December 5, 2023

5 thoughts on “Dan Andrews, face of lockdown tyranny, resigns

  1. Dan’s last Hoorah!;

    Another Morning of Gloom settles over MelBoria. Crucified Small Businesses Line The Imitation Roman Apia leading Down Cholera St., CBD. [ CorpoRAT Bastards District]. A slight smog cloaks the once thriving streets, slightly obscuring A squad of SCN Stormtroopers Finishing night shift, brutalising a Homeless former Employed CitiZen in Celebration of the fact! Drifting up to Caesar Dan’s private stage,- on the Updraft, from the Rukus below – “PAPIERE SCNELL! Get a Move on! I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU’VE LOST MATE- I’M JUST DOIN’ME JOB!”
    Caesar Dan; “AHhh. I’m Going to Miss the Heady Atmosphere of VicTopia’s ConTrolling monarch!” [ Reaches for His Loot – ( Er, Um – That’s Later), Take 2; Reaches for His Lute, & strums slowly] “Such an Artist Dies in Me! I thought I could have Held out, to See my Grand Vision, of Being The Ultimate MORON! People could write songs & Plays about Me. I, I, – I Could have Built an EmptyIre – That’s Not right! Ah! I could have built an EndTime – Yeah/ Nah. GOT IT – AN END-PYRE, – & a Colossal! A Cold Sell – Er Um — “[ Sighs]. “Oh for God’s sake Jeeves! What am I trying to say – AND, Does NO ONE Love Me?”
    Jeeves [ Aide]; “I say my failing Anti Christ, – HE, who would have Made Caligula look like a Complete Success Story, Steady Sir! SUCCESS Darkness – The END-PYRE IS COMPLETE & I’m sure with the Correct Prevailing breeze, The Stench of CharRed eCONomic Policy, should even reach your Lofty nostrILLS!
    ALAS, You May find it diffiCult my UNilluminated one, to find ANY of the Surviving Middle Class that would Sympathise with your Current Melancholy. By the way, my Synthetic one, in case you’ve not Noticed, there is NO strings to your Lute!’
    C. Dan; “Other Emperors wear NO Clothes – & No one Comments. I,- I,- I on the other hand, CAN LOOT with NO strings attached – It IS Ordained, & besides it must be true. I’M A TWIT, & have been told as much on X. AND, I saw a sign from the Gods, when a Blue Bird Morphed, If you Musk ask ! I shall sacrifice 100 Extra Independent small businesses to Celebrate My Morphing! AND, ask the RBA to Lift False interest rates, to exacerbate My Fallow CitiZens depression, & leave a Slight residue of Negativity to remind THE UNwashed, WHO it is, that has brought THEM, to this State of affairs! HOORAH! By the way Jeeves, the word that I was searching for — Before , I was interrupted, Was — Oh Jeeves. I feel like I’ve Lost My Grip! What’s happening? ”
    Jeeves; “A bit Personal I think My Dark one. Your sexual preferences, I should respectfully ask you, to keep to yourself – Even if a Large proportion of your Former distraught Subjects, would agree that it appears to be a Permanent fixing! On another note My quasi fallen Angel, I believe there appears to be a Rising in Public Health & outlooks, with the News of your AbDickation!”
    C. Dan; “ABDICATION? – Oh Yes indeed! Um, yes Jeeves, several of My Upper advisors, Thought that Now, may be an opporTune [ Without the Lute], Moment to move to a more family Oriental Indulgement, For services RendeRed – You understand! Then there’s the Negative Effect of GoverNonce & Future Party politic Elections- NO relection on My Reign of Course!! And – Besides, several things; If I stay Here, Where am I going to find the Money to finance My Colon — My Colonosc — My ColonSeeUm – OH JEEVES?”
    Jeeves; “Colosseum, My ILLiterTWIT one?”
    C. DAN; “And besides, I’ve already Made Known, we can’t afford anymore Games, especially after that
    CON-ON-WELCH Games Fiasco!”
    Jeeves; “Yes my Lecherous Lord. The VicTopia coffers are SOOoo Empty, that the last group of StormTroopers going to Collect their Pay, from the State Vault, Barely opened the Door, & were Sucked into the Void! If it wasn’t for All of Their Full Battle armour, still be Sported by the Egotistical Units, after The VicTopian Citizenry Repressions Campaign, They would have disappeared as well – OH! & some survived by holding onto some Convenient Still shackled prisoners! As an aside, I thought you should know, Vic treasury has STILL been claiming CONMENWEALTH CONVID payments on said prisoners on the Grounds of Unemployment Benefits & NEW Work experience ‘Programmes’- Which appears to be Some Time back! – I think you’ve logged them down as – Tensile Metallurgist Technicians. & look these ones are all called Shackleton! I don’t know what else to say, – Except, – Perhaps it’s time, as all HonWhoreAble Caesars do, & you SHOULD, Just fall on your Sword My Liege!”
    C. Dan; ‘SWORD JEEVES – SWORD? I intend to fall on MUCH more than That! While Others have GOT each others Back, I’ve Got My Own Back! IBAC MYSELF JEEVES! – Oh, and a Modest AU$150000 Smackers a Year. Now THAT’S Premier League!”

    1. I say Jeeves old boy, hurry along now , the poor fellow needs drink, preferably something strong.
      He’s coming down with a fever, the jitters or something like that, ah yes Jeeves , I have seen this
      before, he’s drifting into a state of melancholia, tragic yes, the extreme disappointment, a loss,
      of inspiration, the bane contention, a figure of inspiration or ire, to which a great enmity is
      attached has gone, and left an emptiness, from which his creative craft has been denied,
      Cut off, in its prime of castigation of the plaudits of one erroneous caricature, but, the truth
      is what this creature represents. It was there when Cain killed Able , in spirit, and this spirit
      has shown itself many times in the hearts and minds of the same ilk, through time, this
      creature, is not deserving of any real consideration, as there will be more of its kind.
      I will not afford it a name or a title, or render to it any spite or hate, for I have neither for
      it, I do know what it is, and how it was empowered, worshipped and idolised as the sum
      of all its experience, and the deft control of the sentiment of its followers, like a magnate
      of power, drawing its energy from its believers, a well practised bully, assured by its natural
      understanding of fear, and the enticements of what it offers to those , like the prisoners
      in Plato’s Cave, whose reality is a certainty and a comfort, that if threatened by an
      alternative, a freedom if you like, will oppose, become aggressive and agitated that anyone,
      should dare to say this, mock and cajole, you fool, and then render them as outcasts.
      The empowerment was by Consent, what was done was by approval, ” the greater good”
      No one was “forced” this is correct, the great deception of language, tried and true ,
      throughout time in memoriam and we are held captive to it.
      I know so many wonderful, kind and decent people in this Country, who would give you
      the shirt of their back , if it would help, I grew up in the bush , where selfless folk would
      stand with you in the tough times, these people are still here, but are being prayed upon
      for their willingness, just like our Anzacs, to stand and be counted in a crisis,.
      The creatures know this , violate it , treat it with contempt, to divide and to disassociate,
      us from each other, with their invisible enemies.
      We must move on from the likes of these caricatures , these who are inviolate to humanity,
      Know what it is, and crush it, because we can, and it knows that.
      Jeeves , make that drinks for two, there’s a good chap:

      1. Just SO! A Smoothie Then?
        Jeeves/ Aide; “Now then my MoralLess Caesar Dan, as I’ve always tried to prepare & stEar you your moroseNess, down a More righteous path, in Dealings With – & a Co -Operative, Consiglierey approach to ALL of your citiZens, which Unfortunately appear to have fallen on Death Ears- Strange, they seem well Proportioned for Encapsulation, & You, Seemingly Incapable of the Nero dagger Re EnactMeant process, I’ve decided to – By CONsendSUSS, a CONVID favourite, TO, Mix us some Celebratory drinks.”
        Caesar. Dan; “That’s Very GenerArse of you Jeeves, ALL Considering!”
        Jeeves/ Aide; “Most welcome My Darkness. Now then, I’ve used your CCP Anniversary Red Goblets, & your Gold SCN serving Tray with it’s Trademark Motif & Moto ; ‘The Schwartz [ Hungarian-G>J] IS with you’. & it’s signed by ‘Soros’- So while I mix our Hemlock Smoothies, Who’s your ‘Next in Line’ Henchman – Er – Um – Successor? Don’t answer My vacuous one – It was rhetorical, because I was hoping to stop the ‘rot’ right here, right now.”
        C. Dan; “Oh For GODS SAKE JEEVES! Have I not Inflicted Enough Lessons in CON-Troll Over VicTopia over the Last Few Years, that No ONE, has Taken Notice? Get some Gumption! CONmand Respect! Now where’s that drink? I feel as Parched as a Nude wombat, Kayaking the Great VicTopia desert!”
        Jeeves; “Just So, your Shadowlessness. ‘ICE’? Bottoms up then! I’ll just wait a Moment or two before I drink mine, to check Your ‘Safety & Effectiveness’. Mood MuseSic – I’ll just Air strum your Lute, while we wait for CONsensus Science to Ratify results! Ah – Finally Bliss!”

  2. What next for KJD? A sinecure at the WEF, Wellcome Trust, WHO, UN, Pfizer? Take your pick, not that he needs another highly paid position…he has already been massively rewarded by the global-parasites for his high treason. I wouldn’t want to be in his [ethereal] shoes when he faces his Maker.

  3. I can’t recall Dan may already have another cushy job lined up in China or USA? Can’t imagine he will stay in Victoria. And as for watching his kids grow up, bit late for that, they are already grown up. Lest we forget all those who died because of this evil tyrant. And don’t forget all the small businesses he destroyed, all the families he destroyed, etc etc. Worst Premier ever! His karma is coming.

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