November 29, 2023

12 thoughts on “Unvaccinated lockdown in NT extended for Alice Springs, remote communities restricted

  1. All this can occur because Australia does not have a charter of human rights in its Constitution. Therefore the people in power can not be held to account for their actions

    1. Im sure I am not the only on who sees the irony of “lets kill all the abo’s” as being offensive and wrong, but that is exactly what the NT Australian government are doing.. this is an extermination campaign on our indigenous native care takers. The Narrative has been totally destroyed now. Fouchi is outed. the American front line doctors organised a conference that exposed everything. The CDC has backed down on quarantine and stated the PCR test is not designed to diagnose… yes that is also what the inventor said. Human rights is a joke. Did you know after WW2 and Nazi Germany, Australia was one of the 5 countries to write the human rights charter and support the Nuremburg trials ? Another irony there. We Australians are not stupid and sadly more is coming. Bank bail in.. so you will have nothing but certainly wont be happy. Australia seems to be one of the nations chosen to test all this BS on. As a remote viewer, Im exceptionally good with Precog esp when it is spontaneous as a warning. I posted about this in 2019 and only stopped posting about it in Feb 2020. So far everything I saw has come true. What is left ? Do you really want to know ? It is a dystopian nightmare. The ADF also had our population projections on their website. Currently we are at 26 Million. But the ADF predicted population by 2025 to be 16 Million and by 2030.. 10 Million. Think about that for a moment then go check the total population of our major cities and do some basic math.. not common core math. This is not some ad hoc “lets kill some people”.. This is a multi generational plan running at least since WW2. It is fueled by the following false concepts: 1. Eugenics, and that povery is inherited not a social construct esp of capitalism. 2. Their NWO of central government is NOT communism.. we could be so lucky as to have a government based on humanity. No, it is based on Neo Feudalism. 3. The world is over populated and we are running out of resources (False). 4. Pollution and said resources are the fault of you and me.. people with no power. We consume what is available. It is not you or me that fucked the world, but the capitalists driving things like Monsanto and its chemcial nightmares, Dodgy fake medicine thanks to Rockerfeller and co. the use of plastics (they never offer us an alternative) and on and on we go. Why do we need phones laptops and appliances that die every two years? in the 60-70s everything came with a 20 year warranty. Designed redundancy is an irrisponsible capitalist wet dream and not our fault.. it is theres. Our health crisis is because of capitalism and the BS around fake butter, pushed sugar telling us fat is bad sugar is good. Dodgy vaccines that sent the Autism rate from 1:30 000 to around 1:30. Cancer is now one in three. Modern medicine is a criminal syndicate of snake oil sellers that creat disease to profit. Energy should be free if we followed Tesla instead.. and lets not even talk about war or the excessive use of force for profit used on NON complying nations.. complying means being raped and ruined. Been to Sth America.. Peru ? you should. Live there for a few months. Then tell me how good US capitalism is. Venisuela and Cuba.. sanctioned for what ? Having the best electioins in the wrold ? No.. because they refused to let the US rape them and wanted to use their own resources themselves and give the full profilt to their populace. That warrants invasion… Libya. Australia along with many western nations need a full rebellion and to overthrow our corrupt unconstitutional government and install a real government and yes.. a bill of rights. We also need to bring back our socialism.. equal to what we had say.. in 1977 or so. Yes.. we were a hybrid capitalist socialist nation and we ranted seventh in world metrics on quality of life. and higher on other metrics. Now look us up. Im tired of letting our government terrorise and kill us (and by us I mean all of us humans no matter our heritage skin color language religion etc). We need our freedom and it wont come giftwrapped. We will need to fight for it. This is not treasonous speech or seditious. Our installed government is seditious. We are nationalists and want to fix our nation. We should probably have our own Hague and bring back hanging for its crimes.

      1. Well said! We should definitely bring back the death penalty for treason. All these evil politicians and corporate billionaires should hang for their crimes against humanity. All commanding police officers should join them too!

    2. Ian, mate, no amount of legalese or rights documents or constitution will hold back these sold out dogs bc their handlers have trained/brainwashed/bribed/blackmailed them very well so it won’t matter to any of them. you have no rights. rights are privileges & privileges can & will be taken away at their behest. these dogs are not made/paid to think, they are here to follow orders until their owners no longer need them.

      look at any country that does have a bill of rights or some other document supposedly protecting the peoples rights signed many years ago by the so called leaders of the time. it ain’t worth shit bc the current leaders can just say “we live in different times” or “these are challenging times” then just ignore & intentionally steamroll whatever freedoms/rights the people thought they had for any reason… terrorists, russians, china, communism, foreign insurgents & of course viruses!

      if any of the quislings are to be held to account, it starts with non-compliance where absolutely everyone not in on the quisling payroll stops doing everything until the economy comes to a complete standstill. then all legal professionals with any dignity (oxymoron) prosecute all of the above for their treason & treachery.

      even if they try, they can’t, but nevertheless, they can’t arrest everyone & at some point, the overwhelming majority (including the convidiots with booster shots ,etc) will easily overcome the parasites bc this cannot go on forever without cracks appearing & eventually the narrative will just crumble & heads will roll (hopefully literally for the real traitors).

      i don’t know who or when this will start but i’m hopeful this is the beginning of the end of this convid drama & we won’t be pulled into a new fake climate NWO in the next few years to meet the WEF 2030 goals



  2. Gee, I’m glad my wife and I did a NT trip in May 2021 before all this bullshit was imposed. With regard to Ian’s comment above, it is apparent that “the people” will need to devise means to hold the “leaders” responsible for this atrocity (or at the very least, enabling it) to account.

  3. Who said N.T. Government Reps couldn’t Mix ‘N’ Match Stand Up Comedy, Clown World, Blue Heelers & Let’s Do a Remake of Tasmania? Think THE Territory Government must have watched TOO Many U.S. ‘Cowboy & Indian Movies’, where you get to Wipe Out All the Locals, then Get Hollywood to Romanticise Their Plight! Alzheimers – Austria & Australia – SO Close, Apart! COME BACK ‘AL’!
    Heard they were doing a Movie about escaping from ‘Detention Centre N.T.’ called ‘The Wooden Kangaroo!’
    Alternate Movie/ Docudrama was Natives Political ‘Woomera Hunt’ [Sorry I don’t think Greg was Invited, Maybe a Sequel]. Mmm Woomera! Nice Indigenous ‘Ring’ to it, Especially the 308, with a nice Twist @ the end! Maybe 1 in 10!’
    Speaking of ADF, this MUST BE WRONG as an Acronym, seeing as Most of ‘IT’S’, ‘deployments’ are Overseas in an OFFENSIVE Role (Not even going down the road that these by Definition actual ‘Terrorism’ Ops – oops [Wrong Hybrid New Age Dictionary M.I.A], Black Mark – BUGGAR!), So this should be AOF. Carrying on, was checking out protocols for FOIs on Contracts Pertaining to ‘Public Asset, Including Military/ Collateral’ provided By OZ Govt (if Any) against ‘Purchases Of Pharma Products’ under CON JOB 19, Noticed, FOI Act Australia 1982 DOES Include A’D’F, & Australian Navy/ Army/Airforce Cadets, BUT, Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation (AGO, not AGIO, probably in case it’s mistaken for ASIO – der), Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), & Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO), are ALL NO GO zones, aka EXEMPT! Must be for some of their local Continental,Co op & Foreign PDF programs (Plausible Deniability Factor). So it’s MUM all round, 360 Degrees!
    AS for ‘Lawyers M.I.A., they could probably do with some Illumination ‘Chrystal Age!’ last time I looked, they were probably TOO Avante Garde in their Discussion Operations with Alternate Sexuality people, think it sounds like WHO? Sorry that’s the ‘Other’ Pedros, Back, Collectively got locked in the same Room, & failed to notice the ‘Push’ sign on the exit door, and were Collectively mass debating & ‘Pulling’ ALL NIGHT!
    Salutations & Gratitude to All, Lawyers Inclusive, Trying to Improve our Lot.

    1. Sorry Mate, if your Gonna Satire the N.T. Gunnar ‘Organism’, going by Government/ Bureaucrats/ Police OPs across the Territory, including Alice Springs Over reach/ Nonsensical Apps, Lack of Maturity, Empathy, Science, & Bureaucratic Malignancy, You’d have to do a remake of Nevil Shute’s 1956 – ‘A Town like mAlice’! To Cover it!
      Then you could Expand your Repertoire, with a Stagnant Film Industry could AD Vim, still in the N.T. with a Study on Progressive Government Tyranny. Maybe call it ‘The Darwinian Theory!’
      Other Movies; Michael Gunnar story – ‘Fanny bay Gaslight!’
      Other; The Michael Gunner Story; M.G./ Not the Car, The AUTOmaton without Animation!
      Movies by Tourism N.T ; ‘dis Arm’em Land’ N.E of N.T.! See U.N.T.!
      Further, with the Co Operative Lease of Darwin port facilities between the Federal Australian Government & Subservient N.T. Govt, to Chinese State; Government could do a new Version of ; ‘Enter the Dragon!’ Scomo & Gunnar will have to have a ‘Medical Procedure’ though, to play ‘in Character Starring Roles!’
      For all N.T. Pollies feeling left out, & going by ‘Profiling’, several remakes are up for the Taking;
      ‘Last Tango in Darwin!’
      ‘Gulf between a Beagle & it’s Tail.’
      ‘Katherine ya Great!’ – Tourism possibly. M.G. as import Oligarch.
      ‘Turd on a Wire!’
      ‘Charlatans way.’
      ‘Can’t Do’s in Kakadu,’
      ‘Along came a Crocodile.’
      ‘Masks & Mongoose costumes for N.T. Venetians.’
      Tour of Detention Centre Film; ‘ Rabid Proof fence.’
      Lockdowns & Financial ruin film called; ‘ What the Dickens? What a Twist!’
      ‘M.G. Give US.a Ghanda @ Ya Books. I think we’re on the Rails!’
      N.T. Pedos options – 1978 – ‘The Boys with a Brazilian’, including a quick Peck, by a free Mason, & a lot of Palming.
      Further Pedos Films; ‘Leave it to Beaver.’
      N.T. Bureaucratic Ops Films; ‘Hindenburg, A Slow, Bloated Vessel Full of gas!’
      ADF films Front line Australia; lacking any Spares; Airforce; ‘Black Hawk Down.’
      ; Navy. ‘God Damn! Just FRIG IT!’
      ; Army. ‘Syriaous Lack!’
      ‘Intelligence; ‘The DARPA Chrystal!’ – No Gelfling Saviours.
      Buggar! & the tap water, HASN’T helped!
      Later. Back At Ya!

      1. News Flash! Dan Andrews announces Film Vic in Partnership with Michael Gunnar Film N.T. to co fund New remake of ‘RED Dogs!’
        YAY! Benign output to Canine Ops!
        Also hinted @ as New State Initiatives & STRONG CITIES PROGRAM, was sending Non Vaxxed previous ‘School on the wire’ to New Education Facilities Victoria & Northern Territory program ‘Razor Wire’!
        Keep you Posted on further developments.
        Wellness. OOOOOoo Exciting times!

  4. This psychopathic political terrorist must be stopped.
    Everyone everywhere in our world please watch this video and rise up United against these totalitarian regimes that have destroyed our lives and our countries and our democracies and all our Civil rights and human rights and medical rights and freedoms so lets go and put a dagger through the totalitarian beasts..

    The Center for research on globalization by Professor Michel Chossudovsky
    The Agenda is to Vaccinate 7.9 BILLION People WorldWide; This is a Political Agenda-2019 COV Novella By POWERFUL Financial Interests (British Empire-Bill Gates & Fauci Are Members)
    DECEMBER 12, 2021

  5. How to pull up the Queensland covid tyranny
    An opinion of the unlawful Covid mandates and why the state cannot enforce any form of penalty.
    By David Walter former Northern Territory Police Prosecutor and Constitutional Analyst

    To those increasing number of tyrants dictators grossly violating the Nuremberg principles Nuremberg code under the orders of a totally lawless totalitarian bunch of psychopathic politicians!!! The IGA Conglomerate ALDI Woolies BIGW COLES and all the other tyrannical corporations individuals or any other must immediately abolish all mandates and and other tyrannical actions on behalf of tyrannical governments. You have failed all due diligence and duty of care and the precautionary principle as well as the obscene gross violations of the Nuremberg principles Nuremberg code. You followed the government into vile totalitarianism !!!!

    Dr Christian Perronne all who voted for vaxx obligations can be prosecuted at international tribunals

    The corrupt lying Australian government tyrants dictators have been cooking the covid books. They the Australian government bureau of statistics were instructed by the totally corrupt WHO to inflate the covid figures they want robust figures and they were instructed how to do it, this was on the ABS website.

    This is what has been and is going on with the totalitarian regime aka state and federal governments of Australia.

    The entire Australian vaccination policy is totally corrupted with massive systemic and extensive conflicts of interest everywhere including the deeply conflicted mainstream media empires with huge ownership by the Murdoch media empires and their extensive interests.

    There is and has never been any independent body to stop these criminal tyrants. The whole system is totally corrupted.

    They should all be charged with gross violations of Nuremberg principles/Nuremberg code for the tyrannical crimes against innocent populations.

    Unvaccinated lockdown in NT extended for Alice Springs, remote communities restricted – TOTT News

    Everyone everywhere in our world please watch this video and rise up United against these totalitarian regimes that have destroyed our lives and our countries and our democracies and all our Civil rights and human rights and medical rights and freedoms so lets go and put a dagger through the totalitarian beasts..

    The Center for research on globalization by Professor Michel Chossudovsky

    The Agenda is to Vaccinate 7.9 BILLION People WorldWide; This is a Political Agenda-2019 COV Novella By POWERFUL Financial Interests (British Empire-Bill Gates & Fauci Are Members)

    DECEMBER 12, 2021

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