How to Escape from a Sick Society

Compliance is the food that feeds totalitarians. It is never the path back to normality. Rather, non-compliance and civil disobedience are essential to counter the rise of totalitarian rule. 

But, in addition to resistance, a forward escape into a reality absent of the sickness of totalitarian rule requires the construction of a parallel society.


Trapped in the asylum.
Photo: QLP
Relying on the insights of those who studied, and lived under totalitarian rule, this video explores what is called a ‘forward escape’ from the control of the cruel and twisted minds of would-be totalitarians. 

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2 comments on “How to Escape from a Sick Society”

  1. Academy of Ideas always produces the goods. The need for a parallel, life-affirming society to a sick, totalitarian society, is explored. I guess that is what we are working on now. But most are not…I am seeing an awful lot of obedient signer-inners and maskeraders/masketeers here in Brisbane. If compliance is the food of totalitarians, the covid hoaxters must be growing fat in Australia. Perhaps they will be claimed by diabolicetes.

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