December 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “Study of ‘vaccine patches’ to be undertaken

  1. It is reported that Gates does not allow his own family to be vaccinated. Thus he possesses rationality at the family level. Too bad about his psychopathy as far as most of humanity is concerned (indeed everyone except the misnamed “elite”). It is remarkable how many quislings/traitors we have among us. Professor Skinner is another. I have had 20 years as a research scientist, and have noted that genuine, truth-seeking scientists are in a minority and tend to be marginalised. Bien pensant, go-along-to-get-along, careerist pseudoscientists abound in “the scientific community” and tend to predominate among “professors”. They aren’t much chop at discovering scientific truths, but they sure know how to “work the system”. Some would sell their grandmother if it meant securing a lucrative research grant.

  2. Why are the 1% and these corps (other depopulation-ists) so adamant to affix this beast to your body against your will? Do you really think it’s for the good of humanity admitted eugenicists are flogging this?

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