October 2, 2023

26 thoughts on “Northern Territory orders lockdown of unvaccinated citizens

  1. What we would expect from the moronic/omicron pHARMa puppet Gunner. Anyone in hospital with “Covid” would be there because of quax injury.

    1. This is NOT MYGOV N.T.; See Website for GOV ‘VAXXED’ definitions – In an Alleged COVID 19 Fluid World; Updated every Minute
      “This is an A.I. automated response. All thinking Humans in MYGOV., have been sent home, And, Or Lepered.
      THIS IS SERIOUS! MYGOV, is NOT TO BE MESSED WITH – We’ve even REMOVED ‘THE NON Compliant’s’ Tupperware Containers, from the Work Fridge = FULL SERIOUS!
      A.I. Continued;
      “If you want to talk to a Vaxxed Drone, press #1.
      If you were expecting Reasonable Intelligence, press #2, & we will activate a Psychological medical script – This option requires that you can only leave your residence to collect this product During daylight hours, with your I.D., Your Govt Script, a Face mask, a Welding Helmet, A Full size Hermetic sealed Bag over your Body, a Security person preceding your path, a Security person in front of that person carrying a sign, a security person in front of the other 2 security persons, carrying an audible warning device. Now your ready to go. Observe Social Distancing Parameters.
      If you are suffering from Insomnia, please press #3, & we will play an endless loop tape of Michael Gunnar’s ‘Your Friend in a time of Crisis’ series of Elevator Music & optional MK Ultra Animal Torture (Sponsored by Local Flocks – See latter Black sheep Scenario) – Optimisation – Nothing wasted in CO2 ‘Future Think!’
      If you still have queries after all this, press #4, WARNING! If choosing this option, Your TOO Intelligent, Not ‘Playing for the team’, & we’ll endeavour to send a Black unmarked van to your door for Social abduction to a ‘Rest & Re education’ Holiday Camp. Now sit back while you wait, & discover the wonderful & Fulfilling World of Sheep noises!
      SORRY; Disclaimer; Due to the ‘Alleged’ CO 2 ‘Contribution of Sheep to our Very Existence, AND, the Sheep Coincidentally, HAVE, 1, 2, 3, – “BECOME A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY!” WE have had to ‘Cull the Sheep’! All is not lost! Here at NOT MYGOV, we have recorded the Last sheep ‘Together/ Apart’, NOW ‘Safe & Effective’! Take it away! BAAA! BAAA! – Apologies, the 2nd BAAA, was an echo!

      “Delores, Why is the Last sheep standing, A Black Unit?”

      Wellness to you ALL!

      1. And here I was thinking that the PM was the master of stringing together random words in the vain hope that something coherent would emerge

        1. ‘Twas only a Satirical Vacuum Breaker Brother! Besides, Who’d notice Another Madman around HERE?
          Wellness to ALL!

          1. IN the same ‘Zone’ Intellectually as THE P.M. I, am endowed! &, at least I DO NOT, repeat myself (political Alzheimers). Ditty Warning. Apex OZ Politic.

            AND SO, the King inhabits ‘HIS’ Provincial Fort,
            Believed Also HE was the Epicentre @ Court.
            Everyday Quote subservient Attendees Manifestor, Nay Manifester,
            BUT, reality the Powerful, Latent, WAS the Jester!

            GOOD to be ‘Of Service!’
            Wellness to ALL.

  2. I really hope for all Australia we get the chance to bring in Capital Punishment for these absolute idiots in gruberment.

    1. Here, here! But not until they’ve spent a few years in solitary confinement with absolutely no contact with sunlight or another human being, and meals (rice and water) to be delivered through a chute so as no contact between guards and light.
      Lets see how they cope with what they’re dishing out! And when they think that it’s all going to be over with their execution lock them back up again, then repeat over and over again until they die.
      These evil scum need to pay for their crimes against humanity!

    2. Not until they’ve spent a few years in solitary confinement with absolutely no contact with sunlight or another human. Let’s see how they like it!

  3. This is serious. It is what they said they would do. They are trying to FORCE very non compliant person to give in to their demands. Our politicians, (I will not refer to them as leaders, because they are not,) are following the demands of the Bilderberg planners. The WEF Klaus Schwab, I pray there is justice to this, sooner rather than later.I never dreamed there would be so many traitors in my beautiful country.Seriously, these people are selling their souls. and one day , there will be a reckoning.That is a promise. We will all appear before the Judgement Seat. These people will have to pay the price for the pain and suffering they are causing. Do your homework , look up the Bilderbergers, the Rockerfellers, the Rothchildes. the Club of Rome, The Three Hundred.Let us not forget the Pope. And do not forget the members of our government . But let us not forget the Australian Corporations.. You know the corporations that rule us.And they are not even Australian . They do not pledge loyalty to Queen and our Constitution.Maybe some did swear to upkeep our Constitution , but have broken their pledge I believe.That makes them traitors.

      1601 Massachusetts Ave., Washington D.C. 20036 – OUR Federal Government = A ‘FOREIGN CORPORATION – Say no more! QUI CUSTODIT CUSTODES?? (Latin)
      NO one apparently.

  4. What an abuse of freedom and human rights and all for the sake of a lie.
    They’re testing for the common cold and saying it’s coronavirus, ask for you’re results .
    Gunner is an idiot and should be ignored

  5. I can’t believe someone has not shot the grub! It’s hard to wait out this lunacy. History shows they will eventually all turn on each other. May it be sooner rather than later…

  6. Nothing should surprise anyone that has been following the events since the end of 2019 when the con was perpetrated and then extended to the whole world in 2020, anymore. 2020 was indeed a significant year for the freemasons as they are very much into numerology so the whole plan had to start from that date.

    2022 already promises to be a very eventful year. Again 2022 is a significant number whereby 2+0+2+2=6. They have now come so far along that there is no turning back or else they will be found out and the gallows will await most of them. But it is simply more than this.

    The laws that were passed after 9/11 were only the precursor of things to come. Freedoms and rights were silently removed in the name of coutering terrorism but it was not the terrorism that the whole world was was being told about. Now that terrorism seems to be something of the past, these laws are still here, and have never been removed simply because they were implemented for a very particular reason, under the guise of islamic terror.

    The same is now going on with this plan-demic. New laws are being passed to completely annihilate freedom and rights with the difference that it is now all done in plain sight as most of the world is under a spell and therefore oblivious to it all. But why are they passing all of these laws? The plan-demic will also pass. The answer is simple and biblical if one dares to read. The new application, new use for the power they have now gained through 9/11 and the plandemic, in setting up all these laws that remove all the freedom and rights of all is to finally enforce the real mark of the beast and bring the earth back to the dark ages and the inquisition ( 538 AD – 1798 AD ) with a time of trouble as there never was since there was a nation.

    Everything has to do with the Great Controversy ( Contra-verse = Against the word of God ) and the plandemic is being used to usher in the final preparations for the Spiritual battle. All the leaders are simply playing their part and doing as they have been dictated by those in touch with the Prince of this world, the one who calls himself the “lluminated one”, to prepare the world for his soon return as the master impersonator.

    But as someone else stated, they will ALL have to face their maker, judge and king and that alone and answer for all they have done and that includes the one who calls himself the illuminated one as he is the master of the whole plan.

    1. Hu-mans. Descriptive Adjective Warning;
      “HELLO ALL HUMANS! THE ‘Virus’ here, speaking as a ‘Collective!’ WE (loose term, because after all ‘We’, THE Viri, are not Living Entities), are NOT here to harm ‘ANYONE’! The ‘ALL KNOWING ‘IS”(GOD. Bless ‘IT’), promoted our ‘Collective’ as an ‘Integrated System’ for the ‘Wellbeing of ALL’ on this Spatial 3rd Rock from this Solar Systems main Epicentre – YOUR Sun!
      WE, Virus, make up Approximately 67% of YOU! Plus, our Friends in Endeavour Fungi & Bacteria! – Greetings & Salutations on this Composite Quest! OMG – Zero Virus Policy (Thought I heard a West Australian Premier say “ZERO VIRUS!’) Listen Mark Baby, This AIN’T ‘The Merchant Of Venice! So unless you’ve wanna Cancel your Jenny Craig Membership, gettin’ rid of 67% of YOU/ ‘US’, I think is seriously Gonna Ruin your Day, & any form of Dress Sense! What a Ya Say? Compromise? We’ll take it you’ve got a Serious Lack of Anatomical Operations Knowledge & Definitively NOT Worldly Wise. Where’s your Chief Medical Advisor on this? What does M.I.A. mean, & who is that Dude over there with his head below ground?
      Virus: Guess we’re moving on! As part of our ‘WORK Contract’ for the Almighty ‘IS’ (GOD THING), it stipulates in the Contract, that we can ‘Integrate’ WITH SHIT, BUT, Subsection 666, says in Plain Language, WE, the Undersigned Virus ET AL, DO NOT, ‘HAVE TO TAKE SHIT’, from ‘SUB SPECIES’ listed here in. I draw your attention to listed ‘Sub Species’ Appendix A; Politicians, Bureaucrats, Technocrats, Corporate CEOs, Chief Medical Officers, Some Minister called ‘Buzzard’,(What is that White Noise in the background – God Damn ‘Chanting’. We virus can put up with Universal everything, except Medical N.W.O. Karaoke) – Moving Forward = Stereotypical Telanthropus, Telentropa Bla – Sorry about this (something about a lower jaw & missing Teeth, SHIT! We’re just Fucking Virus after all!) – Fill Anne, NO WAIT! Philanthropist! STERIOTYPICAL PHILANTHROPIST! YES! VIRUSES HERE! PHILANTHROPISTS, YOUR TAX BREAKS, ARE SAFE!! NOW BUGGER OFF! YOU’RE Giving us a bad Rep! Sub Species Continued by Virus Representitive; CAN NOT, WILL NOT Forget Main Stream Media & Social Media Platforms; And ‘THEY’ tell ‘US’ about the Metrics involved in being a ‘LOW LIFE FORM’ – PLEASE!”

      Simulated Dial tone operation; Brrr Brrr Brrr Brrr (Old School)!
      “Yes, Hello, you have called Bring Your Bank Account & then some, Australian Division Legal Attornies. If you require Representation on Social Justice, please pay the OTT [Over The Top] Nominal fee & hang up now! If you require Natural justice, please pay the Nominal OTT fee, wait for a long wait, & Then hang up! If you require Extra representation on Extra Ordinary Justice, stay on the line @ a metered Rate of Non descript Charges. ER, Yes Hello?”
      “G’Day Mate, I’m a Virus NOT positively Identified By ANY Metric, including LMFBJQETXYZ Queer Et Al, but under attack by Non Worldly Non Scientific Earthling Morons, & Further, Under Duress & discriminated against conditions NOT in our Collective Contract!”
      Lawyer; “Oh well then, a Minority group, Discriminated against! Who’d have thought it, in this day & age? HAVE THEY, tried to Contact, Morph, Variate, abduct, Coerce, Reward, Threaten, or Generally USED your ‘Existence’ against Yourselves or Others, that you Know of?
      Virus: “BROTHER, WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON? Your, YOUR NOT TRACE TRACKING THIS CALL ARE YOU? HELLO? ER, JUSTICE? ARE YOU STILL THERE? Is, Is there a ‘Fee’, Dude? What about the Ongoing Descrimination, on ZERO SCIENCE? HELLO?”

      Brrr Brrr Brrr Brrr – (NBN Simulation) = Brrr Br B b – — Zip – No Power
      “Er, Good Morning. ‘Virus’ here again. Now that you’ve ‘Boostered’ yourself into Low Orbit, can we continue our previous Conversation?”
      “Good Morning Mr Virus. This is the Legal Secretary. Unfortunately the young Attorney handling your case, passed away from a Mysterious Heart ailment, which is unusual being as he was a healthy, athletic 33 Year old. At least he didn’t Die from a Virus! – Sorry, no disrespect!”

      Wellness to ALL.

  7. I hope people are not going to stand for this rubbish… The vaxxed are not the carriers… ask yourself a question, how did Omicron arrive around the globe – everyone has to be vaxxed to get on a plane… Also Omicron is very mild and nothing much to worry about… I think the hospitals are full of people affected by the side effects of the toxic vax.. as told by whistleblower nurses on Rumble..

      1. Actually, ‘People’, even apparently ‘Intelligent’, under Mass Psychosis WILL believe in this ‘Rubbish!’ & yes, ‘The Vaxxed’ , are in Strife, from a Toxic ‘Injected Protein’ Not found Naturally, that ‘THEY themselves’ are Manufacturing ‘Inboard of themselves’ (Cytokine Storm = Anatomical Civil War). Along with the odd Graphene ‘Razor Blades’, & Up to 300 ‘Special Ingredients’ from the Colonel.
        BUT, the 1ST Question THE Community @ large should have asked was, WHERE is THE PROOF OF EXISTENCE, OF ‘NEW DISEASE’ – Tagged COVID 19 (SARS CoV-2)? And NOT the ‘COMPUTER SIMULATED VIRUS’, out of China, THE W.H.O. & The Rest of the Worlds [Including The Dumb Arse Southern Cousins in Australian Political/ Medical Kindergarten], ‘Theoretical @ Best’ Version!!
        Sheep WILL NOT ‘Voluntarily believe’, & apparently NEED someone to ‘Lead them!’
        Add in $10s of Millions in Cash & Tax incentives to the Main Stream Prostituted Media, & Social Media Platforms Volunteer Your Data Daily to 3rd Parties, & SUPER VOILA’ !!, Hook, Line & Sinker! Program THE Sheep with Medias relentless – “Together, 1-2-3. We have a Code of Conduct. If you see Anything you think Does not conform to the Code of Conduct, please write to us, OR, Download The Code of Conduct App. !” DONE!
        Are ‘THEY,’ The COC People, All full of Moral beans, STILL trying to ‘Find’ Mssr S. Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction?
        Meanwhile, Somewhere @ a Hospital near Ewe.
        “I’m your on the Spot Reporter @ Saint Something’s Hospital, we’ve heard Multiple Reports from Many, Many Sources, including a Chap called Gary, that I met in the Doctors carpark. Gary was dressed in Overalls, but it’s obvious he’s a Medic, because he was in the Doctors Carpark! We’ll just traverse this area. Hey Camera Dude, stay focused on Me! Here’s a Doctor, dressed in Green, conversing with his colleagues & obviously having a quick Cigarette to calm his nerves before getting back into the thick of it! Doctor? Is it true that Emergency Systems have gone to Code Black, because of THE Virus?”
        Doctor; “We’re seeing a lot of Unusual Activity in Peoples, Hearts, Brains, Circulatory Systems, Renal collapse.. Actually All their Functions, & increased Cancers. Unbelievable REALLY! We suspect because that, because it Is NOT Flu Season!
        It has to be some other Time Critical Deployment of a System, and appears to be across All Ages! It’s NOT the Flu! We believe it Coincides with the Mass Vaccination of the Population!”
        Reporter; “Are you STILL allowed to say That? We thought APHRA had Gagged YOU People ‘On Pain of Deregistration’ ? CUT!”
        Back in the Studio; “Tonight we break THE ‘Myth’ on Code Black @ OUR Hospitals IN CRISIS! We go to our Reporter on the Ground, who has an ‘Exclusive interview’ with our Frontline Doctors, deep in Triage [Background cue in Studio earpiece -‘Mention ICU],
        – & ‘DESPERATELY TRYING TO SAVE LIVES in ICU! Medical staff are Blaming THE UNvaccinated for Irresponsible Actions & ‘Spreading further Illness’ to the Vaccinated! We cut back to our Reporter @ St Something Hospital. Richard!”
        Reporter; “Yes Marie, Doctors have Confirmed that it IS WORSE, than WE initially thought, & as you can see in the Background, The Medical Staff are so overwhelmed by it all, they they are UNABLE to talk to us, & that, They Believe it’s because of The FLU SEASON & the UNvaccinated Clogging up the Emergency System! Something HAS TO BE DONE, before More Mutations of this Deadly Virus are unleashed upon us! Back to you Marie!”
        Studio; “WE here at SBS/ABC/# KNAFF NEWS Believe in Integrity, Honesty, Up to Date Accurate Unbiased Fact Checked News Items, & believe IN UNISON, that FALSE MEDIA spread thru Social Media Platforms, that WE haven’t Been able to Buy, Capture, Censor or ERASE, 1 – 2 – 3 – “ARE A THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY! ARE A THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY! And, (looking sideways at Co host) ARE A THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY!
        And now a Message from our lovely Sponsors; Novartis, Pfizer, Bayer, CEL, Doherty Institute, Moderna, BAMGF, Jansen, Johnson & Johnson, Astrazeneca, Sanofi, BASF, Telcos, Government, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Microsoft & On!”

        Last for ‘Believers’; A FLU, in SUMMER! Who’d have believed IT?
        Apologies for Length – EWE Believe!

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