Bill Gates ramps up Australian vaccine efforts

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $10 million to support a Murdoch Children’s Research Institute trial which is testing a COVID-19 vaccine on healthcare workers.

The announcement adds to a growing portfolio of vaccine interests held by Bill Gates in Australia, and follows new details of discussions between Morrison and the billionaire.


The relationship grows. Photo: MBG


Bill Gates has donated $10 million to an Australian trial of a vaccine that researchers hope “will prevent severe cases of COVID-19 in at-risk groups, such as healthcare workers and the elderly”.

The billionaire Microsoft founder’s funding, the largest single donation to Australia’s COVID-19 research effort so far, comes after weeks of discussions between the Melbourne-based lead researcher, Professor Nigel Curtis and Gates’ scientific advisers.

Nigel Curtis is the lead researcher at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and he told ABC Radio the vaccine was already being trialled on healthcare workers in Australia. He hopes the funding will help expand the capacity of the program into new hospitals.

The trial is designed to test immune-boosting vaccines typically used against tuberculosis called BCG, with the aim of testing the vaccine’s effect on 10,000 healthcare workers worldwide.

To assess the interaction between the BCG vaccine and COVID-19, the trial relies on healthcare workers who have received the vaccine coming into contact with coronavirus cases.

The study started on March 27 at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and has so far recruited 2500 healthcare workers across Australia.

The $10 million donation will also allow the trial to expand to Monash and Epworth hospitals in Melbourne and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, plus sites in Perth and Adelaide.

Mandatory vaccines set
for healthcare workers

Professor Curtis said the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation made contact with his group about a month ago, and following discussions over a week period, agreed on the new collaboration. 

“We see it being used especially if there’s a second wave of COVID-19 in Australia or overseas,” said Professor Curtis, who is also a clinician and researcher at The University of Melbourne.

As the COVID-19 narrative continues to unfold, Australia’s role in the larger picture is being revealed.


The new investment is not an isolated incident, rather it is the latest installment in a long history of collaboration between Australian authorities, universities and the Gates Foundation.

Let’s not forget: On 21 April 2020, it was reported that Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke with Bill Gates to discuss the future of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Morrison and Gates are also understood to have discussed vaccines in their virtual meeting and roadmaps to overcoming Indo-Pacific’s ‘health challenges’.

Shortly after this discussion, Scott Morrison pledged $352 million towards a $12.5 billion worldwide COVID-19 research fund arranged by the World Health Organisation.

The Gates Foundation is one of the WHO’s biggest voluntary donors, providing $836 million over the past two years. Bill Gates has been publicly critical of a decision by US President Donald Trump to suspend his country’s funding for the WHO.

This timeline is another example of Australia’s allegiance to this ongoing international plan. The country has worked closely with the United Nations for more than seven decades.

The UN takeover
of Australian society

Gates has worked extensively with the University of Queensland (UQ) in recent years, collaborating to make vaccines “more affordable to girls and young women in the developing world”

UQ has partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization in an “endeavour to save more lives”. See the mission statement by clicking here.

In March, a patch invented at the University of Queensland — which promises to deliver vaccine concoctions six times more effectively than needles — has become a favourite of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has awarded its creators a $7.5 million grant.

The university also works with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on ‘key projects’ to boost food and nutrition security in tropics and subtropics across the developing world.

Should we really trust this organisation that is heavily lobbying Australian research efforts?

Gates’ relationship with the Australian government is a symbol of a large system of eugenics programs carried out by the Bill and Melinda Foundation all across the world.


Despite expected announcements of a slow reopening of society tomorrow, society is not expected to return to normal until a vaccine is developed. Even if an anticipated ‘second wave’ doesn’t occur.

Bill Gates has stated that broad vaccination for COVID-19 will need to become available “before you can be completely safe”. Until then, there’s a risk that communities could rebound unless they continue to practice strict social distancing to see case numbers level off.  

Now, with the economy set to start up again, workplaces, shops, public gatherings and social interactions will all be radically different in the ‘post-lockdown world’. 

We have seen the introduction of the new COVIDSafe app, lacking of privacy safeguards and designed to track-and-trace the interactions of millions. These measures, combined with psychological engineering of the public, will ensure society obeys in anticipation for the vaccine.

Behind the scenes, Bill Gates is working with Australian authorities and university researchers to ensure the ‘solution’ to these problems is found. What could possibly be the issue with that? 

Remember, Bill Gates proudly speaks on his father’s involvement on the board of Planned Parenthood, which was founded on the concept that most human beings are just “reckless breeders”.

Gates would take the concepts learned in the family tree and incorporate them into building the foundational blueprint for a new era of ‘philanthropist’ activities with their organisation.

These activities include investments in expertise and platform technologies that help us make vaccines faster, ‘better’ and cheaper, in addition to also supporting numerous education and training programs that ensure knowledge around vaccines is created, shared and retained.

A eugenics organisation funding vaccine developments across the world, including Australia.

The Gates Family,
Eugenics and COVID-19

The billionaire was an early investing partner in the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), which has now grown a substantial portfolio of public-private international health partnerships that are committed to increasing access to immunisation.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has already committed $100 million to fighting coronavirus, as part of its broader efforts in international health. 

Bill Gates is now the talk of the town, and in a recent interview, he told The Daily Show that his foundation was funding the construction of factories for seven coronavirus vaccine ‘candidates’.

In the future, he has floated the idea of ‘vaccine certificates’ to show proof-of-vaccination following the widespread rollout of COVID-19 products, serving as a new pre-requisite for travel. Vaccines will soon become a requirement to return to many workplaces.

Moving forward, as the country re-opens, either society will obey this Brave New World psychological model of social distancing, or a second outbreak will force further changes.

Either way, the vaccine is the solution. Australia is once again right in the thick of the race.

Don’t the ‘ease’ of restrictions fool you. The agenda is still well on track, and Bill Gates has set his sights on Australia. He now hopes mass shots will be rolled out in as little as 9 months.

What will you do when the ‘solution’ comes? Have you considered your options for either coercive or forceful modes that may be used to achieve compliance? Interesting times ahead.


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19 comments on “Bill Gates ramps up Australian vaccine efforts”

  1. My guess is when the vaccine does come available it will most likely become mandatory for all frontline workers, air travel, major sporting events, other large recreational gatherings (i.e. conventions, concerts and festivals) and quite possibly welfare recipients. So basically no jab, no doing anything!

    1. Guaranteed to to be pushed on our kids, as if they don’t already get overdosed enough since birth by forced vaccinations with no jab, no school or pre-school rhetoric. Actually not law, but still dictated by school principals as though they were medical experts deciding that vaccinations are a health requirement.

      I’m sick of this BS, when will anyone with some actual concern for our population in Aus get anywhere to take charge & shoot down these parasites that leach off of our great country.


      Get rid of the Monarchs for a start, then get your own actual sovereign independent constitution without any credence to “developed” nation’s examples. Where only the PEOPLE decide on everything that becomes law, not pollies, not semi-pollies (state govts) or reject pollies (lord mayors & gov general).

      Just have a head of state & local councils, no middlemen with duplicate, triplicate levels of governance to do nothing but waste funds on bureaucracy & cronies by having meetings to decide on when to have a meeting where the public supposedly put their will to the pollies, then the pollies just do what they want irrespective of public opinion.


  2. Italian Parliament Leader Slams False COVID-19 Numbers

    On Friday, April 24, 2020, Vittorio Sgarbi, a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, denounced what he claims are false coronavirus death statistics. Sgarbi feels that fake statistics are being propagated by the government and the media to terrorize the citizens of Italy and establish a dictatorship.


  3. Sadly none of this is surprising at all. Morrison is doing what he is told albeit with an arrogant smirk. The crimes against humanity that Bill Gates has committed are well documented. The fact that he can continue his evil, deranged agenda without fear is appalling! In the meantime us Aussies sit in our lounge rooms and watch netflix. Come on people we all need to stop this and we have the power to do so. It is happening in Ireland, California and many other places. Rise up and protest against this unlawful Government.

    1. Mike Pezzullo is a rat faced deep state crypto jew just like Dr Fauci. Don’t expect Scotty from marketing to drop his (((Bill Gates))) inspired sales pitch anytime soon.

      1. The parasites & ilk, surely deserve to be tried & hanged for their heinous crimes perpetrated against mankind.

        COVID-19 strain used in winter flu vaccines throughout the world since 2013

        Wearing a mask will make you sicker by forcing you to re-breathe the bacteria and viruses already in your respiratory system.

        COVID-19 strain used in winter flu vaccines throughout the world since 2013

        No test for COVID-19 is worthy of credence without at least another confirmatory results by a different kind of test

        The only criteria for immunity is having the antibodies.

        Never accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

        You cannot catch a virus from coughing, it live no more than 1 hour on surfaces.

        COVID-19 is not lethal enough to cause any more than 0.8% of those infected seriously sick.

        The Pandemic is a complete hoax being used to enslave humanity.

        All vaccines will make some of those who receive them sick with the disease against which it was developed to prevent.

        COVID-19 does not come from animal to human transfer, it was grown in a lab.


  4. No virus or emergency cancels your inherent rights, sovereignty and freedom. Now is the time to stand strong in this knowledge, and to live and speak from this place of power. You are innocent until proven guilty regardless of whatever scheme authorities invent to invert this basic legal truth. Government only exists to protect your rights; if a government is doing something not directly related to protecting your rights, it has already overstepped its limits and exceeded its authority. The NWO controllers have pulled off a master stroke by fabricating the idea of a killer virus. Not only has the virus crisis induced panic, OCD behavior and fear, it has also opened the door for them to attempt to reshape fundamental laws and relationships between the rulers and the ruled. This is how the NWO will be brought in if we are not careful; by reshaping our perception until we have forgotten, while new children being born into this don’t know any better.

    We must be aware of this psychological propaganda and push back with all our might. Our freedom depends on our vigilance.

    author unknown

  5. ** Quote on The Millennium Report by a Former US Army Officer & Intelligence Analyst

    “China was long ago set to be the 5G showcase for the world.
    Major metro areas and technology hubs like Wuhan were
    selected to be official 5G Demonstration Zones. Only such a
    high concentration of 5G radio-frequency transmitters and
    microwave towers would permit a citywide build-out of the
    Internet of Things. 2019 was the year Wuhan, the capital of
    Hubei, was “expected to have 10,000 5G base stations by
    the end of 2019, said Song Qizhu, head of Hubei Provincial
    Communication Administration”.[1] Then the coronavirus hit,
    so the whole world was told. What really happened was that
    a new variant of the coronavirus was released in Wuhan after
    the 5G experimenters saw an epidemic of 5G Syndrome
    explode. The 5G guinea pigs were literally dropping like flies
    as soon as they flipped the 5G switch. The ERs and urgent care
    clinics were overwhelmed. The 5G scientists watching the
    burgeoning public health crisis immediately activated Plan B:
    Blame it on a virulent flu—a bioengineered coronavirus that
    produces symptoms similar to 5G Syndrome.”

  6. The more money given to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the money seems to go straight back to them, just like the Clinton Foundation….

  7. This is now August, and talks of mandatory vaccinations are still been put forward by Morrison.To fight this, we, as one huge group, need to rise up and write to him saying a very big NO .Politicians depend on our votes.If they think they will lose our support ,they start to, toe the line.I wrote to Morrison, and my local member, yesterday.
    Have you done that yet? It needs to be done if we are to defeat this evil. Gates, with his money, has the govt. by the short and curlies. I would like to know the results of the 2,500 workers who were vaccinated.

  8. Did I understand this correctly? Help me get this right… We are waiting for a life saving vaccine funded by a man that says our world is overpopulated and insists on controlling population?! Has the whole world gone crazy or am I in the twilight zone?

  9. Sorry Young Damir! Twilight Zone IS currently SANE! It’s those Elite Monkees, that ARE the Issue, along with an OVER Abundance of Compliant programmed SHEEP!
    Vaccine ‘Statistics’, will be quietly Diluted, As is Usual Stratagem, unless it suits THE ‘Official Narrative!’ As for ‘Leverage on Political Members’, KNOW THIS, if THE United States of America can have ‘RIGGED ELECTIONS IN PLAIN SIGHT’, then THE SAME, in a Tin Pot Country South of Papua New Guinea [Australia], is Not even a walk in the Park! Check Labor/Liberal Party ‘Apparent Voting Stats’ on State & Federal elections with 2 Year ‘Overlap’. Then there’s the fact that ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’, IS a Registered FOREIGN Corporation in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SECURITY EXCHANGES COMMISSION! Ref #; CIK0000805157 Is that A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT THEN, RUNNING AUSTRALIA? Bank of England[Rothschilds] ‘Runs’ our Federal Reserve thru the ‘Back Door’ [Also refuses allowance for Australian Govt., Audit, of 80 Tonnes of OUR Gold Held in London since 2012. Guess we Don’t ‘Need it!]
    REF Vickilavender; YES, more than a US$ 1 Trillion[Tax payer Funds] has gone back into the Pockets of the U.S. Elite Via U.S. Administration ‘Handouts’, while approx 43 Million U.S. Citizens are out of a Job, lost income/housing/health/Food shortages/Social Input/Psychological detriment. GEE! ‘Organised’ Gt Depression Rd1, unemployed,Lost housing/Proper food shortages/Lost Social input = MUST be time for – A WAR!! Current ‘Organised’ GT Depression RD2 – SAME Scenarios = Must be time for a WAR! Has ANY of that OVERPRICED CRAP [Weapons], THE Govt of Australia BOUGHT, ACTUALLY ‘rolled up’ Yet? Can’t afford ‘Proper’ Repatriation of Aussie troops THE Boer War to TODAY, but ‘SHELLING OUT’ [Coincidental Pun] for NEW WEAPON SYSTEMS by Australian Governments seem NOT AN ISSUE – EVER!
    Something about ‘Lest we Forget’. I’m 4th Gen Australian if Someone wants ‘A Crack!’
    Entertainment time;
    ‘Observations from THE Man, in HIS Day. See if it is STILL Familiar & Relevent;;
    “If you wish the sympathy of the broad Masses,you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things!”
    “The greater the crime perpetrated by the Leadership, the less likely it is that the people will ever believe their Leaders to be capable of Perpetrating such an event!”
    “Let Me control the Text books, and I will control The State!” Sound like MS/Social Media ‘Ops’?
    “What Luck for Governments,that the People are Stupid!”
    My Fav; “The Receptivity of the Masses is very Limited,their Intelligence is small, but their power of Forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts,all Effective propaganda must be limited to very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of Public understands what You want him to understand by your slogan!! COVID TERROR COVID FLU TERROR COVID FLU TERROR , DISTANCING, FLU TERROR DISTANCING = FINAL Solution; VACCINE VACCINE HERD IMMUNITY, VACCINE.
    YES FOLKS – Good Old ADOLPH HITLER! Your 1ST Modern ‘SPONSORED’ C.O.M.I.C Social Globalist Experiment[Vatican/ United States Eugenicists Programming ‘INPUT’/ Global Central Banking Systems/ Global Corporate Cross Border/ & Strategic Zionists. Nothing Like ‘Building up THE Prime Bunny’ Germany, to ACTUALLY TIMED STRATEGIC DESTRUCTION, Via WW2 , with ZERO trail back to the ‘PLANNERS’! Similar to United.States today – Use By dated!
    Equals 2nd quip above by Young Adolph, in ANY Country, Including Australia!
    Back to BAMGF ;
    How about equal Billing for ‘Mass vaccinations on THE Elite & ALL Offspring, Including Grand Kids – WITHOUT ‘OPT OUTS’, Including Bringing THE Smirking Hyenas Bill & Melinda Gates Kids up to ‘Speed’!, PLUS, Make up for lost time & give them ALL their Missed Shots/Boosters! Kind of Young Bill to say ‘It’s My Democratic right to refuse getting My Kids Vaccinated”, Whilst HIS Goons Held down African & 3RD World Kids & Infants,To be Force Vaccinated [NO Moral issues There]!
    See some of Gates TED talks 2015, reference ’15 -17 % Total Earth Population drops Via Vaccine protocols alone, to ‘Thunderous Applause’ @ end of ‘Recital’ [Hope that crowd wont mind ‘Sacrificing themselves ‘For the Greater Good!’] Perhaps also, they could ‘Virtual Tour’ THE Gates 16,600 Sq Ft Mansion on their Collective 280,000 something Acres, PLUS THEIR PERSONAL Lear Jet ‘Travel Logs’, to Show THEIR Personal Carbon Footprint, SO, that the ‘Normal Dirty Middle Classes Peasants’, can Cower in the Shadows in Shame, for their Collective wastes of Resource in their Dog Box housing Estates!!
    Just Kidding! NO I’M NOT!!
    Wellness to ALL of US!

    1. So true. It took years of researching for all this #$*** I guess. We need more people with your courage. Thank you.

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