Card payments to be linked to COVID tracing

Card payments will be used to track visits to ‘coronavirus hotspots’, with adopted recommendations suggesting contact tracers will ask payment providers for contact details.

A national assessment of contact tracing systems says the use of digital technology is “critical” and information collected must be able to be easily and quickly shared between states.


Big Brother is Watching. Photo: MKW


As business owners across the nation roll out quick response (QR) codes for operation, the next step in beefing up Australia’s contact tracing capacity is set to be access to point-of-sale (POS) data.

The November National Contact Tracing Review, chaired by former Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, recommended contact tracers be able to ask payment providers for the contact details of people who had made a transaction at a ‘hotspot venue’.

The recommendation has been adopted by National Cabinet. The review said the commonwealth should set up agreements between governments and banks so contact tracers could request details:

“The use of digital technology will be critical in responding to virus outbreaks.”

The report says Australia will be one of the first in the world to allow the government access to personal data from credit card transactions as part of COVID-19 tracing efforts.

Things are heating up, ladies and gentlemen.

QR codes record the contact details of people who attended a venue, integrated POS systems can identify all staff, goods and services exchanged and members of the public. This includes:

  • The customer — the POS system records the time and date of the credit card transaction. The payment provider can be contacted for the customer’s contact details.
  • The serving staff member — the staff member who served the customer is recorded.
  • All staff — many POS systems connect with accounting in real-time, so contact tracers will know who was working at a particular time.
  • Products and services — POS systems can track goods from the warehouse through to purchase in real-time or what food was ordered.

According to the national review, for payment providers to divulge the contact details of customers, privacy rules and legislative change may be required.

How convenient. The biometric dystopian surveillance state is intensifying.

For those who dismissed COVIDSafe sign in methods at many venues as ‘simple’ or ‘easy to evade’, must remember that the first installments of any plan are disguised like this. Slowly, over time, the system becomes more centralised and further expansions are called for.

Here we see it happening. What will the next level be beyond this?

If they are integrating card payment surveillance already, imagine the next few years.

Contact tracing isn’t the only social element that is set to transform in the ‘new normal’ of Australia.


The national cabinet agreed to implement all recommendations in the review, including alluding to future systems that will need to be developed to ‘contain further spread’.

It agreed to a national vaccine strategy, which will require people coming from overseas to show proof they have been ‘inoculated against coronavirus’. Qantas have already suggested this.

Restaurants, workplaces, public venues and institutions are also advised to make recordings of people’s contact tracing information as a condition of entry, ideally electronically. 

The review noted that the proliferation of check-in apps meant there was no centralised database and some do not ask for enough personal information that is required.

It recommended states consider developing a single smartphone app for their jurisdiction, holding up the ACT’s Check In CBR app as an example. Another jurisdiction is considering giving venues an app to scan, which will record driver’s licences.

Once again, we are seeing a slow creep towards total monitoring under the guise of ‘security’.

Security from the ‘invisible enemy’ that will drive a new-age of perpetual warfare.

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Why is this the case?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, commenting, said check-in technology had to be everywhere:

“Here in the ACT and NSW, the whole process for registration … is becoming quite normal for people,” he said. 

“These systems must become ubiquitous across the country, whether it’s in Western Australia or in Tasmania and particularly in states that are opening up.”

This has already started. We are seeing the foundational basis of interlocked states being established.

NSW, Victoria and the ACT are set to pilot a data exchange program that will allow health officials to share contact tracing data, including from airline manifests, across state and territory borders.

The centralised mechanism will facilitate the exchange of data between state and territory contact tracing systems, as well as the Commonwealth’s ‘National Incident Room’, in near real-time.

It is abundantly clear now that health is a trojan horse being used to usher in total digital control.

Once established, the road has already been predicted to spread to every facet of life.


For many years now, Australia has been on this path. From facial recognition CCTV surveillance, smart city developments, biometrics for airports, public transport and classrooms, national identification pushes and more — the stage has been set.

As we have previously explored, China’s dystopian ‘Social Credit System’ will soon reach Australia, given the rapid uptake in biometric and surveillance technologies introduced across society.

Now, let’s combine this with current pushes: Tracking people’s payment history, in turn determining their locations. Logging information about individuals at all times. Where you meet, who you meet.

The underlying intention of the application is, in fact, to log, capture and monitor citizen movement and behaviour on a mass scale. Technology will be used to enforce the new abnormal world.

In the future, this data exchange system – which will take the form of a software-as-a-service solution – will link up with the Australian Immunisation Register to provide a relevant vaccine status.

Not just that, but it will also log flight movements, commonwealth data, and now, card payments.

The report itself gives us an insight into how this system will interlock on a state-by-state basis:

Larger image here.

“The data exchange would allow contact tracing teams to search, request, share and transfer case and contact tracing data between states and territories,” the review states.

“Contact tracing teams would also be able to quickly access airline and shipping passenger contact tracing information for international and domestic travel, registries of test results, and contact details from relevant government data systems.”

In the West, it seems the first behaviour that will be used to identify the ‘undesirables’ in society will be vaccine coercion — where many will be blacklisted from society as ‘health threats’.

All it takes is for COVIDSafe apps, either national or state-based, to become mandatory in society.

No shopping, no employment, no travel, no welfare. We are actually living in a country like this.

Next, what happens if another so-called outbreak occurs? Or the ‘virus’ morphs?

In China, not only is it mandatory to have the application (which is tied to your identification), but the system governs where you can go, using QR code scanners and colours to determine whether the person identified is clear (green), amber (needs to isolate) or red (a confirmed case or close contact of a confirmed case). It would become a continuous cycle.

No vaccine? Bad! And if you try to enter society in the future, the technocracy will have all tools necessary to ensure you cannot prosper without submission.

It has all been prophesised. However, there is still time to prepare yourself, mobilise and avoid.

The asleep massed have allowed this system to grow, but don’t let the fact they are heading towards this future allow you to think the same for yourself. We all have a choice and information is power.

This won’t be an immediate process. Just by reading this piece, you are one step ahead of the curb.

The right solutions will find the right people if they seek for an answer. Are you seeking? 

National Cabinet will meet again on Friday 11 December 2020.


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6 comments on “Card payments to be linked to COVID tracing”

  1. The claim of Necessity by Government: is Tyranny:
    As the Covid :Capture: is rolled out : in the continuing: framework:precept:
    of the Popularised need: for safety: the fearful populous: convinced: that
    the needs: of Government: intrusion: into every: facet::of their lives: is a
    small price to pay : for their perceived Safety:!
    Buying into” the live show” : the panic:
    We see now: the complete: package roll-out: no stone : will be left: unturned:
    In the Survaillance State : of everything: and I guarantee: most : will not even:
    The conspiracy card: but of course: that is why: in Europe: some 250K:
    volunteer: training: and programme management: to insure: the control:
    of mis- information: and insuring: you: do the ” right think” :
    Credit: Cards: Banking Details: facial recognition: digital tracking: all
    the tech: this is all done: to track ” you” : Not the Virus:
    No: the Fraudulent: PCR: TEST: can create: a CASE: at any- time::
    there is a need : for urgency: keep: the frogs: on the bubble: yes: yes:
    as then : they will beg: for ” the normal” the ” passport” to travel: go
    and do those normal things: its not a Vaccine: its ” freedom “: yes:!
    No: sorry: its your new M.R.N.A: tag : the DNA: gene edit: yeah:!
    A cure: a fix: no: its new: for old : you get to keep: the old dis-ease:
    Slavery:! Re- booted: re- done: digital version: for the Cloud:
    And those: among you : who are not viable: well: you just get: cut: off:
    Digitally deceased: Oh: yeah: the frogs: are ready :!!

  2. PCR test fraud proven by multiple experts but no one is listening see link…

    even a non doctor or medical person can easily understand the report that is yet to be acknowledged by the supposedly concerned & trustworthy WHO, or any govt to speak of that are blatantly lieing & forcing their agenda onto everyone in AUS & all over the planet

    I only use cash but it appears there is an extreme rush to get rid of any cash so we can be tracked & traced or be excluded from any social interaction even with our own kids. eg; we can’t even get an ice-cream without “registering” unless its cash & on the street

    I’m not concerned about myself, but my kids mustn’t be the next generation of poisoned manipulated people without a will of their own just bc they aren’t part of the cabal/elite/controllers

    yes, what do we do to stop & destroy these parasites & get to a proper society, bc I’m lost


  3. It seems like an overreaction to what is happening with C19 tracing and once the gate is open, the horse has bolted. We don’t need to be tracked via credit card and should reject it.

  4. I had a very disturbing experience during the week at a cafe on the Sunshine Coast.

    When I went in I was asked to do the QR scan thing which I did not want to do and I asked if I could do it by writing my details down.

    The staff member said I couldn’t and then said “don’t worry – we’ll just send you an email”. I thought that sounded strange and that I must have misheard but but happy to slink away to my table without having to do the ridiculous racing thing.

    Anyhow I had only been at my table for 5 minutes when I received a text from my wife asking what I was doing at this cafe and had I enjoyed my coffee and toastie!!!! I rang and asked how the heck she knew and she said she had received an email from the cafe with a copy of the receipt!! That email was sent to her OWN PRIVATE EMAIL address!!

    Now, as I have never ever provided my email address to that cafe, I ask, how the F did they get hold of it??????

    I did actually contact our card issuer to see if they would have released our details (which is what your article is about) and that unequivocally stated that under no circumstances would the bank be doing this.

    I have written to the cafe demanding an explanation.

    Is there no limit to the surveillance and the lies and deception to cover it up??

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