Paradigm Shift Summit 2020: Speaker Videos

The Paradigm Shift is a movement of socially and spiritually aware people who recognise that an awakening is occurring, as humanity evolves to an elevated level of consciousness.

Open your mind to new ideas and unique perspectives from Mike Palmer, Cyndi O’Meara, Paul Seils, Dr. Irina Webster, Barbara Prestia, Kendall Williams and more!


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Is a shift occurring?
Check out presentations from the 2020 Paradigm Shift Summit — a gathering in Australia celebrating the dawning of a new Earth and the awakening of humanity:

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  1. Sorry Ethan couldn’t sit through more the 3seconds so can’t comment on the shows.
    Have you heard of the Great Deception, Signs and wonders, the Great deceiver or maybe Project Blue Beam:1945;U.S. OSS(Illuminati) I can’t what for that show, coming soon to a sky near you.

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