December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “Plans to ban cash transactions over $10,000 defeated

  1. The totalitarian communists are trying hard to control the people. Just like CCP they want to control every aspect of one’s life & the decisions each make.

  2. Great to be part of this sustained fight for our basic right to use cash…thanks to the tireless effort from many folks from all walks of life, but definitely the Citizens Party have been at the forefront, and deserve a massive thank-you from anyone who gives a damn…
    The fight to re-amend the Laws of “bail-in” continue though, and yet again it is the Citizens Party who remain committed to this covert and ambiguously worded law that gives banks the power to help themselves to depositors savings.

    One temporary victory to celebrate for now though…

  3. Thanks for posting this good news on TOTT, Ethan. Much of the credit for defeating this bill is due to The Citizens Party. Senators Roberts and Lambie were also instrumental in knocking it on the head. “Our” govt, acting on a KPMG report, tried surreptitiously to get this anti-cash bill passed (TOTT members would know why), supposedly to stop the local black economy…which is actually not a big problem. The real global black economy is conducted largely by the big international banks in collusion with “the big four” accounting firms.

    Never have I been more happy/proud to be a Citizens Party member. We submitted submissions to the Senate committee and lobbied individual Senators, and put cold hard cash into this effort to save the very same cold hard cash. The Citizens Party posts its “Australian Alert Service” regularly, which provides valuable intelligence, particularly from the US and Aust, on what’s happening with international finance…especially the latest tricks they are up to. Currently, the banksters are pushing hard for “bail in” of depositors’ funds, while the CP has for years been pushing for introduction of a Glass-Steagall arrangement which separates commercial banking from speculative activity (largely derivatives). The removal (under Clinton) of G-S in the US led to the GFC in 2008…and since then the banksters, due to their greed, have put the banking system in a much worse position than in 2007.
    The CP is not perfect: they are weak on the coronahoax for example, to the extent that I quit for several months earlier this year…but rejoined as I missed their financial intel. Will crack a bubbly for them tonight!

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