November 29, 2023

5 thoughts on “Melbourne Protesters are a Disgrace to Freedom! | Satire

  1. “If you believe this is wrong, make sure you sign up to my list so I can get my information to you.”
    – John Le Bon

    Hah. How about you fuck off, you shill spastic. Some of us already know who you are.

  2. Is it possible the crowd was herded to the shrine by the police so they could turn the protest into what MSM depicts?

  3. Chairman Dan is a CCP puppet, has he no knowledge of history, or is it selective. Aboriginal massacres, Eureka, and the wars that killed innocent young men on foreign ground. He is one who wanted open boarders for illegals, now I have closed boarders in my country, and the poor bastards living in Melbourne, it’s worse again. The political puppets let this turn into a crisis.

  4. Good one, JLB. These protestors are, according to the MSM, meant to be riddled with “neo-Nazis”. The only neo-Nazis that I can see in Ozcatraz and the Victorian and NSW police and the pHARMa reps posing as our “leaders” dumping a harmful quax on us that would be the envy of Dr Mengele.

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