October 1, 2023

11 thoughts on “Arrests made as multiple people escape Howard Springs quarantine facility in NT

  1. Love it! “The Great Escape” of people from the Orwellian concentration camp called the “Centre for National Resilience”

    1. Have you noticed that everything is gaslit in name to the reverse ? Democrat for democracy.. no its for totalitarianism. Freedom is imprisonment. Safety is danger. Its like hot is cold, wet is dry, red is green.. everything these evil people do is worded to pacify and to gaslight. The tragedy here is how many people are still NOT resisting. Our police, our doctors and nurses who obviously see the truth. Our military who are going along with it all. This is exactly the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany. Humans are no different now. And anyone like me who was an RN, knows quite clearly that sociopathy tends to find itself in the key management positions. People have become unthinking slaves to their idea of economics. Go to work, barely get by to pay the mortgage, pay for the car you only need to go to work, to send your kids to school and then pay their medical bills as seven out of ten kids now have chronic health conditions…. its like they are so brainwashed the threat of taking this fragile system away from them leads to total blind obedience. My own brother is among them.. totally enslaved to the false narrative because his ego is too fragile to face reality. The reality is.. well he is Jabbed now as is his wife and so too will his two young children. So so sad.

      1. Good for You! I’ve heard THEY have got more ‘Variants’ in the Wings! Coming Soon – The Ron McDonald Variant, Mickey Mouse Variant, Goldilocks Variant [The 3 Bears would have brought their own, but couldn’t find Consensus], Yes, even THE Consensus Variant [Perhaps the 3 Bears actually DO know something], The Pinocchio Variant, where people ‘Shed’ wood, The Bovine variant which comes with Copious amounts of free Shit. & on!.
        Just got some Propaganda in Mail from Bought R Us – THE Government! WOW, another ‘Acquisition of EXTRA 150 Million Boosters [Vaxx [NOT Vaxx] must be SOOO EFFECTIVE], that’s an extra 6 per person for EVERY Australian Citizen – & STILL the Sheep Believe! THEY are ALL related to someone, [think into a better place] –
        You can lead a horse to water.

  2. Or faked? “It got into Australia from evil escapees!” It’s a two-for-one; intro omicron, demonize people who dont go along. A couple of rule-breakers infecting the nation will really stir up hatred of non-compliance.

  3. Just because they say this, does not mean it is true.Look at all the lies they have told before. The
    tests are a lie, as the designer said himself.(Kary Mullis ) The sick should be confined not the well
    The people in control of this charade are evil personified.
    God will forgive them if they cease what they are doing and repent. If they continue,They are asking for whatever may befall them .History has a way of coming to the surface.Justice will be served.

  4. This is disgusting. These are not criminals, this is not a legal prison. These people did nothing wrong except fail a stupid failure of a PCR test. How many fruits and vegetables where also sent to this camp for failing their PCR test ?

    If anyone still things this is not a totalitarian move with an extermination eugenics agenda, then they simply are incapable of thinking at all.

    I bet if there was a poll conducted on whether people were willing to harbour these “fugitives” they would quickly find out that at least half the entire Australian population would be willing to risk their own freedom to hide and protect these escapees.

    This is no longer resembling Nazi Germany.. this IS nazi Germany all over again. I have an actually health pass from 1939 stuck to my refrigerator as a reminder of history. My 82 year old father who is the oldest taxi driver in our entire region, comes home and says to me “Most of the people I get in the taxi want to talk about this, and they all sound like you.. they all say the exact same things” ! So the 80 percent vax target.. I doubt if 50 percent got jabbed and my heart is heavy for those who were not as strong us the “resisters” and got this shot of poison. It will kill them… it is just a matter of when not if.

    It must be extremely clear now that this is not only a eugenics movement (a very flawed model) but it is a move to launch their one world order, with Neofeudalism so we are ruled and exterminated as they see fit. Where you will need to be approved to breed, or sterilised as cheap disposable labor. You will not be allowed to grow old because this is not a socialist movement or communism.. it is neofeudalism which is capitalist, meaning your value is not as a human being, your value is only based on what you can produce, and the scarcity of people who can do the same. The moment you can no longer be classed as productive… there will be a vaccine for you.

    This is not my imagination.. it is actually in many of the writings on Eugenics and a one world centralised government. If people were willing to pick up a book and read.. they would find the truth staring them in the face.

    As of today, we have only eighty two thousand ADF personnel, and less than that as police. If we actually do rise up to demand our government resign as we must.. then there is not a thing they can do about it unless they use full lethal force and turn our cities into real battle zones. And I must also highlight Vietnam and Afghanistan as “easy conquests” that failed despite the “enemy” having no weapons and resources. Their agenda is failing so what scares me is their desire to win at any cost. That will mean.. a new real deadly virus like Marburg or small pocks or Bill Gates own new Airborne Ebola virus. Or.. a nuclear war. Everything for these scenarios is lining up and just one look at the doomsday clock sitting at 100 seconds to midnight, supports this.

    We are in real serious trouble and these insane psychopaths driving this and their willing servants like Dan Andrews.. will do anything and everything without any ethics or morality, to achieve their goal. Losing is not possible for them now as they are totally committed and a loss now would mean the end of their agenda and their wealth and their hold on the world, forever. They have already made it quite clear their stance is “If we cannot have the world, then no one can” like a nasty bully child. But these are not children.. these people control nations and the worlds most advanced resources.

    Two years ago I would be ridiculed for this view. And I actually shared these exact story in full.. starting with covid, the deadly vaccines, the door to door military etc.. the lockouts, the bank bailouts, the collapse of the ecconomy and the masses of deaths.. I shared this back in mid 2019 as I am a rather skilled remote viewer and precog is normal for people who develop this skill. I was ridiculed and even booted from the remote view forums. I even tried to share this on dedicated websites for “prophesy” and again.. booted. I have copies of what I wrote in emails, and I can tell you what we see now is only the half way point in what I saw.

    I firmly believe the future is not set in stone otherwise the entire premise of precog would be redundant. We can change the future but only if we unit and act as one people. If we do not.. everything I saw will come to pass. If you do not live in the country, fully independent and off the grid, away from the attention of the ADF etc.. you will be stuffed. How long can most people go without electricity, water and sewer.. things we take for granted ? This is what they are already doing to our native populations in NT.. our brothers and sisters.

    The biggest problem we face is the belief “It will never happen to us, it only happens to “them”” which is a fatal mistake of assuming you are superior and excluded from this program for some reason. Let me tell you that eight billion people on the planet is sixteen times the population target they aim for. Dont believe me, go to the UN webiste and read the Agenda Twenty one document, and even read what is written on the Georgia Guidestones. This is not fiction and you are not special.

    Aliens are not going to fly down to save you, nor is Jesus going to choose right now to come and whisk you away. You have to unit as a people, a single united population no division at all.. and only then can we save ourselves. There are no other routes to our survival. And once we do take control.. If we take control.. then we can turn the world to something positive and restore our natural world, and ensure all humans have access to needed resources, and not just the few.

    This is not a capitalist vs communist or socialist argument. That is yet another smoke screen for the uneducated. This is survival of the human race vs genocide and that is all there is to it.

    I hope we all make the right decisions as all our lives depend on it.

  5. I hope you Aussies show up in full force the next election and get rid of these anti-freedom tyrants. Then when you get your Patriots in place go after each and everyone of these Marxists and hold them accountable. Take their properties, their freedoms, their careers, their everything. We will do this in the US. You will see that in 2022 as well as 2024 in a landslide. But we must show up and we must watch and have cameras on the voting process and absolutely demand that we can see the voting process and that it is uncontaminated with their cheating. MARXISTS CHEAT. Never forget that. Marxists lie and cheat and will murder for power. We have to show up in mass numbers to ensure there is no more voter fraud. SHOW UP!!!

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