October 1, 2023

10 thoughts on “Another remote indigenous NT community has gone into lockdown

  1. And here in SA, people returning to the APY Lands have to be double-quaxxed…more genocide/globalist-parasite land-grabbing. I thought the evil afoot in Australia was at maximum level about two months ago, but no, it keeps being ratchetted up…it is now off the scale. This will not stop until we the people make it stop…look at the “quality” of “leaders” and “health” officials in Australia.

    On this note, I announce the NT Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, as Quaxling of the Week. What a piece of work this bastard is [I try not to overload my TOTT comments with expletives, bearing in mind my frequent advice to authors of papers on selenium biofortification, etc that journals send to me for review, viz that scientific writing achieves greater impact when understated…so enough said], some sort of poor man’s, leaner and even meaner KJD Andrews on steroids, even down to his lopsided, twisted visage. He even featured prominently on the Friday edition of UK Column news. “Tick tock Nuremberg 2”, Gunner.

    1. Good Morning Folks. As explained in Dan Andrews TOTT posts previously, THEY, The Pratts ‘Pretending Science’ on Waste Water Sampling, are FULL OF IT! I work in/on WWTrPlants.
      HOW at all ‘Possible’ is /are THEY, able to positively I.D. CON JOB 19 samples, when THEY, DO NOT HAVE the Original Marker [SARS COV-2]. HOW do THEY know it’s not COMMINALITY Sequential DNA Disease – Normal Coronavirus/ Virus A-B,Candida,Pnuemonias Or the Plephora of similar Form VIRUS? WHERE are THEY ‘Sampling’ this from? HOW do THEY KNOW, this IS NOT FROM ‘VACCINATED PERSONS’ Bodily Wastes, OR From MEDICAL WASTES, put down The Drains [Restricted or Not]?
      Which leads me to another Long Term Point, per the same subject of Sewerage Waste; With the range of TOXIC PHARMA, ‘Delivered’ into the General Populations Anatomy, Including Chemo & other Nefarious ‘Treatments’ [Loose Term], & NOT ALL of this is ‘Delivered’ in Stand alone Medical Facilities,
      Q; HOW is this NOT regulated per the SAME ‘Patients Anatomical Wastes -‘Pissing/Shitting/Washing’, ALL going down the SAME Sewage Wastes Systems? AND, this can be an Extended Timeline between Inwards Pharma ‘Treatment’ & Outward Wastes!
      A; THEY CAN NOT! As far as I can Ascertain, IT IS A SWINDLE, JUST LIKE CON JOB 19!.
      After Note; Difficulty in SEGREGATING Virus/ Bio anything, is ‘Complicated’ with the amount of OTHER Chemicals which are
      Integrated’ into Sewerage General wastes; Personal Products [Other than General Pharma but supplied By Chemical Corps International] containing some of the most Obnoxious Carcinogenics Chemicals known [This’d be Perfumes, anti Perspirants, Orals, Etc. ALL ‘Hidden’ under ‘Intellectual Property’ as ‘Fragrance’], Cleaning & Cooking Chemicals [Including Poly UnS oils], Plastic Nanos Leaching off, Food [Loose Term with a Library of ‘Ingredients] Stuffs. + Irradiation Interfering with Chems ‘Compounding’ via G networks & Power Gridding Add to this Inside The WWtrPlants Chemicals such as PAK -Poly Aluminum Chlorides & Ferric Sulphates in Bio Mass treatments, & Hypochloride in Supernatant takeoff [Bacterialogical Neutralisation process – % Partial].
      WHERE are THEY sampling from, &, WHAT is/ Are THEIR MARKERS?
      Last; THE Processes above can only remove a % of Toxins from the ‘End Product’ – Chlorinated Supernatant! THIS is what is Pumped down into the ‘Ground'[Or onto Vegetation/ Parks/ gardens/ Recreational playing Fields] for the ‘Earth Fairy’, to Magically ‘Clean Up’, before it finds ‘It’s’ way to becoming ‘Clean’ to be pulled out of a Water Corporation ‘Bore’ [Other than Dams/ or ‘Blended’], to be ‘Reused’ as ‘Consumer general Purpose/ Drinking Water’. Unless there’s Another Process M.I.A., how do THEY take out the ‘Dissolved Chemo/ Pharma/ General Chems Cocktails’?? = Magic!
      Now Where’s that Black cat in the Wicker basket? Sorry, that’s Right. The Snake Oil Agent took it!
      Wellness to ALL!

      1. add to all of that, the growing use of graphene – in the shots, in the masks, in the tests, in the air filters, in the respirators – why?? it’s a superconductor. what happens when the 5G is turned on? are there more sick quaxed near towers, that is the question??? nano is the goal.

  2. Notice how these so-called health workers enter the settlements at night. I fully realize these tests can prove anything they want. Do pthese eople actually have Covid ? Quite frankly, I no longer believe a word they say..And I ask again, what the hell is in the injections they are so desperate for every soul on this planet to have ? Just ask Klaus Schwab. He tells everyone who cares to listen just what they are doing, It seems most people have amnesia.
    I am disgusted that these communities are being subject to this treatment. Our bloody turn will come , How come there are so many Australians ready to turn on their own society? Is it the money ? Are they scared ? It has got to the stage where we need bodyguards to protect law abiding citizens of the country..
    It seems we should all go walkabout.Sadly not many places to run.What is happening to the human rights courts ?

    1. do you ever notice some of these officials and experts have a very blank look in their eyes?? they appear to be hypnotized.

  3. They are really desperate when they have to resort to testing waste water to determine if anyone is sick. Just another excuse to poison the aboriginal tribal people. And what do they class as treatment – testing and vaccination. That is not treatment!!! Treatment is ivermectin, vitamin C and D and zinc and that would cure any that might have any skerrick of disease if indeed they do really have any at all. Indeed it is my belief that there is something in this Vax that the elite desperately do want in every human body. Look up Stew Peters Show.

    1. graphene – 1st we had phones on cords, then cordless, then hand held, then wearable, then micro, next is nano – you’ll never know… when the 5g is full blast, people will be receivers and transmitters – ie zombies. the use of these substances is not well known in biomeds, it’s not just for phones and electric cars. substitute graphene narrative for cov lies/narrative and things will begin to make sense, if sense is the right term…

  4. “… where we need bodyguards to protect law abiding citizens of the country.”

    When it actually instead should have been the case for some time that “they” need bodyguards to be protected from law abiding citizens.

    Oops, sorry. Just thinking out loud…

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