Contact tracing “in the new world order” to be planned

At this morning’s COVID press conference update, the Chief Health Officer of New South Wales reveals the department will be looking at contact tracing “in the new world order’.

The NWO’s spokesperson?
Photo: APQ
Very particular language to use, Dr. Chant.
Do you know something that the general public doesn’t?

What do you think of this slip of tongue? Mistake or programming?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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17 comments on “Contact tracing “in the new world order” to be planned”

  1. She gets a little extra in the pay packet this week for dropping that. No coincidence at all this comes out on today of all days surely?

  2. Liberal & Labor are off their faces. Having made some private deal for themselves with the CCP they actually think the unarmed citizens (thanks to Howard) are just gonna roll over & allow this? When it’s time I will take great pride with every injured cop & once they’re contained politicians are next.

  3. I’m more deeply disturbed by the term ‘contact tracing’…no one is safe from this sinister operation…I might try building a rocket to head to another planet in order to start a new life there…got to be worth a try…hehe!

    1. What staggers me is the number of people and businesses who go the extra mile to ensure they are completely traceable at all times. It’s as if they want to have their whole towns closed down, starting with their own businesses. The thing is, when somebody ‘agrees’ to contact tracing, or gets tested, they are actually dragging others into it who have not consented to the risks.

      1. Yes, I know what you mean; I have to work with people that think nothing of scanning the QR code at every building we visit at work with their iPhone, even if we are only in the car park! …and then if they get called by a tracer and questioned, I have no doubt that they will drag me into the bullshit with them…’Ah, don’t be annoyed man, I’m just doing my bit to help to stop the spread…’

  4. In the NEW WORLD ORDER. In the NEW WORLD ORDER ? Did you ask the peoples permission to do this.Did you hold a referendum ? I am really sorry to say traitors are running this land They only want the world.
    The Event 201 The Plandemic.Covid is a deliberate plan to depopulate the world. The injections you call vaccines are a designed bio-weapon.Ask Fauci. That liar,
    Then we have the hypocrites Morrison Gladys Anastasia Chant Buzzard, woops Hazzard Dan the man ,and the rest .Hypocrites, the whole bloody lot. They are there to help us.There to save us.They only want what is best for us. And people scared out of their wits ,taking up your kind offer to help.stepping into a trap of injections they will have to have for the rest of their lives, because they are having their own natural immune systems wiped out.Oh. did they agree to that ? And oh, they have no claim ?. Hmm. That was well thought outcost
    Yes I am angry.One of my Grand-daughters was cremated today .It has our family thousands to get to see her.Some are still in bloody quarantine, for what Reason. ? She’s gone.You denied her and her friends and family their last good bye’s .Just so you can please your masters in the New World Order. I guarantee your new masters will betray you even easier than you have betrayed us.

    1. Thanks for the laugh Baked Alaska! We can all do with that. Couldn’t have described it better.- But seriously, I pray to God the day comes when they all feel the sting in the tail from this monster they have befriended. They may have signed up to be slaves of the New World Order, but have all the rest of us ?? -NO.

  5. Why would that even come out of her mouth if it wasnt already in her mind? What exactly do these people discuss in all their meetings prior to this particular slip of tongue? The NWO is an old movement and clearly is still at work behind the scenes.

  6. If you don’t want to be dead or a slave on a digital plantation, fight back hard, folks. Is she some sort of witch? Has shifty eyes. Rides on a syringe for a broomstick, I guess.

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