October 2, 2023

10 thoughts on “Qantas begins trial of digital vaccine passports

  1. Airlines need to brace for a significant increase in flights diverted. Medical emergencies will go up, such as anaphylaxis, caused by vaccinations received just prior to travel. The pandemic vaccines are causing measurable carnage already. Supposedly there is no liability for this. Well, having to land a large jet at the wrong airport is a big liability.

    Qantas know about introducing new products. They tested the A380 for years before putting them in service. And still one blew up on the tarmac at Sydney.

  2. Australia and NZ clearly are near the forefront of the NWO agenda, with Qantas and Air NZ dutifully implementing their globalist masters’ diktats for covid1984 passports. Let’s not forget what the acronym represents: “Certificate of vaccination ID”.

    I reiterate “The Qantas New Normal”:
    Departures: vaxxed, muzzled sheeple board the aircraft
    Arrivals: oh dear, all passengers DOA. No need for autopsies…in keeping with “world best practice” they all died of Covid, obviously a highly virulent new Variant of Concern (TM)
    Sequel: a new vaccine is developed rapidly to counter the latest deadly menace.

    Yes, dramatized, but make no mistake about the nature of the moves being made by all of those covax puppets whose strings are pulled by pHARMa: they perform The Danse Macabre.

  3. it may well have been planned all along with all the right people in the right place to start their next nwo moves, but again this too will fail. no matter how much surveillance, id’s, vaxx’ they come up with, it will all be for nothing bc the overwhelming majority of populations all around the world will just say stick your next nwo plan up your arse & refuse to obey & go about their day by avoiding the new order we’re all expected to follow.

    even if there is no more cash & everything is digital, people will & have always found a way around restrictions, penalties, public orders or whatever else they call it. this is why humans (man) has developed beyond all other species, he can out-think the next guy & do it better, faster, smarter.

    does anyone really believe ScoMo or his cronies have the brains or ability to get their way with the Oz population? we might be laid back, but we’re much tougher than any woke/sjw wannabe the so called elites think we are. I say “bring it bitch” & get your arse handed to you.

    if airlines want us to get Apps, etc, good. we can do without flying their unsafe, exceptional class based buses. heck we’ve already gone over a year without them, we can go a lot longer until they go bust or go back to just simple boarding passes without any pre-conditions.

    even businessmen don’t need to fly anymore thanks to virtual meetings & IOT, so whose gonna fly qantas mr ceo? maybe just you back to ireland when you get the boot?

    laws can come hard & fast, as they are now, but they can also be removed or repealed just as easily when the will of the people is strong enough & big business starts hurting. its a matter of wills, ie; we the people against the tiny but very powerful corporations that own the so called elected monkies fighting for their bananas.

    hold out as long as you can & ((they)) will give in to the peoples demands, it has always been that way & will be again either willingly or by force, the people will always win bc the huge majority of humans’ nature is more compassionate & just than the few selfish & malevolent ones’ that want it all for themselves.



      1. One of those early morning thoughts… it isn’t a trial of va)()( passports, it’s a trial of human responses

  4. Wise thoughts Bob, and your optimism and faith in the decency and spine of most of humanity is encouraging. In the meantime I find the lack of perception and courage I see in so many people, i.e. bien pensant sheeple, both astonishing and depressing. I suppose you are right…they will need to be pushed right to the wall before they react and rebel…and even then plenty of them will keep submitting. This attempt by the globalist parasites to impose tyranny is so obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence and truth-seeking ability…why can’t everyone (unless they have an IQ < 100) see this? The weakness of the acquiescent means all of us have to endure this slow-motion train wreck of tyranny until…

  5. I suspect all airlines will comply. And failing that, all international airports/customs will require the same.
    It is quite possible, even probable, that international travel will not be possible ever again for anyone who refuses the vaccines. Of course it then extends to attending venues, stores and so on. The vaccine is merely the enabler for the system that’s been predicted consistently for generations.

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