Construction protest erupts as CFMEU Victoria turns back on members

As the COVID-19 vaccine mandate looms, workers are getting increasingly agitated, directing their frustration at the union that’s supposed to be there to represent them – the CFMEU.


Construction workers are at present protesting for the right for freedom of choice.

They are demanding that the very union whom they pay membership fees to belong to in order for them to stand up for workers rights, stands up for their freedom against medical tyranny.

People on site reported that the Victorian State Secretary of CFMEU, John Setka, was spotted by construction workers which led to some brief chaos.

By Real News Australia […]


Angry Victorian Construction Workers Converge on CFMEU Headquarters

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  1. Thanks TOTT for your years of delivering high quality real news. Thanks people for opposing this f-ism. Glad to be back to listen to your views and celebrate the fact that after those bushfires and all that has happened in Australia, you’re still with us. LIZ

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