October 2, 2023

32 thoughts on “Gunner becomes emotional as backlash heats up in NT

  1. I’m reluctant to post a comment because I don’t know who is reading these articles. There will be backlash and it will be ugly. People can only take so much. Media pushing out articles portraying politicians as the “victims” of abuse and violence are are part of the manipulative and twisted narrative.

    1. This “Dumb” M_F, ! Crocadile tears from a psychopathic, traitor !
      The “Worst” offenders are so called Doctors “Who” know this is Bullshit, have been threatened with revoking their licence, if they dont support the FRAUD NARRATIVE.
      Get some “BALLS” Cowards like this sell out their own children!

    2. Correct. Doesn’t mind threatening the lives of others, very twisted indeed.
      The bully claiming to be bullied.

          1. Thanks! Since I joined I feel like a big strong man now. I get to snap my heels and say “yessir” when politicians tell me to go and grind some old people into the pavement. I’m so pumped I want to rip my number right off and go and pepper spray some kids for talking after lights out. That is a crime now, isn’t it? Or is that tomorrow? Doesn’t matter, I’ll just make it up as I go along: Dan and Shane have got my back.

            Because that’s the fucking reality now isn’t it. Change my mind.

              1. The only people who could change my mind are the cops themselves by behaving as public servants and not as pigs. A small handful are, and credit to them, but not nearly enough. They need to publicly distance themselves from the politicians who think they are their own private army, and investigate the really monstrous crimes that are taking place unpunished, instead of beating up citizens who genuinely care for the freedoms our grandparents fought for. Otherwise this country will continue its freefall into lawlessness and tyranny. It is in their hands now. If you are a police officer then next time you are at a protest, take off your helmet and mask and join with the people. If YOU are not a coward that is what you will do.

  2. Michael [reigning Quaxling of the Week] Gunner, you reap what you sow. “Keeping the community safe”: it doesn’t get much more Orwellian than that!

    1. Not sure if these People, Sorry, ‘Entities’, GET what ‘History Repeats’, for those who DO NOT ‘Observe & Remember to break Replication of Said History, BY, Democratic UNBIASED Deeds & Actions, FOR, THE ‘Actual, Greater Civil Good!’
      Somewhere in the back lots of Alternate Paris circa 1790, Their ‘Modern Times;
      2 ‘Dispossessed Citizens’, Grimey & Hungry, try to scrape together a Bi daily meal.
      “Marcel, I hear there’s a Progressive National Ball, starting @ Chateau Le Dan Andrews!”
      “We are not Invited Pierre, & besides, I no longer have my Mongoose costume!”
      “Do not worry Marcel My Friend! We’ll crash the Party! It’s nothing to lose your Head over!”
      “Maybe Pierre, this could set a Trend, A benchmark for the Future Elites to follow, in a Gauge of Self restraint & Benevolence !”
      “Marcell, I love You, but you seem to be Too much in love with The Roses!”
      “Perhaps some ‘Dead Heading’ then Pierre?” > 1799 A.D. = Actuals.

  3. I am baffled by the crocodile tears. Has anyone noticed how all of these leaders are now playing the so-called “family threat” emotional card? Gunner, Dictator Dan and let’s wait for the others to follow suit. This seems to be part of the narrative to appeal to the empathy and sympathy of many Australians, whilst they have absolutely none for anyone at all and are happy to have destroyed so many lives with not one iota of conscience.

    This may be their get-out-of-jail card at the moment but when they have to face the judgement of GOD, there will be no get-out-of-jail free card as everything they have said and done will be revealed in the open for absolutely everyone to see and there will be no excuse. All of these men doing evil will be snared in the work of their own hands. That is the biblical promise to hang on to.

  4. I do not believe on attacks on family.members..It is the man and the system.,It cannot be peaceful c0-existence, when Gunner is forcing people against their will to act against what they believe is best for them. There have been so many lies told , so much force used by people and officers in charge , that people have lost respect for them.. What else can they expect..I believe When Mr Gunner and those of his ilk have served their purpose they too will be dispensed with in the same manner they are treating the loyal citizens of this country.I do not feel sorry for Mr Gunner,]. Remember the old saying. If you play with fire, you will be burned.

    1. The ‘Underlings’ NEVER got the part of the ‘Deal’, where once YOUR ‘Use by Date is up’ YOU, & your ‘Connections’ are ‘Disposable!’
      WHAT? Do the Underlings ‘Think’ that they are the ‘SAME’ as those living ‘Above the Dust line?’
      DEAR, OH DEAR! Is that THE WOLVES I hear?
      Spinner INDEED!
      Wellness to you & Your Kin!
      Has ANYONE, asked these Bought Circus Monkees, WHO [NOT the Dodgy U.N controlled Gates Muppets], is supplying Baseline ‘Clean’ Bloods to the Red Cross Inc., with all this ‘Contaminated CON JOB 19’ Pre Jabbed ‘Units’ permeating Society?

  5. Politicians are just front-men for the big global think tanks that pushes the elites agendas onto the people! Because in their mind we are nothing but cattle, that need to be culled because we are using to much of their resources!

  6. Gunner cannot destroy other people’s families & their lives & businesses without him gambling his own & his family’s wellbeing. Evil elites & their dictates will be resisted by all means necessary. Why do Australian politicians think the peasant citizenry are docile & will take nazism lying down? When you act lie an evil monster you can expect to be treated like an evil monster.
    Save the tears clown. The people think as little of you as you do if them. Choices have consequences so choose wisely & accept the consequences whether good or bad without crying like a putz.

  7. Mark Alan Kings gematria findings, has clearly stated that the freemasonic ruling classes will get toppled over this fake plandemic. It even states that bounty hunting will become a popular profession as people travel across the entire earth, hunting down and capturing any of these political crooks that try to flee and hide. We are living in special times!

  8. He threatens our children with vaccines, threatens us and forces us with vaccines knowing damn well we feel these vaccines are dangerous and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care till it gets real for him, till his kids are endangered. He has no sympathy for our kids. Think of all the athletes now dead because of these vaccines. All their young lives gone.

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