June 7, 2023

15 thoughts on “Bill Gates meets with Anthony Albanese in Sydney

  1. That just made me feel anxious reading it! Makes me feel sick that our Government is bending it’s needs to an unelected power hungry greedy eugenics evil monster devil. I bet he was here to buy up farming land, seems to be what he is doing a lot of lately Now let’s see what will happens next, but please stand up to tyranny. We don’t need his so called “advice” and Albo should find his lost balls.

    1. That makes me feel sick too. Can’t stand even looking at or listening to Bill Gates with his pleased as punch arrogant looking face. He should not be involved in political decisions at all

  2. The organ grinder arrives to hand the money-tin to the monkey. Or is it the puppet master, here to attach the strings? Either way, Albo will do his level best to sell out Australia to the global-parasites, following in the footsteps of his predecessors.

  3. It spells the end to this government as what has taken place on NZ. Inviting the devil in one’s home, not good.BG thinks he is almighty and get away with his genocide over the years, tribunals await him.

  4. No doubt Bill Gates flew into Sydney in his private jet…instead of spreading his genocidal depopulation agenda through vaccines, he should stay home and deal with rectifying the harm he’s already done to people around the world.
    Albo meets with him at the PM’S resident at a moments notice…but both of these hypocrites spent more time increasing their own global footprint in the past year, than the rest of us would in a lifetime.

    1. Yep biggest hypocrites along with all the billionaires, politicians and CEOs that went to Davos. The new world order they are planning include “us” cutting back on emission but not “them”.

  5. Back in 2020, under Scomo, we had Jane Halton, chair of CEPI, appointed as a key player in Australia’s National COVID-19 Coordination Commission, the body responsible for our pandemic policy. Ms Halton came regularly onto national TV to shake her finger at us & tell us how we needed to ramp up the seriousness of our response, eg mask-wearing, and how it was always too early to loosen up the restrictions.
    It’s never clear just who is who’s puppet – personally, I don’t think Billy has the smarts to come up with this all on his own – but anyway, they are all singing from the same song-book and it is not one that bodes well for we Aussies. Or anyone else who is not part of their club.

    1. Unelected people who know how to read a script, a wad of money put in their pockets and with no qualifications telling us what to do. We don’t need it.

  6. The extent of international corruption is unfathomable.The ‘twerp” meets the “jerk” in OZ.We who are interested in freedom and liberty must”NOT COMPLY”.This all starts with learning to say ‘NO’ at an indiviual level.

    1. I did exactly that in the last couple of years, just went about my life the best I could, found ways to get around things quite easily.

    2. Yes you are right. Most people don’t understand or appreciate the power in the word NO ! The Bible tells us to RESIST the devil ,and he will flee. He is basically a coward who would rather not fight. He will manipulate you into thinking you have no alternative but to comply. When you say NO, you are RESISTING, and that is like kryptonite to him. = What we must recognize is, that this is a spiritual battle for all of humanity. Bill Gates is undeniably a puppet master in the human realm of this NWO. But on the grander scale in the spiritual realm, he is himself a puppet of the supreme puppet master, Satan. Granted,he is a willing participant. = However, if we are right with God, we have NOTHING to fear from these fools. Christ defeated Satan at the cross !! What we are seeing with all of these disgusting attacks on freedom, democracy, family, gender, Christianity, truth, etc,etc,is the death throes of a snake that won’t believe it’s already half dead. = Therefore the most important thing is this := get yourself right with God, because time is running out. I reluctantly agree with one of our idiot politicians. Things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. ( just a tip for anyone who wants to know who Bill Gates is, get the book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”, by Robert F Kennedy. It is quite sickening to learn what these people get up to, but it is better to know, than it is to remain ignorant. )

      1. Ye these people are devil worshippers, there are about 8000 people who work together to control the financial world therefore control the world. You would be very interested to find some articles to read at stoptheworld.com, the guy who runs this website has done a lot of research and he too is a Christian. He felt it was his calling to fight.

  7. Many people displeased with what’s transpiring … lots of talk .. but no action. We’re watching them murder us and getting away with it with the help of our PMs. There’s only one way to stop this ….

    1. You left me wondering, what is the one way to stop this? This is a very tight elite cabal that has been scheming and planning for years, and still doing it. There are apparently 8000 people who control the world, the rest are puppets, and it is the financial control that runs the world. Check out: stopworldcontrol.com

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