October 2, 2023

22 thoughts on “Australian banks ready to introduce digital identity checking service

  1. Disaster awaits us if we do nothing. We are now on the road to tyranny and a China like social credit system, how lovely! Of course, the sheep will be lining up to join this monstrosity. Been in the planning for ages and the sheep are fast asleep, that is why they all got conned by the Great Covid Con.

      1. There is a movement at the moment called The Global Walkout, few small things but it is a start: globalwalkout.com

    1. Seems they (those controlling the wheel) will stop at nothing to get what they want, it is absolutely mind boggling what is in the works, and people are so ignorant to not realize it is happening and they are already a part of it. You might like this website: stopworldcontrol.com

      1. I had a big sticker made up for the back window of my car that reads ‘Stop Global Tyranny! Visit StopWorldControl.com to find out how.’
        It’s mostly the older generations that reacts positively to it, and the younger generations tend to stick their noses up to it. The evil Cabal has certainly done a good job in brainwashing our kids.

        1. Excellent, so weird that older people are more awake, the kids/teenagers/young adults are brainwashed by what they see on their phones, and what they are being taught in schools, so sad.

  2. ‘Banks’, ‘Government’ – Highly Trusted! ER, is that WHY, These gangsters & THE Media, HAD to have a ‘Code of Conduct’ Attached to their collective Operations in the FIRST Place?? So it wasn’t Years of Criminal operations & Mis/ DisTRUST? The Mis/Dis Factory is making a Cyclic Comeback! – SAME Players! SAME Gameplay! I guess that’s the ‘Fit & Proper Person’, SOOO Bandied about by the Same COC Merchants, AGAINST the ‘Peasants’! ‘Proofs in the Pudding’ Minstrels & UNelected Technocrats!
    This COC, of Course, ACTUALLY means exactly ZERO! Strategic Propaganda Leverage ONLY! & With the very same COC Cabals of COMIC going Gang Busters to Screw the Population even HARDER! Only THE Sheep ‘Believe’ a COC, IS, ANY form of Oversight!
    The Australian Fed Govt (COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA) @ NOTmyGov.Tyranny.org, Not to be outdone as a U.S. Corporation – IT’S U.S. Security & Exchanges Commission- Reg # CIK 0000805157,
    THE COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA – IT’S U.S. Reg # CIK 0000008565= A U.S. Corporation.
    SAFE & EFFECTIVE. Your Individual Security Bio Metrics ARE SAFE – TRUST US, WE HAVE A COC.

  3. The paradox that I cannot reconcile is how the mainstream media pump anti-China sentiment down our throats everyday, and our masses lap it up – criticising that nation for its terrible systems of population control and lack of individual liberty, yet we happily accept the rollout of the very same systems in our own countries. What gives? I mean I get the fact that these desires and plans for control have existed for a century at least, and that it’s not China doing it TO us, but what happened to China is happening to us, but I still can’t understand the dissonance of the masses for something they have been given a poster boy to hate on, a stark example of what we never want to be like and yet onward we march. I suppose its the same as how we watch shows like Black Mirror or read 1984 or Brave New World in abject horror, mortified at the concepts, but opt-in to programs and systems that are blatantly of the same ilk.
    Seems to me, so long as there is someone to point the finger at, people have literally no interest in self-awareness or what is happening in their own backyard. Time and time again. We are truly doomed if these final technological pieces are implemented.

  4. Interesting that the AP+CEO Lynn Kraus shares her name with WEF Klaus Schwab lol.

    We must resist as long as possible, leave the big banks asap.

      1. I won’t hold it against you. Both Krauts as it were. Germany caused us a slight problem in WW1. I don’t they have bothered us much since them have they? I don’t get out much.

        Klaus Martin Schwab his full name is, among other things, an anagram of

        ‘Satanic mark hus lbw’

        That’s just not cricket. Perhaps he is a mark of the beast??

  5. What if people like myself don’t want this digital ID hellhole? I guess people like me would just have to die off like the dinosaurs! Or maybe I’ll start using alternative currencies, like cryptocurrencies or just stick to physical cash!

    1. There are plenty of people who are aware of what is happening and do not wish to be digitalised. In my area people are beginning to trade locally, assist each other locally, building community. Money does not necessarily change hands.
      Sure, if one wants to continue without changing one’s current lifestyle then becoming a number is essential.

  6. Big banks “a source of trust”: as John Dawe notes, ya gotta be joking. All so predictable. Ian and Nathan above have two of the strategies needed to avoid becoming “a slave on a digital plantation.”

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