Science fiction visions are becoming dystopic realities

After a year when governments themselves became the biggest threat to a population’s well-being, it also became clear it was the ‘crazies’ who were making more and more sense.

What was science fiction only a year ago has now been accepted as reality by Australia’s compliant, poorly-educated populations, explores A Sense of Place Magazine.


O, Brave New World!

A year ago, the obsessions of TOTT News Australia could easily have been dismissed as the tin-foil brigade.

Their multiple obsessions included Big Pharma, Big Tech, Bill Gates, uber surveillance and ever-expanding state control over our lives, Agenda 2030 and eugenics. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were often quoted.

Except that what once appeared to be on the border of science fiction or conspiracy now appears to be in the process of becoming all too true.

TOTT News Australia is unlike any other news outlet in the country.”

By A Sense of Place Magazine […]


Frightening Futures Become Reality

Thank you to A Sense of Place Magazine for the honest and thought-provoking analysis.

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  1. Had a quick look at A Sense of Place Magazine site, thanks for providing more reading Ethan I think😉 now I have another place to check out the peanut gallery.

  2. TOTT News leads the way in illuminating and explaining the evil agenda behind what we are witnessing: inter alia, imposition of medical and common/garden tyranny by both federal and state govts, which are now clearly the enemies of the very people they are supposed to represent and serve.

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