October 2, 2023

8 thoughts on “NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner announces resignation

  1. Michael Gunner; “My Head & My Heart are No longer in the Job. As a WEF/ Prime Minstrel Controlled Muppet, The Severance Pay is Brilliant, I Don’t have a Head for Collateral damage & Figures, that’s why I’ve just completed a Budget. & I DON’T actually have a Heart, because I’m A NWO Cyborg! I’ve Coincidentally had a Film offer in the Pandemic Version of ‘Wizard of OZ’! I have NO Heart, so the ‘Tin Man’ Character” was an obvious Natural FIT!”
    Coming Wizard of OZ Production Notes; All star ORstralian Cast.
    N.S.W Illness Minister B. Hazzard (Unfortunate name) to play the ‘Professor Marvel’ a Charlatan fortune Teller, Understudy by Dr Fauci – Cues provided by the T.G.A.
    Prime Minstrel Scamo to play ‘The Straw Man’ – W.H.O. Wants a Brain.
    Gladys Berejiklian to Play Dorothy, & Dan Andrews to Play the WEF Dog – TOTO.
    Short cameo by A. Palaszczuk as the Wicked Witch. ‘Flying Monkees’ provided by Australian A.M.A.
    Almira Gulch played by Nicole Schwab. (Ring in Aussie)
    Yellow Brick ‘Belt & Roads’ already ‘Outsourced’ to China. Kansas storms provided by HAARP. Special effects & CGI provided by Raytheon/BAE Systems.
    Financials handled by OZ Ownership – IMF/ World Bank.
    Wellness. Gunner = Martha & the Vandellas – ‘NO Where to R, No where to H.’

  2. Good comments above. I have nothing but disgust for this unAustralian mongrel and what he did. I suppose “they” will find another quisling freak to take over and further the global-parasites’ agenda up there. Poor little Nash, having a bastard like that for a father. I am in no mood for going easy on the scum who are our supposed “leaders”. I am just back home after attending the funeral of a beautiful lady, Linda Simon, 62, a fellow freedom fighter here in Adelaide, murdered by her own son, a nutter. I suppose he was quaxxed…

    1. Agreed with Graham at 100%. However, I take great consolation in the fact that these leaders ALL have to face their maker one day soon and will get their just deserve, after all will get to see in plain sight everything they have actually done to the people. For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light and justice will be served swiftly.

    2. I really hope his wife leaves him and takes the kids, and then he gets hit by a bus and ends up a quadriplegic and has to rely on the fucked up health system to stay alive. Death is too good for this evil cunt!

  3. I suspect there is more to it than his claim. May he be on the receiving end of some harsh Territory justice from those he harmed. Another scumbag down….so many to go!

  4. It appears that all the rats a scurrying away one by one, I wonder who could be next to suddenly resign?

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