January 29, 2023

10 thoughts on “Bill Gates speaks in Sydney on ‘future pandemic preparedness’

  1. No he should not have come here at all, he has zero expertise, all he does is push his eugenics evil agenda. Already planning the next pandemic, all viruses are manmade and the latest are the most evil ones. What gets me is how so many people get sucked into listening to this idiot and believing him. All he has to contribute to the world is money, and he only invests into things that will make him more, he admitted that he made a lot of money from vaccines. So he invests in the bioweapens, and everything else he invests in is all connected to making him more money and controlling the whole thing. How can one person be so greedy and evil is beyond my comprehension. Albo has most likely got insight into when to “prepare” for the next pandemic. It would not surprise me if it happens within the next few years while he is still PM.

  2. Gates calls for Greater Globule Cooperation, siting the COVID PLANdemic as a Blah, blah Blah “If they work Together”. = THEY DID DO THAT! They LOCKED EVERYONE DOWN & Had MADATORY MASKING & Some Bullshit Science on Social Distancing -I Think a Kilometer between People ‘Sounds Effective’ by CONsendSUSS – The NEW God Science. Oh, & I think ‘THEY’ worked ‘Together’ on CONVID JAB (STILL NOT A VACCINE, except ‘Dictionaries ‘UPgraded’ the ‘Meaning’ to fit THE ‘Narrative’ – The NEW ‘Inclusivity of Things’.)
    Moving right along; Billy Goat Gates; “Compare the economic cost of preparing for the next to the cost of this, over $10 trillion in economic loss,” he said. UM, & a Sizeable CHUNK of this MAGICALLY ended up in ‘HIS’ Bank Account! – Along with the PHARMa Executives DITTO! – How many NEW Billionaires was it again, off the back of CONVID ‘JABS’ production??
    Next; “Some of the standout things are that Australia and about seven other countries had population-scale diagnostics early on and had quarantine policies,” he said. = UM, this WOULDN’T be THE FRAUDULENT RT-PCR Tests Registered in the U.K. by R. RothsSomebody (2015) & Globally Shipped in BULK to Countries Including NZ & AUSTRALIA – Year 2017/2018 – FOR A ‘DISEASE’, THAT HASN’T ROCKED UP UNTIL 2019!
    W.I.T.S.(World Integrated Tracking Systems/ World Bank Tracking # 300215).
    NOW THAT’S A HEALTH ‘VISION’! Why hasn’t it ‘Happened’ before in the ILLNESS Industry?
    Side Note; The Word HEALTH, IS a Mis/Dis Description of ‘Govt Agencies’ & A ‘SYSTEM’! It ‘Implies a ‘Positive Patient ‘Wellness Outcome’! The Word HEALTH contains the Front part of word ‘HEAL’ – To make free from Injury or Disease. To make Sound or Whole. Our REAL WORLD & The Billy Goat Gates Alternative = The ILLNESS SYSTEM!
    Back; From ‘Philanthropic Endeavours Globally’, Or in BAMGF version – FILL MY MONEY TROUGH EndDevious justifies the ‘Investments’, We see Billy Goat providing Funds to Groups such as Royal College London – You’d thinkHe’d provide a BETTER ‘Modelling Calculator’ to Neil Ferguson, The United Nations WHO/GAVI/ & My favourite ‘Joke’ – ‘UNICEF works in more than 190 countries and territories to reach the most disadvantaged children and adolescents – and to protect the rights of every child, everywhere.’ = Let’s see BILL, How many ‘CHILDREN’ IS that with varying Degrees of Paralysis from YOUR GAVI ‘POLIO Jab Program’? =495,000 CHILDREN Plus (India Alone), with the LAST 2 Strains of Polio in that Country being THE VACCINE strains! WELL DONE JOKER! This doesn’t include untold damage on other Continent HEALTH ‘Collaborations’!
    China; “I see China’s rise as a Major Win for the World – – ” = OH REALLY?
    BAMGF ‘Grant’ to Chinese Media group Caixin Division’;
    Global Policy and Advocacy
    Date; OCTOBER 2018
    Region served; GLOBAL, ASIA
    Committed amount; $100,000
    Grant topic; Global Health and Development Public Awareness and Analysis
    Duration (months); 20
    Grantee location; Beijing, China
    “To help Chinese people who are living in poverty by providing key stakeholders with a more in-depth picture of China’s poverty issue and relevant insights” – ON YER BILL!
    Last; ‘As we know, Gates met with Prime MINSTREL ForeverBendDaKneesee at Sydney’s Kirribilli House on Saturday to discuss the challenges of ‘climate change’, health and energy. (So THAT’S why P.M. BendOverForever, Couldn’t make DAVOS – WEFF WEFF) –
    Anthony was seen ‘Wagging the Dog’ (OR was that the ADF ‘Deployments’ to Ucranial), waiting at the Front ‘Gates’, or for, The ‘Front that is Gates’, for a ‘Pat’, a New Bone, & ANOTHER ‘List’.- HAPPY now, that He (Albo) had gotten over his New Rectal extension, to fit MORE collective FOREIGN Arms UP the OZ Prime Minstrels Back Passage!
    – And yet I, as an Australian Citizen & Taxpayer (Gates is NEITHER of these, but DOES ‘Employ’ a vast array of Underlings), & ‘Employer’ Directly of Australian Govt., have ZERO chance of gaining ‘Interview’ with the ‘Apparent’ Head Honcho of Govt.! MY Government! – Maybe! – Actually NOT!
    We’ll just have to get a Reality Grip & another CONsendSUSS. = THE, Australian government.

    1. Well said John, your details are fantastic, I have read all these things but hopefully you can spread this far and wide, when people wake up that this was planned evernt, yes PCR tests waiting to be used, yet we never heard about them until 2019! Most “new” inventions, medicines etc are bragged about well before their release during the “trials”. The billionaires who made the money are all part of it, as they say follow the money, taking from the poor and giving to the rich, tragic. I think ZingPing of China is holding lessons in dictatorship to all these unelected influencers/leaders. Klaus and ZingPing ruling the world. Watched a show last night about mining the super pit, those workers work 12 hour shifts and have to meet deadlines to get the gold out for the world, face tracking on all the truckies in case they fall asleep. Follow the money.

      1. ‘Tis the Zone of Frivolity! In keeping with The local Citizenries ‘Depth of Understanding & Social perceptions of ALL’ – Presented BY COC Media Et Al., Under a ‘CONVICT REPEATED’ – NAY! ‘CONVID REPEATED’ CONstruct,
        INDEED!; Per Young Lin; ‘I have read all these things but hopefully you can spread this far & wide, when People ‘Wake Up’ that this was a ‘Planned event’ —
        I, spent 2 Years Plus, Providing FREE Energies to Umpteen Work Colleagues, in the Form of Data, MSDS sheets -(THE ‘Resource Sector’ is ANAL on these to get ANYTHING on ‘Site’ – EXCEPT when it’s ‘INconvenient’ (CONVID JABS & NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE PPE = Masks.= SAFETY IS an INCONSIDERATION WHEN THE ‘SPICE MUST FLOW – FOR FOREIGN BENEFIT’! Any ‘ISSUES’ ARE ‘YOUR’ ISSUES & ‘RESPONSIBILITY’, BUT, THE ‘SPICE MUST ALWAYS FLOW’!) & ON! – HARK! – FINALLY- A RESPONSE! = “BAAAH. BAAAH. BAAH RAM EWE’R A CONSPIRACY FEARIST (‘theorist’ for the Folks that can ACTually Spell – But NOT ‘Text language’ Junkies.
        A ‘description’ of the ‘DEMONgraphic’ Media controlled ‘Targetted’ Collective, & THE Perceived REALITY – show – AFTER 3 YEARS of Their Vampire Energy level absorbtions, STILL Chafing at the bit for MORE CONtrols, More Dictatorial eDICKS (They’ve got an endless array of options here; ESC- Sorry! that’s a Key board ‘resolution’. ESC- That’s an E Safety Commissioner, Currently ‘Tied Up’ in DAVOS @ the moment – I believe it’s not any ‘Dungeon & Dragons’ Sexual Roll playing With ‘Borrowed Pack Dacks & Kinky Boots!- Not sure if there’s STILL a ‘Bishop’ involved in the said Construct ‘PRO’ceedings’ – Bookings STILL welcome – Call DAVOS 1800 KINKY@vatiCAN 10 Euro/Minute/Live Stream- All National Currencies & Major WEF Credit cards accepted + Handling Charges- DeBase Rate! – “LUBE’ provided & Special Creams for ‘E’ Chafing. ‘CHAFING’? IN Switzerland? @ DAVOS? QUICK Mein/Minor- Herr/Hair! Bring Leather! AHHhh – Wunderbar! SCWAB? What are you Doing Here? AH, you brought your own Whip – And A Bishop!

        OMG! Apologies, where was I? OH YES! THE CONtinuing ‘Programmed DemonGraphic’ that YOU speak of, & ‘Spreading’ the Word. THEY, who are STILL – Salivating & Cheerleading over MORE Masking, MORE Social interactive Paranoia, & ANY MORE ‘BOOSTERS’ Going, they’ll probably @ this rate even Overtake the aforementioned OZ Space race Agenda; Operation Nude Wombat Mars Mission! At least THE Wombat, IS a Realist! & SO, with the ‘Enlightened Beings’ of ‘I’m a OZ Monday’s Expert’ Phenomena, Sponsored by ANY of the Mass ‘MEDia Reality Shows’ – Past/Present/Future – An Extended ‘Period’ of Mass Intelligence DESTRUCTion, – ‘PADS’ for ‘Leakage’ at ANY end, NOT InClueDead,
        One feels in the Mood for Reflective Similarities of WOKE/ AWAKE ‘Plays’ VerSUSS ‘Ploys’, best to evaluate OZ Citizens Perceptive abilities of CONstruct & CONsendSUSS of their ‘Perceived Lives’. STAND OFF Bruce Lee, & ‘Enter the Dragon’ (The CCP ‘Bought’ the Pass INTO OZ Below Cost anyway ‘Sponsored’ by Local interests!) WE, have ENTER THE POME! (Prisoner Of Mother England – STILL /INSTILLED! KNOW ‘Thy Place’ wretch, or it’s THE CAT for thee! HOORAH! ) – Thanks RUM CORP, Thanks Gov General! Thanks ParLEARament (The ‘King’s’ Currently out – Probably a WEF ‘Interactive’ Pratt! Notice I didn’t refer to a ‘Failed’ Pen/ Penn ‘Operator/ 70 Year+ something Test pilot’! Nor ‘Charles’ the HTTP Debugging Proxy/HTTP Monitor or ‘Reverse Proxy’ – Maybe?) Thanks Gough. W/ Bob H/ P. Keating & their ‘Opposite CO- OPERAtive Libs, Thanks local Current FillMyTroughs HIGH EXPOSURE ‘FIG JAM’ Class Socialists, ALL= FULLY THEATRE & STILL). – SO, Sets the Stage;
        Jester; “Shakespeare, Provide me a Sympathetic Reality to Such CONstruct! One which ‘Reflects on’, the CONtinuing Tragedy, & COMIC Recycling of Life by the LOCAL CONsendSUSS Merry-Go-Round!” – FIG JAM inclusives.
        Hmmm. AH!. Hamlet seems ‘Apt’!; – NO! Not another App, Monday’s ‘Hackable’ Expert!

        ‘Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one now, to mock your own grinning? Quite chap-fallen? Now get you to my lady’s chamber, and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favour she must come; make her laugh at that.’
        Yorick’s response; “You’ve reached the Message bank of Yorick. I’m currently unavailable due to a RARE CONdition after my last CONVID booster Jab! Lost a bit of me Vim & skipping abilities, but should be better soon. The Medic has prescribed me a Course of Leeches- (Note;the local Bank isn’t involved at this time- Until I’m ‘Comfy & Ready’ going by Latest P.R. Blurb), Some Blood Letting, for ‘Pressure Reductions’ – Again Banking Fraternity MIA – Maybe. Private Physicians recommended that tis Pressure Reduction, may lead to Deflation,Inflation – Or with Blood Clots = Hyperinflation – Requiring MORE Leeches!
        Also includes as Fall back, Latest ‘State of the Art’ Medical Specialist Plan – Beating a Black cat in a Wicker Basket! Cat will cost More because IT is a ‘Pedigree’, But I’m willing to Pay the ‘Gap’!
        You can also find me, & ‘Selfies of My Exotic & RARE Diseases’ on social media SkullBook. Special Deal this week on Leeches provided by Owner of Social Media Skullbook, Mr Max SuckerBerg, the biggest owner of Leeches Sucking out Yer Data! I feel Enlightened Already!”

        And so Dear AWAKE, we get to the Epilogue of ‘Virtual Audacity’ And ‘Reasonable Existence’ in My ‘Living on A Prisoner Island – Home – ‘Girt By Sea’, But NOT SEEING!.
        AFTER MIDNIGHT, (thanks J.J.Cale for the Intro.) WELCOME, to the ‘Johnny Come Lately’ Party, of NEO WOKE – The ‘Greens’ party something! The ResiDUAL FALLOUT (Not the Armageddon game – Maybe) of Dreams Lost on DemoCrats ‘Don Chips’ with that Mate?@ Large. MOSES WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD – LOST in the OZ ‘Wilderness, & STILL suffering from .Political ‘Mirage’, & INhaling TOO MUCH smoke on 26 Jan ‘SELL- A -BIT – MORE- Nation Day’ (HEY, Your TOO Late! They’ve Flogged US ALL OFF – TOO, Late for THE CAT? 50 LASHES TO THE ‘CONSPIRACY THEORIST’! CHARGE? = INDEPENDENT THOUGHT, AND, CHARGED WITH – wait for IT! – NON BELIEF IN MS MEDIA – ‘REALITY SHOWS!’)
        In unison, THE Mob = “SPLITTER!”
        Scheduled Advertisement ;
        YES! This weeks Sponsor of ALL things Absurd, AbSOrBENT & Out of the Limelight WannaBees (‘Product warning; Please stay clear of N.S.W ‘ExtermiNATION’ ProJERKED- BEe Colony ‘Program’. MAY Cause Death, ‘Illness’ & Blindness if in a Govt Dept., with ‘TOO MUCH ‘HANDS ON’ Implications/APPlications! Warning supplied by Health Dept/Exotic STDs(Stylised Tyrannical Deployments} & EPA (Enviro Pollutants ‘Authorised’). And now back to our Sponsor; HUP! Apparently their Greenie Spokesperson has ACTually turned ‘Green’ fallen away from their Video -Audio desk, in another RARE ‘outcome’! WAIT a moment! ‘They’ have a Back up A.I. Virtual REALity representative, called ;DREDD.
        Mere Mortals Representative (MMR – Not the ‘Other’ Threat to Infants);
        MMR; “Hello ORstralian Greens Party, Er, Um A.I.- DREDD. How are we tonight? Your ‘Greens’ Predecessor is UNwell?”
        A.I.-DREDD; Synthesized Audio; “I am DREDD. Your Greens InterFarce’! DREDD stands for DickheadRealisationExpedientDirectedDailyanswers.”
        MMR; “Don’t you mean ‘Dalliances’, because the OZ ‘Greens’ can ONLY bee, or have the CapaCITY to Bee, only Briefly interested or Involved in Anything, on the Fly?”
        DREDD; “BE Specific! Is it a) Flies. Or b) Bees!”
        MMR; “Apologies DREDD! The MAIN question IS, After 26th of January of 2023, WHY, do the OZ Green’s Party Indigenous Affairs representative, A, –”
        DREDD; “It’s Flies Then?”
        MMR; ” NO DREDD! Have you been ‘Meta Data’ring Jeeves – OberGruppenFuhrer Dan, of, VICtopia’s Main Minstrel’s Aide’s, operational Logic then? No then A.I. DREDD, I’m referring to A – WAIT, For IT DREDD! A – Ms/Mrs/They -Singular Lidia Thorpe , ‘Promote’ a RACE BASED ‘Rent Tax’ for Non- Indigenous ONLY Citizens? I mean, A.I.DREDD, AREN’T we ALL TOGETHER in this ‘THEATRE’? OR, is this ANOTHER ‘Phantom of the Opera’ PROduction, by Political Also-Rans?”
        DREDD: “——————-. Please press #1, and a Carbon Based life Form, will -a) Respond, sometime in 2023. – CONVID dependent, Illness of ‘Flu’ in Summer Dependent, CONVID Jab Dependent, CONVID Booster Fallout Dependent, CONVID Jab Death Fallout Dependent. OR, Press # 2 Our NEW Greens Human Biological respondents will be Ready to take your Calls by Year 2043, CONVID ‘Infant Jab Survival’ Dependent, Neurological Capability Dependent, Greens Party Survival Dependent, Greens ‘Logic & CONditioning’ Acceptibility Dependent.
        Have a Nice Utopian day CONVID Hackable Citizen.- Survivor dependent.
        And now sit back and listen to a selection of A.I. DREDD Techno Trance ‘Elevator Music’, while you waIT. We’ll have a LOWgic respondent directly – In 20 Years. Please make sure Your Hand held device IS FOOLy Charged, & your Telco Account is ‘Active’.
        Wellness Citizen. this Has-Been, IS, DREDD.”
        Cor Blimey!

        1. Hilarious piece of writing John, I have learned to read it slowly and it eventally makes sense. “Insert roll around laughing face emoji here”

          1. Yorick, of B.Shakespeare ‘Hamlet’ Fame.- & ‘Tis a Princely Game!
            ‘Yorick’ IS better! He thought he’d Lost his Head, over Several ‘Out of Body’ Issues, but his Physician Guarantees that ‘Cat Beating’ – Still in it’s ‘Experimental Stage’ – 1600 A.D. IS the BEST ‘Medical Procedure’ required , & PROPER Science, unlike the Other Alternative ‘Quacks’, that prescribed Balanced Nutrition, Hygiene & Rest!
            ‘Yorick’, is also slightly Put out, by the Fact that A Mssr M.SuckerBerg, has Frozen his ‘SkullBook’ account for- ‘Infringements of the Platforms operational Codes & Conditions’, by putting Unauthorised Etchings of ‘RARE Diseases’, without first acquiring the Danish ‘Guild of Smoke & Mirrors Magic Sciences’ Approval first! Yorick is beginning to Think that ‘Something is Rotten, in the State of Denmark’! & SO, To alleviate his mood of tragic Melancholy, he’s decided to improve said Mood, by organising a Visit to another Local Euro Production Company NATO (Notoriously Another Tragic Operation), hoping that a Double Negative, may Stimulate a Neural TOTAL (1) Positive! Just as soon as he can get his Head around it all, & they Return his Ucranials!
            Yorick also feels that NATO, seems the Ultimate Acting Professionals at Endless Tragic performances! & NO ‘CATS’ involved – RSPCA = HOORAH! & the cats response?= “As in, just – Sooo Meow.”
            (1) TOTAL; Theoretical Orchestrated Titillating Abstract Logic.

  3. Bill Gates apparently passes the Australian “character” test but David Icke doesn’t…says it all.

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