Why TOTT News doesn’t cover elections

There has been plenty of election coverage from both mainstream and independent media this year. The following piece details why TOTT News doesn’t subscribe to the melodrama.



Another distraction.
TOTT News received many emails and messages regarding election coverage.

This piece is to clarify why this website does not cover the scripted melodrama.


The last election coverage we did here at TOTT News was the 2016 Federal Election between Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten, to which a livestream was held on YouTube.

From this point forward, however, TOTT News made a decision to not publish content that continues to distract or take away from pressing information at hand, including covering political stage show sagas.

Reporting on politics is still important, but only because parties are a PR team delivering the message.

An intended direction that is coming from much higher than Parliament itself.

Many people believe politics is completely rigged from top-to-bottom.

But this isn’t necessarily the case.

The system itself is a real entity with processes, but the characters that make it up are all playing an act.

An act that has cast a spell on the West for generations now.

They don’t have to ‘rig’ elections when they already have control over the minds of most human beings.

The social engineers of human nature discovered many decades ago that if our bellies are full and we have entertainment put before our eyes, the masses will become distracted from anything important and fall into a stupor of apathy. This was discovered during early years of research into the mind.

Politics has now become the biggest attraction of this control drama in recent years.

Here is how it works: Have one party represent business interests, and another for welfare interests.

Split audiences down the middle, and it only takes one or two policy diversions to ‘tip the tide’.

The key psychological component is to ensure the masses believe, no matter which party, that government is ultimately in control of things and ‘run the show’.

Further, when the masses become dependent upon a system such as the government to fulfil their needs — free or subsidised food, health care, housing, pension, or social security for a century — they then begin to lose their objectivity toward that on which they are dependent.

This is the same mentality that drove millions to lock themselves down over the last two years. 

It it becomes difficult to bite the hand that feeds you, and it’s hard to imagine that governments don’t consider this benefit to themselves when they institute social systems and structures.

This is what Aldous Huxley described as the ‘bread and the circuses’.

Flip flopping between the two keeps the entertainment alive.

For months now, we have forecasted that Anthony Albanese more than likely destined to ‘win’:

That has now turned out to be the result.

We forecasted the reality, as a news website should.

Labor would always come in with the ‘solutions’ to ‘clean up the mess’ made by Morrison’s party.

But why don’t we try to influence? ‘Awaken the masses’ to see the light?

Well, because outside of voting and the systematic process, almost everything else associated with politics is a charade.

From the days of Harry S. Truman and the birth of television, this grand show has manifested for decades and is a strong force to overturn. Change is possible, but not by taking on the Spell itself.

Many still believe the characters they see on TV are fighting a legitimate contest of power, one of the many false programming tools designed for the spell of the illusion system.

Reporting that the brainwashed masses are ‘fed up’ with this system and that things will change through politics is a false hope, and we are not in the business of profiting off false hope.

Leave that to other ‘independent’ news websites to do so, for which there any many for you to consume.

Like professional wrestling, the opposing sides allow the masses to feel involved in their ultimate rule.

This is why this stage show is too hard to crack.


The world has caught up to the ethos of professional wrestling, and with each passing year, more and more facets of popular culture become something like wrestling — including politics.

It is a difficult notion for those who are excited yet again for more of the circus to comprehend, politicians with very few exceptions — in both parties — are not real people.

They are in fact, actors, who play their part to stir up emotion, create characters and never break face to their audiences in the process.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Professional wrestling — half Shakespeare, half suplexes — continues to captivate as a stage-managed “reality”, in which scripted stories bleed freely into real events and the blurry line between truth heightens the addiction to the melodrama.

The art of professional wrestling, much the same with politics, is based not on the outlandish characters or the jumbo-size threats, but the insistence on telling a great story with no regard for the facts.

In professional wrestling, the booker (or writers) of a company will pencil in various schedules of good and bad characters to produce a truly entertaining spectacle, combining some of the best theatre techniques in the world with a blend of traits that appeal to a variety of audiences.

The ultimate goal is simply to get the crowd on your side, and like all the best wrestlers — politicians invoke a reaction from their audience to suit an fitted agenda.

In politics, as in wrestling, a number of characters must be used to achieve a universal approach to captivation: the ultranationalist to appeal to the nationalist base, the progressive to appeal to the social base, and the traditional names to appeal to the long-standing audience across the years.

Everyone has a character to support, even the genuine parties for the awake.

And as we see as a common theme in the storyline of politics, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was written once again as a symbol of frustrations of the Australian people, blaming him for the problems of the political term just passed after his latest ‘championship’ reign in office.

A century-old tradition, this continues to be one of the most popular staples of the political theatre, as the public perk up in anticipation of the ‘coming change’ from the other party — and repeat.

All not knowing that the characters and brands are owned by the same entities, just like wrestling.


Fake parties or ‘brands’, and their factional ‘rivalries’, make up much of the magic that allows the federal election to captivate audiences until the result at the end of the race.

Inside, devoted teams of debate coaches, publicists, fundraisers, campaign consultants, speech writers and sample groups, all coalesce to train and coach a candidate on how he or she can best be presented to the public.

‘Raw’ and ‘SmackDown’, both ‘rival’ brands owned by the WWE.
Liberal and Labor…?

These teams understand one of the most entirely true rules of communication – candidates aren’t elected because of what they believe, candidates are elected because of what people perceive.

While some grassroots movements still exist in the political arena, equivalent to the wrestling territories of old and independent promotions of today, the system has been designed to ensure they can have little impact.

The characters pretend to dislike and ‘oppose’ each other on stage, while all being on the same team.

The drama always allows the other side to believe they can ‘change things’.

In professional wrestling, a scripted outcome or set of circumstances designed to draw a specific reaction from an audience is called a “work.”

Politics is a work, and it’s a fantastic work that the majority of Australians continue to believe.


Ask citizens why their countries aren’t developing, or investors why they choose not to invest in some regions, and suspicions of deep-rooted corruption is almost always at the top of the list.

Australia, despite being an industrialised and developed nation, experiences a variety of conflict of interest sagas, especially in the so-called world of politics.

Let’s start on the surface level.

Local MPs on both sides promise tens of millions of dollars to local establishments in each electorate, while ensuring companies on government contracts understand ‘where they stand’, to ensure the votes are gathered.

Most vote out of necessity for their business or profession, and this is a large portion of the population.

Most lobbyists are former political advisers, like the 10 leading members of Canberra lobbying firms that have in common almost complete public anonymity — as is the case with most political staffers. 

Of those 10, perhaps Michael Photios, a former NSW state minister, is the best known. Their former bosses include Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, Joe Hockey, Peter Costello and Mike Rann.

Their clients are a who’s who of the biggest Australian and international corporations, including Apple, Nike, McDonalds, Macquarie Group, Aldi, Woolworths, Commonwealth Bank and Theiss.

Again, these parties are spending millions in each region.

Clive Palmer may have spent $80 million on his campaign, but to put it in perspective, my local UAP candidate was not offering local groups millions of dollars if elected.

Even a group like UAP can’t contend with the funding of these major corporations and lobbyists.

Trump needed to join the Republican Party to have the funds to run a campaign, Musk needs at least $20 billion of his $40 billion paid by backers, and so on. Is is a very large financial fight.

It would take every independent political party and audience together under one banner to even hope to gather enough support on dissident votes alone, and even then, that’s when the rigging would spread to voting.

The U.S. have done this type of rigging for years in Latin American elections.

The West, however, have the public in their purse for now.

Pulling the strings and filling their pockets full.


Nothing is organic in the world of politics. Nothing that is said is genuine.

A perfect example of this can be found in the constant use of teleprompters that deliver messages constructed by a centralised team of PR specialists.

Only a psychopath could read someone else’s lies from their teleprompter with such feigned emotion. And only the flag-waving, dumbed down masses could believe them. 

Politicians are puppets, and your only questions should be: ‘Who is writing their speeches?’ and ‘who is pulling their strings?’.

Take a look at some of the most prominent examples of teleprompter hoaxery:

Politics is big business for the lobbyists that fund them, many of which are foreign multinational interests.

All that is left is to put on a show each time that will keep everyone coming back.



To understand the tale of a clandestine and duplicitous affair between politics and show business, we must look no further than one the great satires of American politics, Wag The Dog.

In the movie, days before a presidential election, a Washington spin doctor enlists a Hollywood producer to produce a phony military crisis in order to distract the media and the public from a presidential sex scandal.

It takes to a delightfully wicked extreme the notion that political spin doctors can facilely manipulate the media and whip up patriotic frenzy on cue, using the same techniques Madison Avenue uses to sell soap and Hollywood used to sell movies — now for the realm of politics.

‘War with Ukraine’? PR elections designed to distract the masses?

The world has become a Wag The Dog movie set.

The real change does not come from putting faith in a TV character, but in ourselves.


On a spiritual level, it seems distasteful to imagine a living person as a piece being moved around on a narrative chessboard; their every move calculated to advance a maximally entertaining storyline.

Too often, however, this is how it works — whether plotted by the public figures themselves or by some canny handler (an adviser, a producer, a PR rep).

If Americans had not spent the majority of 2020 relying on Trump to ‘save them’, and instead had pressed back against lockdowns and the development of vaccines, the free world might have been better off now.

Did those people know Donald Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer? Instrumental in the companies growth?

Learning from the best.

Similarly, if the ‘freedom movement’ in Australia had not spent the last few months on the ‘campaign trail’, perhaps some real progress could have also been made at home.

This is said out of love, not arrogance.

All I see today is exhausted and deflated well-meaning freedom campaigners.

I’ve met many people who have dedicated their lives to ‘awakening the masses’, all of which said it is not worth it. Freedom isn’t granted from a political system, or the masses, it is taken for yourself.

Should we act to stop the upcoming pandemic treaty? Or should we rely on a ‘politician’ to get in and do so?

What happens when they in fact don’t ‘get in’?

This piece is not designed to be a negative take or a shot at those who support politics, just the reality.

As a news website, we must stick to reporting the truth and the facts.

If you want to win this fight, you have to get real.

Politics, and certainly the realm of elections, are a melodrama for the masses.

Everyone is looking to sculpt the narrative, and to add just the right finishing touch.

Continuing to give a day-by-day analysis of the theatre only serves to power the system itself.

We are not an entertainment website.

TOTT News encourages all readers to support genuine independent parties as a means to vote without supporting the majors, and to meet like-minded networks, but NOT because change will come.

Did the ‘government’ help residents of Lismore or flood-hit regions? Or was it the community that came together and took action for themselves?

Politics is a rigged game. Disconnecting from the system and becoming self-sufficient with a strong network is the only way to survive moving forward.

Here are just a few free resources we have written to help you make this transition:

See also:

If you are interesting in joining our like-minded community, you can register here and see what we have been doing for the last two years to weather the Great Reset storm, including member workshops.

Or take these tools and build your own network!

This election has shown us that at least 5%-30% of every electorate are fed up.

That’s a big network of people once pieced together!

We don’t need the masses to build a better world for ourselves.

It starts from outside of the system, not from within.


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4 comments on “Why TOTT News doesn’t cover elections”

  1. It is like most “magic’ acts the sleight of hand by the performer is where the deception occurs. The magic act of democracy and sleight of hand by the performers/politicians is what entertains the crowd.

    Your statement “candidates aren’t elected because of what they believe, candidates are elected because of what people perceive” is exactly the magic that is being used to entertain the masses whilst their pockets are being picked and the prison walls being erected around them

    You are so on the money Ethan whatever we can do to disconnect from the circus of fools that run and support the illusions of “democracy” and start to connect and grow parallel alternatives aligned to decentralized organizations that offer real choices for freedom and individual autonomy is where the energy of resistance and change should be directed.

  2. Very perceptive piece, Ethan, including “The characters and brands are owned by the same entities”, and “Freedom isn’t granted from a political system or the masses, it is taken for yourself.”
    Especially in view of the results in both Houses and the stage we are at in beta-testing the NWO in Australia, I think this election was comprehensively fraudulent. Why should we be any different than the latest US (which Trump won in a landslide) and French (which Le Pen won) elections?

  3. Brilliant piece TOTT news!
    Will forward this on to others. The very real hope of Christians is that Jesus will soon return to set up His Kingdom for 1000 years on the earth. He will run government with truth and justice. Its coming really soon. That’s why we say “your kingdom come”:every day in the Lords Prayer! Remember to be vigilant and never receive the mark of the beast. Digital ID and NWO Digital currency.. exciting times to be alive

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