December 7, 2023

8 thoughts on “Why TOTT News doesn’t cover elections

  1. It is like most “magic’ acts the sleight of hand by the performer is where the deception occurs. The magic act of democracy and sleight of hand by the performers/politicians is what entertains the crowd.

    Your statement “candidates aren’t elected because of what they believe, candidates are elected because of what people perceive” is exactly the magic that is being used to entertain the masses whilst their pockets are being picked and the prison walls being erected around them

    You are so on the money Ethan whatever we can do to disconnect from the circus of fools that run and support the illusions of “democracy” and start to connect and grow parallel alternatives aligned to decentralized organizations that offer real choices for freedom and individual autonomy is where the energy of resistance and change should be directed.

  2. Very perceptive piece, Ethan, including “The characters and brands are owned by the same entities”, and “Freedom isn’t granted from a political system or the masses, it is taken for yourself.”
    Especially in view of the results in both Houses and the stage we are at in beta-testing the NWO in Australia, I think this election was comprehensively fraudulent. Why should we be any different than the latest US (which Trump won in a landslide) and French (which Le Pen won) elections?

  3. Brilliant piece TOTT news!
    Will forward this on to others. The very real hope of Christians is that Jesus will soon return to set up His Kingdom for 1000 years on the earth. He will run government with truth and justice. Its coming really soon. That’s why we say “your kingdom come”:every day in the Lords Prayer! Remember to be vigilant and never receive the mark of the beast. Digital ID and NWO Digital currency.. exciting times to be alive

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