  1. THE ‘Price Fixing’ Banking System, what else would you call the 4 Major ‘Australian’ Ba – Sorry, The 4 SAME Major Banks-IN- Australia with the SAME ‘Owners’, would LOVE Centralised Digital Systems! In League with the RBA, it means that the ‘SAME bank’ x 4, DOESN’T have to find the ACTUAL cash, to cover ALL of the FIAT Money, that THEY have ALL created out of Thin Air! It also means, that if the UNwashed, decide to grab THEIR ‘Coin’ with the Pathetic Interest rates on THE ‘Savings’, under Digital ‘Swindle Tokens’, THE Bank DOESN’T have to produce the ‘Hard Asset’ – Which the Banks have lent out at about 30 Times PLUS, as the FIAT swindle!
    ‘Trusted & Reliable’ – That’s an unfortunate phrase to be used in A, or ANY, Banking Circle! How DID we go on the previous Lawyer fest/Anti Angst P.R. staged show- ‘Banking Royal CONmission’ anyway? – I didn’t see ANY CEOs or their Execs picking up soap @ a shower Block in ANY of Her majesty’s hotels!
    Digi Credits for Income; Great! So THE Peasants as usual, get their Digi earnings, less THE Digi Tax, Less GST, Less Super Credits (IF ‘Available any time soon or Future. The Current Mr T- Treasurer, Sorry. Currently the Mr Isn’t Jim a Chalmers, is looking at further ways to make Australian Super LESS accessible, to those WHO WORK AND ‘OWN’ IT! – AU$3,000,000,000,000 WORTH – Yep, I think that’s 3 trillion by the Zeros.! Jim, wants to make sure that ‘Battlers’ don’t get their greedy Digits on their own ‘Assets’. He’d prefer, that the Govt/banking Cabal, got THEIR greasy hands on it, much like the US$28 Trillion in Pension Funds that the U.S. Govt, HAS disposed of, & leading to their 60% trading insolvent Woes, & Relying on Endless War, as an ‘Issue Solution’.(The U.S. is Down a hole for approx US$ 28 Trillion – Observable Debt, PLUS figures bandied about of Another 35 Trillion debt Hidden COMIC Black Global Military/Biological Ops/Policy Costs). Must be why PROPER ‘Exchange Rates’ ARE another Global swindle. AU$ 1 = US 65 cents. ‘SWINDLE’.
    THE Banking game, in league with THE RBAs in many guises, are an obvious Theatrical Fraud – from the outside the game perspective! Inflation (Not a Politic .Bureaucrat Hot air exchange Index), Deflation (Not An ADF Inflationary issue per battle barrow) & Staglation, are ALL created BY & FOR The Govt/Corporate Co -Operative, & the resource IS – The Population. As mentioned previously, Interest rate ‘Drops’ BEFORE CONVID # Something, was ALWAYS ‘Financial Lending/Slavery ENDtrapment’ Strategy – With the extension Pact, pulling in ‘Jab or lose your Job’, & Then Lose Your house/Assets, Family, Any form of Social Worth! IS this NOT So? – OOPS MATE! Just COINcidence!
    Back to Digi Coupons. ‘Trials’ end up like this – Now Permanent!
    Future Example;
    FUCKBANK (FutureUtopianCitizenKlanBioInternationalNeoKinetics); Virtual Banking;
    ‘F’ Bank A.I.;Digitised voice; “Good morning JD 234789. Do you Debit or Credit? Iris scan/Barcode reader or CONVID-19 Interactive ‘Wet Ware’ Initialise of your Coupon account? Press Or Think, appropriate access. While you wait for Processing, our new rates have gone to Minus 6% on Any account credits, & Plus 14% on Debt, plus the usual Latent charges. You have 10 days left in this Calendar quarter, to spend ALL remaining Credits, or The Bank will ‘CONfisGate -Tm(TradeMarked ‘CONfisGate’ – ONE Way funds Portal) the Residual Funds! JD 234789, YOU are outside of your Allotted Zone. Enforcement has been notified!’
    JD 234789; “But there’s NO monetary interactive Distribution devices, Nor ACTUAL banking institutes in MY ‘Zone’! And the Network is Regularly ‘Down’! What – How am I/We suppose to Exist?’
    ‘F’Bank A,I,; ” Why do you have ‘needs’? Why have you not been Chip Enhanced or liquidated? The Bank has ‘Fined’ You ALL existing Credits, for Individual Thought & Reason.
    Did you want to open a New account?”

    Last; Seeing as The Federal Australian treasurer, A one Mr ‘Isn’t Jim a Chalmers’, & THE Govt of OZ, IS a Registered CORPORATION of THE United States of America – COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA(#CIK0000805157), along with Their Co Operative piggy bank COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA(#CIK0000008565), WHERE do Australian battlers Et Al, ‘Think’ that their Collective taxes ‘GO’ >
    ATO > Treasury. Into Australian Govt Holding Company ‘Of All’> Bank of America – Merrill Lynch.
    Others of Interest;
    COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (Apart from being a U.S. Corp) ABN; 98724451651- Western Australia 6430. Reg.
    BANK OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA LTD- U.S. Corporation (#CIK 0001542020)
    Responsibility for the operations of the ATO are within the portfolio of the Treasurer of Australia and the Treasury
    Minister responsible
    Jim Chalmers, Treasurer.
    Next; Apologies, Couldn’t just bring up PDF reference file;
    blockchainaustralia /ABN 63169053534 via RBA website We have;
    Please Note Date. Note Item 4 ‘Welfare Benefits’. & Lower references of the WEF & ‘Governing the Coin’.

    TO; Head of Payments Policy Department Friday, ‘January 31, 2020’
    Reserve Bank of Australia
    By email:
    Dear Sir/Madam
    Review of Retail Payments Regulation: Issues Paper
    Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a submission in response to the above-mentioned Issues
    Blockchain Australia is the peak industry body that represents Australian businesses and business
    professionals participating in the digital economy through blockchain technology.
    Blockchain Australia aims to encourage the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry and
    governments across Australia as a means to drive innovation in service delivery across all sectors of the
    We are convinced that the use of blockchain technology will drive a wave of innovation and business
    process transformation that will transform markets in almost every sector of the global economy – currency
    and payments platforms not least among them.
    Our ambition is to see an Australia that leads the world in the adoption of blockchain technology that has
    transformed the economy and society to achieve significantly greater competitiveness, efficiency, service
    quality, social engagement and employment.
    Given the above our response to the Issues Paper is limited to the central bank digital currency (CBDC) and
    stablecoin issues raised in the Issus Paper. These do not align easily to the specific questions in the issues
    paper but can all broadly be regarded as a response to Question 1.
    As the Issues Paper notes, a number of Central Banks and payments regulators around the world are paying
    serious attention to the potential for blockchain technology to be used to re-architect payments systems to
    provide greater speed, efficiency and regulatory transparency. This trend is bolstered by initiatives to create
    ‘global stablecoins’ – most notably the Libra project. In the view of Blockchain Australia, it is extremely likely
    that some of these initiatives will begin to roll out novel payments approaches in the medium term (5 to 10
    years) and that it is therefore essential that Australia be an active participant in global initiatives to define the
    scope, functionality and regulatory framework of such initiatives. A ‘wait and see’ approach runs the risk of
    seeing Australia excluded from processes that may redefine the global payments architecture.
    Blockchain Australia believes that the RBA should seek to actively engage in four potential use cases (in
    descending order of priority):
    1. Wholesale Settlements
    Blockchain Australia supports the RBA’s steps to experiment with a CBDC for wholesale
    settlements. This is an obvious and compelling use case that could significantly reduce reconciliation
    costs & time and free up capital by reducing the need to hold funds in a suspense account. | ABN 63 169 053 534 | PO Box 21122 World Square, Sydney, NSW 2002
    2. International Business Payments
    International Payments by businesses are a key area where a CBDC (or network of national
    CBDCs) could significantly streamline costs and enhance both regulatory transparency and data
    linkages. Blockchain-enabled supply chain and trade facilitation processes are already being
    developed and including a CBDC or global stablecoin as the native means of settlement within such
    systems is a natural extension of those efforts. The People’s Bank of China has announced projects
    in this area as part of the broader Belt and Road initiative.
    3. International Retail Payments
    International retail payments for consumers and remittances remain expensive and slow and the
    associated AML/CTF processes are often cumbersome and not particularly effective. A CBDC or
    global stablecoin could address this gap with particular benefits for developing countries. AML/CTF
    data for both ends of a transaction can be securely linked to every individual transaction.
    4. Domestic Retail Payments
    A broader CBDC for retail payments is a lower priority – especially for a country such as Australia
    with a sophisticated payments infrastructure. One area that may be worthy of investigation is
    whether a CBDC would provide a more effective and lower cost method for conditional government
    payments such as ‘welfare benefits’ or grants schemes.
    We recognise that, with the possible exception of the Wholesale Settlements use case, these areas for
    research and experimentation could be regarded as “Horizon Two” innovations whereas the bulk of the focus
    of the RBA must necessarily be on Horizon One opportunities to enhance existing architecture.
    However, Horizon Two can rapidly become Horizon One and given the potential for significantly
    transformative innovation and the engagement of very large economic stakeholders, it is essential that the
    RBA also dedicate resources to these opportunities. Australia should be a leader not a laggard in defining
    the future global payments architecture.
    In addition to the announcements out of China, we note the following recent announcements:
    • Governing the Coin: World Economic Forum Announces Global Consortium for Digital Currency
    Governance –
    • Central bank group to assess potential cases for central bank digital currencies – | ABN 63 169 053 534 | PO Box 21122 World Square, Sydney, NSW 2002
    • Central Banks and the future of digital money (Consensys Whitepaper recently released at the World
    Economic Forum) –
    We would be pleased to discuss any aspect of our submission with you.
    Yours sincerely
    Nicholas Giurietto
    CEO and Managing Director
    Blockchain Australia.
    Wellness to All.

    1. Wow John, that is some research you have done, excellent work. I did only find out recently our Government is owned by the USA, guess that is why we have become their scapegoat too. So what to do? Do we stash the cash, bin the pin, swat the swipe, all deal in gold? Seems like all the crims have woken up to gold laundering, especially the WA gov, owner of the Perth Mint.
      Went to a garage sale today, paid cash, so when it all goes digital will we just wave our wrists together with our implanted chips?

      1. A Lot of this Data, is of a ‘Sort’ in Plain sight. Having an Inkling, or spotting ‘Anomolies’ whilst looking at said sites, leads to other enquiry, such as; looking at ‘Associated/ Interactive’ Govt & Fringe Corporations, Groups, Dodgy University ‘Research Units’ & ‘Think Tanks/ Intelligence Units’ – Invariably ‘Linked’, such as The Atlantic Council, The Welcome Trust, & The Anything But PhilMyTroughPissts Etc. All ‘Apparently -NON Profit’ or Registered Charities = LOL!
        These ‘Connectabilities’, much like the invaluable work of Ethan & the TOTT crew, Plus others in response, lead to further Questions ‘OF THE ‘System’, ALL Apparently Marshalled for OUR ‘Benefit’! Questions such as; IF the Federal Govt of Australia., HQ’d in the U.S.A @ 1601 Massachusetts Ave,. Washington D.C. as per Their CIK registration, & IN Australia ‘THEY’ Govern from Can’tberra, Sorry- Canberra in the ACT, Why does ‘Their’ ABN # 98 724 451 651 ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’@ the ATO is Registered Location Western Australia; Post Code; 6324? – Anyone?
        Mmm – Perth Mint. ‘Operation Atlantis’ – J5 ‘Group'(Late 2020). The only crew in this ‘Revenue Hunt’ – LOL ,NOT in 5 Eyes, for this, were the Dutch (Netherlands) – N.Z. Govt was TOO busy Beating the Crap out of, or Stabilizing their ‘CONVID’ CONtainment of ‘Locals’, By Witches 101 Ms Jackals got Ahernia!
        THE Morphing of Single Digi currency & it’s obvious Multi Spectrum CONtrol/Trace – Tracking, ISN’T ‘New’,as the Govt Infers by it’s Jargon – ‘Pilot’! As the Blockchain reply above notes – And THIS, is the ‘Response Date’ to The RBA & Hence THE TREASURER as well, Dated 3 YEARS ago & Change! (31/01/2020.)
        It’s NOT a ‘Pilot’, it’s the old Sales Reps ‘Shoe’ Wedge in the Door!
        Yes, I still use Cash where possible, & still support OUR flagging postal systems, a Small local Community Bank, & the good people therein!
        As for Global Control, including ‘Cashless’ – IT WILL FAIL! 1 of MANY of it’s Achillies Heels is the Electric/Communications REQUIRED Interactivity. – NO Juice – It NO GO JOE! PLUS, ALL Systems ‘Online’ ARE ‘Hackable’, even Without THE ‘Youva No Ferrari’ WEF Idiot Psych factor!

  2. Strayans will hurry to adopt for sure. The world’s most subservient people will presume that ‘complying’ with any (and all) authority will enable them to be rich and powerful.
    Already slaves to mortgages and rents that have no equal, adding CBDC’s will be a natural ‘next step’.
    Indentured servitude from years back never left their psyche-it fully defines them now. What once had so much promise where countries OC looked on with interest, the land and her people been fully captured-all it took was to enable greed and the conquest was too easy mate!

    1. John Dawe knows Australian banks, and Mark Hanson knows Strayans…we can foretell the outcome.

  3. Well I was inspired by Reignite Australia to go back to cash, old school. Small Business are really appreciating not have to pay the fee’s for card use. Meanwhile gold is being laundered and stashed because it cannot be traced. Stuff the paywave.

  4. Anyone seen the new eftpos machines coming out ? Facial recognition and camera , linked to wifi and no doubt 5g , able to scan your purchase for carbon credits I’m sure . Cash is king keep it alive and don’t comply

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