May 30, 2023

6 thoughts on “Card payments to be linked to COVID tracing

  1. The claim of Necessity by Government: is Tyranny:
    As the Covid :Capture: is rolled out : in the continuing: framework:precept:
    of the Popularised need: for safety: the fearful populous: convinced: that
    the needs: of Government: intrusion: into every: facet::of their lives: is a
    small price to pay : for their perceived Safety:!
    Buying into” the live show” : the panic:
    We see now: the complete: package roll-out: no stone : will be left: unturned:
    In the Survaillance State : of everything: and I guarantee: most : will not even:
    The conspiracy card: but of course: that is why: in Europe: some 250K:
    volunteer: training: and programme management: to insure: the control:
    of mis- information: and insuring: you: do the ” right think” :
    Credit: Cards: Banking Details: facial recognition: digital tracking: all
    the tech: this is all done: to track ” you” : Not the Virus:
    No: the Fraudulent: PCR: TEST: can create: a CASE: at any- time::
    there is a need : for urgency: keep: the frogs: on the bubble: yes: yes:
    as then : they will beg: for ” the normal” the ” passport” to travel: go
    and do those normal things: its not a Vaccine: its ” freedom “: yes:!
    No: sorry: its your new M.R.N.A: tag : the DNA: gene edit: yeah:!
    A cure: a fix: no: its new: for old : you get to keep: the old dis-ease:
    Slavery:! Re- booted: re- done: digital version: for the Cloud:
    And those: among you : who are not viable: well: you just get: cut: off:
    Digitally deceased: Oh: yeah: the frogs: are ready :!!

  2. PCR test fraud proven by multiple experts but no one is listening see link…

    even a non doctor or medical person can easily understand the report that is yet to be acknowledged by the supposedly concerned & trustworthy WHO, or any govt to speak of that are blatantly lieing & forcing their agenda onto everyone in AUS & all over the planet

    I only use cash but it appears there is an extreme rush to get rid of any cash so we can be tracked & traced or be excluded from any social interaction even with our own kids. eg; we can’t even get an ice-cream without “registering” unless its cash & on the street

    I’m not concerned about myself, but my kids mustn’t be the next generation of poisoned manipulated people without a will of their own just bc they aren’t part of the cabal/elite/controllers

    yes, what do we do to stop & destroy these parasites & get to a proper society, bc I’m lost


  3. It seems like an overreaction to what is happening with C19 tracing and once the gate is open, the horse has bolted. We don’t need to be tracked via credit card and should reject it.

  4. I had a very disturbing experience during the week at a cafe on the Sunshine Coast.

    When I went in I was asked to do the QR scan thing which I did not want to do and I asked if I could do it by writing my details down.

    The staff member said I couldn’t and then said “don’t worry – we’ll just send you an email”. I thought that sounded strange and that I must have misheard but but happy to slink away to my table without having to do the ridiculous racing thing.

    Anyhow I had only been at my table for 5 minutes when I received a text from my wife asking what I was doing at this cafe and had I enjoyed my coffee and toastie!!!! I rang and asked how the heck she knew and she said she had received an email from the cafe with a copy of the receipt!! That email was sent to her OWN PRIVATE EMAIL address!!

    Now, as I have never ever provided my email address to that cafe, I ask, how the F did they get hold of it??????

    I did actually contact our card issuer to see if they would have released our details (which is what your article is about) and that unequivocally stated that under no circumstances would the bank be doing this.

    I have written to the cafe demanding an explanation.

    Is there no limit to the surveillance and the lies and deception to cover it up??

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