December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “COVIDSafe App: Gateway to Social Credit

  1. Heard Peter Dutton was at a 5 eyes conference in U.S. where he caught Coronavirus at the start of all this?. Interesting if it’s true.

  2. The Covid19 App:
    If the Government has ability & information to check up on us, so it also makes our ID and location available to undesirables . The App is just the start of us having to give more of our private ID information…& they don’t want anyone to complain or that will go against your record.

  3. The New World, brought to you by the Murdocracy, version of truth in the propaganda programming way, laced with lashings of NLP, behavioural , mind distractions, the Delfi constructs of ” that’s a great idea you have there ” So your responses are totally your idea! Discounting the embedded sales pitch you
    have been bombarded with, But!! If your not on the Team!! Well,,, there lots of names for you, pigeonholed into those nasty wotsits, isolated as anti- this, anti- that.
    The Covid Action Plan, ah yes grasshopper!, you see it now? The stone in the water, the rings grow and spread, not touching, nor their paths cross, so it is! With the Covid Action Plan , the circles grow from the same source, assuming their own
    identity and their own path, not connected but dependant on the source.
    All the idioms, the double speak , like the deaf translator, the sympatico, the scripted ,talking heads, idenfiy there betrayal as trust is their tool..
    This is as old as it gets, the method is clear.
    All what you see, the language, the behaviours, someone to blame, the Hegelian
    Thesis is as always a represe, play the emotions, test and tease, ruin in desperation
    bring them to their knees, we don’t want this, we don’t want this please!!
    Save us to be normal, what can that be, the pale rider is what I see,
    Freedom sent, Freedom lost! What is the cost?
    Press the button, you will know the the price, the decision will be made for
    you in a thrice!
    Be assured, that choice, you believe is yours to make
    Is in truth the deception of consent!! The power they want to take!!,

  4. It’s finally time for most people to ditch mobile phone use…yes that’s right.
    We lived without this continuous contact before and we can again.
    Turn off those phones or put them in the bin – The best scenario would be for people to refuse the ‘convenient toys’ insinuated onto us en mass and switch off digital where ever possible. Imagine how much freedom that would provide!

    1. Can I suggest people put aluminium around their phone when going out so they cannot show where they are. Nobody can ring them or have contact with them in any way.
      Is it 3 layers of alluminium foil.?
      Check it out…

  5. This whole plandemic is being used to introduce this technocratic society that will ultimately be run by AI to where as you won’t be able to access certain parts of society such as sporting venues, pubs, clubs, theatres, beaches, any form of public transit and eventually even your local supermarket without the use of some form of smartphone app, bracelet, implant, card, biometric scan or even digital tattoo to hold your personal records.

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