November 29, 2023

11 thoughts on “NSW venues could require COVID vaccine proof for entry

  1. Australia is fast becoming a dystopian society. This woman is suggesting a tyrannical and sinister abuse of power to be inflicted on her servile subjects. Aussies with a sense of pride need to resist if they value their freedoms—the choice is simple—-freedom or slavery.l

  2. First it was contact tracing, then it was masks, next it will be vaccines and or mandatory testing for entry to many places. I just wonder much more liberty are people willing to trade for simple convenience!

  3. Good one, Ethan. Yes, the time for fence-sitting is over. Alas, the bien pensant sheeple will continue to swallow the medical fascism without protest and many will sacrifice themselves…some are so brainwashed that they don’t even need Judas goats and quislings like our “leaders”, Joyce, presstitutes, charlatan “health” officials et al to lead them to their doom. Witness the kilometres-long car queues that form for the fake “Covid test” every time a new “outbreak” is announced.
    There is a thin, blurred line between coercion and mandating of vaxxes (or “quaxxes” as I saw them described the other day, reflecting the pseudoscience behind them), and both violate the Nuremberg Code.
    On Monday I sent a letter to “The Advertiser” editor again (not published, of course) in response to a whole page feature by retired journo Rex Jory yearning for the quaxx. I guess he isn’t retired after all:

    “Dear Sir,
    Genetically modified Rex
    Rex Jory craves the Covid vaccine. He must love genetically modified organisms. Because when he gets his jab he will become one.”

  4. Having just had what is labelled elective surgery but without which I would remain in considerable pain, my concern is that people who need surgery to relieve pain or save lives, will be denied it without having had the vaccination. We can learn to grow our own food etc but what will we do should an urgent medical need arise?

  5. if the so called leaders demand that we do this or that, there is always a way around it. unless we all get micro-chipped, we have to find like minded doctors/nurses that will do as you ask or bribe or whatever it takes to have them enter into their medical system that you have been vaxxed. get the ID or QR code & you’re set. when more & more people start doing it, the so called austhorities will realise that they can’t stop it & that the dissenters cannot be controlled or forced to do anything & eventually THEY will either look for tougher ways to bring in their solutions or WE stand resolute & remove them from power. like I said before, they are supposed to serve US not rule us. so until these so called leaders start to do their fucking jobs, resist, resist, resist & make enough coherent noise that others join the group that becomes the overwhelming majority.



  6. Good point, Bob. Resisting this tyranny is the only way to kill it. There must be SOME medicos out there who aren’t brainwashed Cult Covidians, and actually want to help their patients rather than assist their demise. Reminds me of one of the great Vernon Coleman’s books: “How to stop your doctor from killing you”. The coronahoax and the current coercive quax effort add validity to his title. Actually I have heard of numerous cases where nurses are awake to the Covid quax dangers, and will refuse to administer it.

  7. How is any of this lawful and even legal???? This is a total travesty of human rights. Their figures are rubbery and they’re using leverage based on deceit… i can’t wait for it to crumble down around them.

    1. It’s not and there is loads of human rights, signed treaties conventions and constitutional violations taking place now on a daily basis. Government can not restrict travel on the queens highways or tax it, you cannot coerce the public into medical procedures, Health directives can not be blanket they must be directed at individuals, quarantine fees are only recommended not mandatory and you can not be forced into paying for something you don’t want under the goods & services act. 90% of fines have not been paid and in court they get slammed as unlawful.

      Know your rights group Australia, a beacon of light during these times, are covering these laws extensively weekly and demonstrate how to practice using these instruments in our daily struggles against tyranny. They are helping members win their cases challenged in court. I strongly recommend everyone become a member and listen in ( its freely broadcast on Tuesday on the RATFM network) as the information on commonwealth law they deliver gives you the knowledge and power to exercise your rights during this chaos.

      For those who don’t exercise their rights, have none.

      1. Many thanks for the information.
        The tyranny prays on those who are not informed of their rights.

        And in the wise words of Benjamin Franklin,
        “Those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security, deserve neither liberty nor security.”

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