December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “Slowing the sprint towards a cashless society

  1. Cashless is only another Form of Tracking, FULL STOP. In Australia. With our Outdated & Useless/Inflexible NBN [No Bloody Network], previously there was Diversity in Communications. Even with the Main Electric grid down, Landline Communications were still accessible. Scenario 1]
    Mrs Jones a Middle aged Woman [Am I allowed to Express Gender anymore?] walking down her stairs in her unit, misses her step, because of power outage, Breaks her leg. Her Mobile phone was left upstairs. She drags herself to the Landline [Which NOW goes thru a ‘Powered’ Modem] – IT IS DEAD, & she Perishes from Shock, & Blood loss!! [And that is NOT a complicated Scenario – Telstra NEVER got back to me on that 1! Scenario 2] Just done the Fortnightly Shop [CASHLESS Scenario], after 2 Hours stockpiling Your Road Train trolley, you get to the Register, Eftpos is ‘Down’. What do you do Now? Scenario 3] You’ve finally got your ‘Pay Credit’ transferred to your account. Leaving for work the next morning, or an Emergency situation. Fuel is low in your Vehicle, you go to the Servo, Gas up your vehicle, go to use your various Cards, & a Gliche in the system a] Says you have NO Credit b] Doesn’t recognise your card or Can’t read it! c]You contact the Bank, 7 THEY have Cancelled your card because of a Security Breach. What are you Going to Do? How are you going to ‘Pay’? How are you going to get to where you need to go? Taxi? They’ll need Card payment. Public Transport? They’ll need Card payment!

  2. Apologies. I should have used ‘Appropriate terminology’. ‘tracking’, only 1 Parameter. NAY, ‘CONTROL’ is THE Appropriate term, THIS encompasses ALL facets, including ‘Multi Leverages’, Physical & Psychological!
    Wellness to ALL [NOT The Globalists, NOR, Their Kept P.E.T.S]

  3. I am a “cash wherever possible” man. “No cash accepted” outfits, including allopathic jabberjockey doctors, get no business from me. And I am proud to have been involved in The Citizens Party’s removal of the proposed cash transactions > $10000 ban. Now we are trying to remove bank “bail-in” and trying to get the former outstanding CEO of Australia Post, Christine Holgate, reinstated…Scomo, Albo and the AP Chairman, hang your heads in shame…puppets of big banking.

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