The Parallel Society vs Totalitarianism: How to Create a Free World

Across the world, a confluence of factors is leading to the destabilisation of the fabric of many societies – led by entities entirely detached from the people themselves and their needs.

How can citizens attempt to escape this dystopian control grid?

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The parallel society provides individuals the means to express themselves freely without fear of censorship and to fulfill their goals and aims without dealing with the suffocating bureaucracy of the state. 

“…the “independent society” does not compete for power.

Its aim is not to replace the powers that be with power of another kind, but rather under this power – or beside it – to create structures that respect other laws and in which the voice of the ruling power is heard only as an insignificant echo from a world that is organized in an entirely different way.”

– Ivan Jirous, Parallel Polis: An Inquiry


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