December 5, 2023

5 thoughts on “ADF negotiating to lease Howard Springs Quarantine Facility

  1. We need to get rid of these corrupt WEF traitors that are for bill Gates that’s not even a health practitioner or a climate expert but Albo is on his knees ready to do whatever this maggot says to do

    1. Billy is a eugenics first and foremost. Look at his ancestory. Whatever he has achieved has always been done by someone else he is just holding the puppet strings with his money purse.

  2. Albo:”Bill, do to me what you’re doing to the world.”
    Bill: “What’s your poison, Tony?”
    Albo: “Pfizer warned that fourth booster needed for those not yet dead…that’s good enough for me.”
    Bill: “Are you sure, Tony? You’re one of our ‘leaders’, so you qualify for a saline shot, a placebo.”
    Albo: “No, Bill, I’m a covid-19 vaccination true believer. I want ‘the full monty’, the real thing.”
    Bill, although neither a medical doctor, chemist or nurse, administers the Pfizer pjabaroo. Albo suffers anaphylactic shock and croaks within two minutes.
    Bill: “Silly fellow…fancy being so stupid as to fall for our bs and self-cull like that. Now I may as well rule the Vacci-Nation of Australia directly, now that the middle-man has gone.”

    1. I bet Billy has his eyes on farming land here too, buying up US is not enough for him, he wants to rule the world, the dick-tator mindset eugenics satan worshipper.

  3. NT Chief Minister, Natasha Fyles, says no final decisions have been made and that the Commonwealth still has priority access should it be needed for a pandemic-related issue over the next six months.

    “We did enter with the Commonwealth government into a period of having it on standby for COVID-19 if it was needed,” Fyles told reporters.

    She further noted: “As we’ve shifted this second half of the year very much to a community-based illness, it’s less and less likely that it is needed to be used.”

    Still wants access in case it is needed!
    Less and less likely that it is needed!
    Make up your mind.

    These people are very evil, they pushed back on Indigenous reconciliation by about 50 years! Hunting down “escapes” who were not even sick and to lock down their communities until they get a high vaccination rate! If that is not perceived as genocide what is? They wanted to show the Indigenous people they are still in charge and you still cannot live your life without interference from the “white” leaders. They will never forget and neither will I. I hope everyone remembers too.

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