October 1, 2023

13 thoughts on “The Posthuman Caste Vision: Cyborg ruling classes and a genetically-engineered species

  1. Any thinking person with a modicum of self respect rejects this transhuman vision. Totalitarian psychopaths like Schwab and Harari make me want to vomit. That’s right, the coronahoax was a test of mass compliance…the global-parasites must be overjoyed at the demonstrated collective weakness of humanity.

  2. THE ‘Resourced Simpletons’ – RS.(Formerly referenced as ‘Elite’) Deal in Ideal constructs. Find ANY ‘Ideal situation’ consistently operating on THIS 3rd rock from the Sun! That’s WHY, The IDIOTS passing themselves off as ‘Running the Global Show’, NEED the Middle Classes, to ‘Solve’ ALL of their ‘Ideal Issues’, AND, Have ANY form of Inventiveness & Imagination!! DUMB FUCKS!!
    SORRY! That’s right! ‘They’, the RS, Have Indiscriminately COVID ‘Viper venom Vectored’ -Loosely Ref’d as CoV Something 19 Jabs, OFF the Planet, OR, at least given them by 3 ‘Jabs’ A.I.D.S. WELL DONE! SUPER FANTASTICO! UNBELIEVABLY CLEVER!
    As for DARPA, ‘They’ve’ been drinking TOO MUCH Flouridated water & KOOLAID as well!
    FOR DRONES, no matter How much ‘Resources’ YOU have access to, THERE IS ALWAYS AN ACHILLIES HEEL! Don’t YOU study ‘History’, or does your Pantechnicon EGO Private School programming, not allow you to access this Function? Advice; ‘CLEAR out your ‘Cranial Furniture’! Then Crawl back inside your ‘Protective Construct’ for YOUR ‘Reality’! I/ WE DO NOT NEED YOU!
    Anomolies; – Human Species; HEADS UP; NO other species let’s the DUMBEST Member, run the Pack or System!
    Entertainment tonight; WE HAVE; Bill Gates ‘New Book’. IS, anyone SURE, this DRONE, ‘CAN actually Write’, OR Edit, OR even provide a ‘Cohesive Narrative’? – It’s a Novelty JOKE, Right? Has he Done inventory on ‘How many trees were Felled for ‘Printing’ Plus Dioxines/ Print/ Blah Blah, Plus Diesel freight, Plus W.A,N.K U.N. CO2 Parameters, Plus Plus Plus. IT is for Drones, ‘Paid Readers’ & Insomniacs, Right? Every WEF Pratt should own a copy, just like Mein Kampf for Schwabs. Maybe it could be ‘Fuel’ for the coming ‘Dark Winter’. 2022 Upgrade. – Enough.
    Wellness. – ALWAYS an Achillies Heel ! & it’s NOT complex.

  3. I am more afraid of the unaware and complacent masses than these self-elected “elites.” The jabbed majority of believers are the ones who are endangering the few who’ve cottoned on to this fraud that is germ theory – with which everything has begun.

    1. ‘The Jabbed majority of Believers are the ones who, W.H.O., are endangering the few who’ve –‘.
      That is, ONLY until their Viper Venom Vectors in their ‘Jabs’ Kick in! Hopefully by Then, ‘They’ will be Too weak, Too scared, Too disorientated, TOO Dead, to cause the Awoken (Without the Woke bit) Too many issues. These Borg units, including the Decepticons ‘Pushing’ Vogue WOKE AGENDA, who are Too Dumb, Too overweight & paraded around as the NEO A typical Fashionable Structural Bikini/ Board shorts clad Homo Sapiens alternate flatulating beef stock , & along with the Too diabetic type 2 – ALL sponsored by a Fast food Corporate Giant near you & ‘Swimwear U.N. International’= AARGHHH!!
      Too sexually conditioned as a Neo age ‘they’, TOO brainwashed that NOTHING is ‘their fault’, Just TOO out of Their IDEAL SURROUND Mixed Media ‘SUPPORT’ construct to survive ‘Normality’, let alone ‘Future Shock’! Besides, what are ‘THEY’ doing out of their ‘Pens’ anyway?
      And now a message from our sponsor; SLOTH ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL/supportive sponsorship by M.S. & Social Media/ & Govt Mental Health Agency FACKALL Coordinated by Zac;
      Our Moto; All Sloths are in THIS Something or other together, AND NO Sloths left behind!

      “SO! Welcome to Fantastico World, where every minute is about the ‘IDEAL YOU’! Invent your own Collective fantasy, MORE REAL THAN REAL – VIRTUALY- IT’S THE ONLY REALITY WORTH BEING REAL! A construct where He- She- They aren’t constrained by Anatomical constraints, weight/ appendages – with or without/ Personal Internal organ misinventory – NO ISSUES! Now fill out the easy online Application, including your vital statistics, ALL the Mandatory fields & where/ what you would like to experience!
      Our transport crews are standing by, with Commercial fleet vehicles, fork lifts, paramedics, for your comfort & THE Transit experience. As per standard protocols, Make sure to leave a comment in our Corporate web address, for feedback or any Non negative input! Talk to MuffedIt Your / Our friendly A.I. Interface to simplify & enhance the Your Booking experience! Have a FREE virtual Coffee & French Pastry on us, Online while you wait! Earn Sloth Reward points by signing up to our monthly News letter/ Beauty tips for everyday, Be seen in our KOOL recommended everyday 1 ‘of’ a Million Fashions by plain Avante Garde Bovine21, CowStreet & PenWare. Also access our Seasonal range of Swimware by International designers Drench21, BlueWhale, LosAngelesClass & BeachedAs. Access Summer ware by Marquis tents, & Bold House of Hud Marquees! Universal fitments, No pre fittings required! All purchases incorporate auto bank debits systems @21%.
      Our 1st caller. Yes Sir we have just received your details. Is that address right Sir, for a pickup – Kirribilli House? And you’ll need an Immediate pickup after your ‘Party’ – yes? And which account – Australian Taxable Plebs. A.T.P, No. No smart Chats are available thru this portal Sir. Yes! Got it Sir! We’ll send a bus, Forklift & Armoured Bearcat around straight away! Sorry Sir, You’ve got your Own Bearcat parked out the front? WELL, it is a ‘Package Deal’. Fair enough Sir we’ll charge it anyway to the Corporate Account plus SirCharges! Yes. Yes. YES SIR! SAFE& EFFECTIVE! GOT IT! ALWAYS! Goodbye Sir.”
      GOD DAMN! I think someone’s slipped something into My water supply! What a dream! Borgs run by little Harari Hackers who should be doing Hara-kiri & Hacking themselves first, for Global Health!
      THE ‘They’, are just TOO off, or are Numbed to the reality of Real planetary life to be any threat to Moderately prepped realists. If all else fails, use Sun Tzu’s Art of War back on the ‘Directors’ of Civilian Social wreckage, & direct the Borgs to the ‘Well Resourced’ end of town & the ‘Supporting’ Govt & Agency Individual members. That should keep the ‘they’, distracted for their ‘Required use by Date’ Timeline, All metrics considered!
      Apologies; Overuse of word ‘Too’. Think I’ve used a years supply!
      Wellness to you.

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