September 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “Financial regulators are preparing for ‘banking turmoil’

  1. Discussing with two business owners,1 smaller owners, pays ca $600 per month to accept Card Payments, the other owner with a number of shops pays $6000 every month???? A lot of money I suggested putting up a sign to tell customers know that this is what they have to pay to accept Credit card payments.. and of course prices go up>> I guess that is also the Excuse of big supermarkets that just roll it over the customer always pays! regardless of the “specials this week” and their pretend rewards>>>>> DATA collection so well hidden and how many % of people regularly pull out their card S…. the only rewards we used were Frequent Flyers when we WERE frequently flying for work O/S…

  2. RUBBERY FIGURES! When it comes to SWINDLES@Oz.MS.Urseres.Cabal.Gov.RottenKids-BoE.Aewe, the list is infinite! Apart from the usual Plethora OF; CONVID-19, attributed to CONVID # Something, & numerous strain variants enough to make the average intellectual want to reinvent a functional origami Concrete mixer, The Cyber ‘Threat'(who guards the home Govt Overstep Surveillance/ Ed program- Fetish Lust? -Rhetorical), The Monkee CO2 business Climate something, An ongoing NON-Voice CONstitchTuition by the same Politic RheSuss Masses experiment, My Fav- Exchange rates = WHO, No not 1 of THE dodgy Globalist fronts in the UNunited nations Pig & a Poke (18 Yrs + legally, alternate conditions for 3rd world ) front office, – Who sets out a Çountry’s WORTH’? We’ll ask SBS FiNancies, if they can break away, for 5 minutes , from their usual ‘Programming’ of Local brain dead Gen Z operatives. Looking rather spectacular in a 2 piece, stripped pink/ Lime green/ Licorice allsort pant suit, adorned with an effigy of a purple penguin on the lapel, & a plunging neckline only restricted via a Scarlet red Belt, & topped off with a Yellow & black corpoRAT coloured demonic Tiara, we have the rep from CONNsec.
    SBS Anchor ‘They/ Them; “So, Them (In keeping with current U.N. non use of pronouns) what’s an Ozzie worth on the World market currently? ”
    CONNsec Rep – DILLIGAF Jones’, neo referred to as Them/They; “Yes & current exchange rates on Australian’s, where we don’t have Any issues, other than CONtrived local Inflationary issues strategically set up by the Australian Govt, with it’s statistics provided inhouse by the bureau of TOSSER [1]. So, They, currently a single Australian Únit’, is worth= 0.65 of 1 U.Sless Citizen (even with a U.S. on the books debt of $28,000,000,000,000 & ‘Loose Change'[Maybe 9/11 intent]/ Off the books PLUS $40,000,000,000,000- Trading @ 60% INsolvent @ the 28 [10{12}]’Marker’= O.K. & NOT HIGHLY INFLATIONARY (CAFO farms Gas outputs Not inclusive, Nor J.Biden his times Media Circus inputs) !- LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!)
    Moving on, An Ozzie is only worth 0.55 of 1 U.K. citizen – WOW! Cherles PLUS Caramello = 1 Aussie unit! AND, an Aussie is worth 0.086 of 1 Canadian, in the land of Prime Minstrel CCP Trudy! Good news at last – You are worth 90% of 1 Japanese Citizen, & if your feeling in the mood to travel to the Trashed (With OUR Help during our Crusades Mk 2) Middle East, get use to being worth 0.2 of 1 Kuwaiti citizen = HOORAH! Break out the FLUoxtine Smoothies!
    Snowden, ‘Exposed’ the Globalist reach back in 2012/13, about the Intel gathering & ‘Tie Up’ Çapabillities’ of THE Data gathering system/s. That’s 10 YEARS ago, with ‘Guarantees’ about personal security & protections- Including SWINDLE Çodes of CONduct’, from the MS Everything & Overlord Puppets, not worth the Breath or ‘Paper’ usage therein!
    COMMONWEALTH BANK of AUSTRALIA – U.S.SEC Reg # CIK 0000008565 – in keeping with Fed Govt of OZ!
    TELSTRA – CIK 0001947542/ 0001046126
    Something in the CONstitution about NO Govt of the day, NOT being able ‘Flog off’ COMMON WEALTH assets – AT ALL??

    [1] TOSSER -TurdsOperatingSystemsServingExternalRectals
    (COMIC inputters Incl Govt., wish not to tell you that it’s a stock exchange – Gamble responsibly!)
    Last; along with the usual ILLUSION that is Global eCONomics, the local banking fraternity, SOOoo eager to look after OZ Citizens during/ After [?](Until the Virus X circus starts ‘Touring’ soon) the CONJAB-19 PLANdemic, & SOoo keen to ‘Support’ the Neo proposed global Digi wallet, seem to have overlooked the fact that, THE Globalists, will Çome For’ the Local banks FIRST, before coming for Ús’! Why do THE globalists ‘Need’ the Banks, IF all ‘Processes’ are Handled / CONtrolled ONLINE? – Just a thought.

  3. I think you should all take a look at John Titus’ last video on ‘Killer Whales’. He explains and proves that the latest banking collapse was orchestrated by several Whale accounts that all pulled billions of deposits out simultaneously and instantly which is impossible to do in the way the media is portraying. The FEDs pulled another heist right in plain view. 5 Billion.

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