November 29, 2023

11 thoughts on “NT UPDATE: The latest from sealed indigenous communities

  1. Please, can anyone stop this! I’m so angry I want to drive the 2000km and run over as many of these evil pricks as I can! It might be already to late to save them! Micheal Gunner needs to be hung for this, after he’s been tortured for a few years!

  2. All for a disease for which 99.9% of the “infected” recover from! These jabs are for a virus which has never been isolated, it doesn’t exist! The reason they want to jab everyone is that among the things contained in the jabs is the ability to connect to the LTE/5G netword, which includes thousands of low-orbiting satellites, so that in real time the govts can track, control and kill any jabbed person, anywhere, at anytime. The master mind is an organization that has been promoting the virus/vaccine tale for over 200 years, the Papacy.

    1. The masterminds behind all of this is the satanic Freemasons, which is the oldest secret religion (cult) in the world. They are the Papacy!

  3. Australias Shame, a great shame has befallen onto our Nation by the perpetraitors of this foreign and domestic government crime.
    Conscientious Objectors have every right to non compliance. This is rape! How dare these people force an experiment that is inflicted harm, onto our First Nations people, and all Australian people … shame, shame, shame.
    As is our footprints in the sand, I stand with our First Nations people. Let the ancestors be your guide, keep strong and heal.

  4. Like the above comments. At least Archbishop Vigano is calling them out. Looks like selection criteria for chief ministers, premiers and police commissioners must include an IQ less than 110, possibly even 100, along with a propensity for treason and lying, i.e. psychopathy.

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