June 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “Rotten Eggs: Corruption in Australia

    1. Society has been stratified using scientific and psychological means.

      Unity is impossible.

      In all honesty, unity has been and will be always impossible.

      Things will only improve if a righteous faction takes power, and I mean takes it.

      But those who have benefited from the corruption in society will view the Righteous as being corrupt.

      Australia has been flooded with peoples from third world autocratic regimes.

      Peoples from these countries are known to be politically apathetic.

      Their in built tolerance of corruption will prevent them from action, especially if they are enjoying a higher socio economic standard in Australia, despite it’s corruption, than they did in their own supposed native lands.

      Those native Australians who have benefited from the lack of genuine competition a meritocratic society has, those who have benefited from these absurd “Diversity Quotas” will also resist corruption being extirpated from society.

      It’s weird how this is the End Times for some, while it is the dawn of a new beginning for others.

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