“Get a life”: Michael Gunner blasts indigenous ‘misinformation’ from ‘flogs’ | Video

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner denounces ‘misinformation’ from “tinfoil hat wearing tossers” in a press conference today.

Northern Territory’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner has used a COVID-19 update press conference to denounce ‘misinformation’ spread widely across the world, which he says could harm Indigenous Territorians.

He singled out what he called a “huge amount of misinformation spreading online in the last few days” this morning, as he once again opposes anyone who dares to question:

“I don’t really want to lean into the lies that are being spread.”
Although, given these press conferences genuinely get spliced up by international trolls: ‘Hello, conspiracy theorists overseas watching this: Please, get a life’.”

Gunner took aim at “insane, unhinged stuff spreading online”, that he said “overwhelmingly comes from people who don’t live here and know nothing about us”.

He added that “99.9 per cent of the ‘BS’ that is flying around the internet about the Territory is coming from flogs outside the Territory — mostly America, Canada and the UK”.

“People who have nothing better than to really make up lies about us, because their own lives are so small and so sad.”
“If anybody thinks we are going to be distracted or intimidated by tin-foil hat wearing tossers sitting in their parents basements … then you do not know us Territorians.”

Mr Gunner said bad-faith conspiracy theorists spreading rumours online would not distract from his effort “to protect the oldest continuous living culture on the planet”.

“We don’t need to pay any more attention to them. We don’t need to listen to them.”

The Chief Minister, in the same press conference, also called it a “positive day” in the current outbreak, which has predominantly impacted Aboriginal Territorians.

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14 comments on ““Get a life”: Michael Gunner blasts indigenous ‘misinformation’ from ‘flogs’ | Video”

  1. What a waste of space this bastard is. Acting like a mongrel who has been double-quaxxed, which has made him even more of a mongrel…so here’s hoping he didn’t just get saline…and will soon get a booster.

    I’m gearing up for a rally tomorrow/Saturday at noon outside Channel 7, Port Rd, Adelaide. Will have my standard placard (“Bill’s vax cured my Covid fear” above a skull & crossed, dripping syringes), and on the back: “Stop telling covid lies, Channel 7” above a Gates photo alongside a smaller skull & syringes. And will also carry my small cardboard message from Brisbane: “Big pHARMa Is [making a] Killing”.

  2. One thing that has become very obvious over the last 2 years is that we’re not dealing with normal sane individuals here. We’re dealing with a cult that is hellbent on ramming their agenda down our throats, whether we like it or not!

    I was raised in the NT and what he’s doing is NOT for Aboriginals safety!
    This evil prick needs to die!

  4. Hang on…HE was the one doing the press release saying he’s bringing in the army…and it was the local tribes that sent out an SOS from those areas…??

    1. Exactly! He’s lying out his arse!
      He’s lying about the quarantine prison (camp) too! Check on the link in my previous reply for the inside story of the Howard Springs covid prison. We’re back in Nazi Germany all over again!

  5. One could hope that there could be a citizen’s arrest of this deranged psychopath and all the other states to overthrow these governmental monsters and the crimes against humanity

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