October 1, 2023

6 thoughts on “SAVE THE BEES: NSW eradication program reaching crisis point

  1. There always has to be a conflict of interest doesn’t there and money for somebody in it. Do they really care and do all those hives really have this mite. It there are other less poisonous ways to control it then those should have been tried first.

  2. Make no mistake this is a deliberate extermination program designed to destroy the old ways of food production so that they can usher in the new high-tech solution!

  3. EXTENSION ‘PACT’ STRATAGEM, ALONG WITH CONVID JABS INJECTED ‘WET WARE’ (THANKS to ALL of the 4/5G ‘Technicians’ for ‘Installation Infrastructure’ for FUTURE PRISON/5Eyes/ TRACE & ‘TRACK’ Digitize OZ! ‘Railways’ Not Incl. – YET!)- ON YA Boys/Girls/ ‘They’ – Singular/Plural ‘Things’ [SHOUT OUT to the ABC. TWO DAYS of Mardi Gras ‘COVERAGE’, while THE NATION BORDERS ON A FINANCIAL/SOCIAL ABYSS!!! Current ‘OPS’; WIPE ALL SHEEPLE & FLORA/FAUNA = AGENDA 2030 (Don’t forget THE ‘P.R’ & Diversions = Remember ‘SUN TZU’ – The ‘Art Of War’!. LOOK GOVT ‘Oranised’ Financial DIS/MISmanagement – Damn Russkies! 20,000 EXCESSIVE DEATHS FROM CONVID JAB OUTFALL – Damn Russkies! Bleeding The Oz Middle Class – Damn Russkies! Shortages of Broad spectrum Supplies – Damn Russkies! Geo Engineering in OZ – Damn Russkies! My Cat Tiddles Died from Food orientated Toxins – Damn Russkies! Poisons Infused into Water Supplies by Gov Agencies – Damn Russkies! For U.S. Citizens – 5 Rail Incidents, where AGAINST MSDS from Chemical Manufacturers, THE Rail Corporations PURPOSEFULLY Created a MULTI GENERATIONAL ‘Global Toxic & Carcinogenic MULTI SPECIES CATASTROPHE’! Thanks BlackRock/ Vanguard/J.P.Morgan/Wells Fargo – We Know Your ‘Struggling’!)
    Current & Recent- Previous BANK Interest rate Rises ARE A TESTMENT IN PLAIN SIGHT, That Australians ARE BEING BLED,(LOW ‘Interest Rates’ WERE ALWAYS A ‘DESIGNED CONVID ENTRAPMENT’), ALONG WITH -Small Independent Business > TO STRATEGIC ‘PLANNED’ EXTINCTION, BY THE RBA, FOR ‘FORIEGN’ CORPORATE (SEE the ‘Owners of THE 4 Major Australian Banks – THE SAME CARTEL’) – ASSET THEFT! = THANK YOU WEF/IMF/WORLD BANK , AND ‘YOUR LOCAL PETS’ – AND, WHERE IS OUR LOCAL ‘PRIME MINSTREL’? According to their ‘MAIN BOUGHT P.R. MACHINE’ @ AU $1 Billion/Annum,(ABC) ‘FOREVER BEND DA KNEESEE’, IS in Local ‘INDIA’, & according to THE ‘BOUGHT AUNTY’, HE, ‘BENDA’ Is ‘SUCKING UP’ The ‘Benefits’ to Economy, OF, ‘THE DIGITISED ‘CASHLESS’ WALLET’- COMING SOON TO A ‘CONtinent’ FOR RENT, near EWE! = TOO FUCKING LATE ALBO! YOUR GREAT LABOR ‘PALE SKIN’/White hair GROVELING PATRIARCH, Norman Gunston? – Sorry N.G., at least you had Genuine COMIC talent (NOT the other C.O.M.I.C.), & come to think of it, NOT white Hare , Or was that ANOTHER ‘Accidental’ release of CalisiVirus!) – NO, IT WAS Gee WittleHam & his END-devours (NOT the 2005 Horror Flick by D. Winkler, Though Currently, IT’S ‘Close’) Of the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, Plus, maybe the Odd Lima Treaty! Are we STILL sending Monies to China, on that Front?.
    Last; THE GOVT – Whatever ‘THAT IS’ – Of Australia,(COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, AND CONBANK= UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATIONS! ER, Along with ALL OF ‘YOUR TAXES’ PAID TO THE A.T.O(Pull up ‘THEIR’ ABN & ‘Track’) of Australia’s ‘Holding Company’= BANK OF AMERICA Merrill Lynch) HAS, FOR OVER A CENTURY, ‘Engrossed’ US, @ OUR EXPENSE, IN EVERY ‘CON’flict GOING! – NO THING HAS CHANGED! WITH, The Liberal/ Labor & ResiDUAL Hangers on – THE Greens (LOL) Party, FOOLY ENGAGED, in Complimenting & STROKING The Globalist ‘BACKTICKLERS’ Agendas FULL CLACKER, SOMEHOW, ‘Believing’ that ‘They’ ARE, ‘A’ ‘PLAYER’! (Personal Note; I believe, from U.N.reliable Sources, That MINSTREL ‘Forever Bend DA’, apart from his ‘RectalExpansionAreaProgramExpressingRegret’ – Code named – [Shooosh – 5Eyes ‘Listen’ – SpecSavers maybe able to ‘Help’] = Codead; REAPER (NOT the Aerial Military DRONE – Maybe, Currently just an Aerial Drone – ‘Watch out Albo! DO NOT visit Demonic PariahTit Country, The area of 1 of the New 15 Minute Prison Regions – Aptly named THE ‘Hunter’ Valley. THEY, PariahTit Inc., is wiping out ALL Bee Hives – DRONES Inclusive! Perhaps if John Lennon was alive, HE, would have Sorted it all out & just “Let it Bee!’) P.M. Elbow Bend Da Kneesee, obviously, HAS also been ‘BAAH Coded’, for EWEs By Date!
    His Phone AppT; 93BahRamEwe! – Just EWE/ME & the rest of the ‘English’ Speaking world shall ‘NO’- ER – ‘Know’!
    Well, Maybe NOT Ucranial, ‘Benda’ has only ‘Dumped’ OUR, AU$ 700,000,000 into the Russian ‘Sims Metal’ SO FAR! Any CHANCE of a ‘Loan’ El Lobo, for OUR, ‘ILLNESS/ Education (LOL ‘Primed’ Sexual Drones, Ed Dept 101)/General Infrastructure/Utilities (Apologies, I think ‘Independent States’ Have ‘GIVEN’ these to FOREIGN interests for 20 > 200 YEAR Leases. Apparent Exchange Rates, Including BANKRUPT AMERICA, is 30 Pieces of Silver. Crucifixes WOULD have been provided, But The ‘Greens’ & other Major Parties, DIDN’T want to ‘Exploit’ what pathetic forests, WE have Left! – Maybe a ‘Deal’ with UNESCO, to ‘Save it for’, THE GLOBALISTS EYES ONLY!), Er, Moving Forward, according to CorpoRAT speak> A few Shekels for ;Roads, ANTI Geo Engineering, Buying BACK – OUR COUNTRY, CLEANING UP CORPORATE POLLUTION, PROPER POLICING Instead of the S.D. & ‘Revenue ONLY ‘Squids’, PROPER NON ‘GMO Miracle Carcinogenic’ FARMING, IN ‘AUSTRALIAN HANDS’ WATER INFRASTUCTURE, NON CORPORATE ‘SCIENCE’, & NON CHEMICAL ‘EVERYTHING’ (pHARMa Inclusive), A ‘NEUTRAL STATUS’ COUNTRY = A SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE ‘SWITZERLAND’ – MINUS THE SATANIC con’CERN Projects’!
    = I’ll take that by Australian Historical political Puppetry presidence AS – ‘NOT ON YOUR NELLY!’
    I feel a Ditty coming on, but not Today!
    Wellness as usual to Kindred Intelligence. THE Planet & ALL OTHER SPECIES, NEED US, & OUR COLLECTIVE SPIRITUALITY, MORE THAN EVER, AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME! The Pollies / Crats /CorpoRATs & MeDicks (VERY loose Term & NOT associated with HEALth) can ‘Fall on their Collective Swords’, for the FOOLS that they ARE!
    Brrrr Brrr. Brrr Brrr. “Hello and Sorry. This is a Virtual FRONT- office of ANOTHER Not for Profit Association, registered with the ORstralian Charities ‘CONmission’. Our CEO & PhillMyTrough & get Pissed representative- Obi- Wan Kenobi is UNavailable at this Moment. IVR voice systems , ‘Recommends’, that HUmans get their Collective SHIT (SystemmicHumusInteractiveTechnologies) together, BEFORE, you become O BE One CANNIBAL! Have a Pleasant SHIT interactive day!”

    Advertisement; ‘1 Night in BangCock-‘ Sheik / Chic Fanfare; Followed by;
    “Come & see one of OREstralias ResourcfulNest Of MidStream Banks! We can GUARANTEE, with the blinkeRING of Govt, & the Ever present ‘Subsidized’ MSMedia to Piss ON, & Over your collective PersonAges, With GLEE! BUT, WE ALL – LOVE, BLEEDING YOU! – Bring your Kinder in for THE Experience!
    Meanwhile in a Sheik BankStirs Pad; “Mmmm. Nothing like Freshly Minted Adrenochrome! It’s ALL the parents had left, to keep their INeviTABLE ‘E’Victim into the Street! But Hey, WE’RE ‘Flexible’! DigiTELL, will make this SO MUCH easier! How’s the ‘Sponsored’ Youth sexual Identity program, going with AusEd JustLaying Maxwell? A WOKE in progress!

  4. All of you are “on the money” re this issue…especially Nathan. I have given up trying to work out which of “our” governments is the worst. They are all equally criminal franchises of the global-parasites. Resist their dumb totalitarian diktats with everything you have, people!

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