December 7, 2023

12 thoughts on “Western Sydney to become ‘smart city for the 22nd century’

  1. What could possibly go wrong? You will not even have to leave, the city hub with everything you need complete with insects for food and EV self-driving transport. And your very own CSIRO who love being involved in vaccine developments. Good luck to those who choose to live there, will they be robots too? Or transhuman?.

  2. They will live there, own nothing, think nothing and be happy. Claus Schwabb said so, so it must be true 🤔.

  3. GOOD LUCK, with the ‘ReVAMPired’ 1926 Metropolis UPGRADE! Also Good Luck, ‘Finding’ required ‘CONSTRUCT’ion Worker Bots! NSW Folks ALREADY have seen their ‘OWN’ed Future, under Previous ‘Replacement’ Demonic PeriahTit’s Reactive ‘Chappie’ Troops ‘Interactives’ & Public Liason BASHINGS, during Pro DEMOcracy marches and ‘HEALTH’ Reinforcements! As for 5/6G ‘Enabled’ Arenas, Wonder how that’s ‘Working Out’ for the CONVID Jabbed = SAF & EFEC, SA- SA- SAF -EFEC-EFFEC- EFFECTIVE! U.N.SAFE & TOE TOE TOTALLY – IN – In – INEFUCTIVE! MA MA MA MAX HEADROOM HERE! NOW GIVE ME YOUR CHIPPED ARM! ( or was that a ‘China’ Mannequin?)
    Also on the 15 Minute Everything, Newcastle/ Hunter Valley, NATIONAL HOME of Current ‘Bee Colony’ ExtermiNATION ‘Hit Squads’ and Satellite ‘Native Vegetation’ Surveillance – Sorry – ‘Mapping’, Also has a Game plan to become a ’15 Minute’ Region, &, I, haven’t Heard a Single – ‘Build Back Better’, for Months! ‘THEY’ must have got a New Guy/Chick/ Thing/IT/ LMFBJQEXYZ/ or Vaughn – Pubic Relations Dept!
    TWO TIER (Tear) Systems ARE the Go I hear, CONVID Jabbaroo’d & the ‘Others’ – ‘THE Normals’, according to a WEF Witch Near US! (J.Cinder withAhernia), SOON to be an Apartheid near a Not So S.M.A.R.T. City near you, including NO Energy, NO travel, NO Coinage, NO Privacy, NO Interactivity with ‘others’, ending up as Operation BOTCH! [Built On Technocrats China Hysteria]. – They NEVER ‘Actually Learn’!
    Just waiting for Caesar Dan’s Response, from VICTOPIA, seeing as HE, was the 1st SCN DICKtator in Australia, & some Other State is now Diverting his Limelight! [1]
    All is Not lost, DAPPER DAN, in his Off moments as ‘Slave Market Operations’ Creationist programs LEAD, has been having personal Subliminal English grammar programs installed. Scientists originally had Issues with the ‘Cranial vacuum’, but several Tubs of ‘Dapper Dan’s’ Hair Pomade, solved the ‘CONnectivity’ issues. Remote Servo units stop the ‘Pomade’ Dribbling out of Cranial & Oral orifices! – Maybe!
    Note; [1] This is even after His Greatness – ‘DAN’ of Multiple Famous Moments, & ‘Movements’, had a ‘Medical Procedure’ to relieve Cranial Pressure from a Swollen Ego, & getting several Melboria Slaves to Carry his Halo!

  4. I’ve just watched “The vision for the Bradfield City Centre” and have to say I’m greatly impressed. It looks like when the time comes that it’s up and running obesity will no longer be a concern!

  5. Sorry! Almost forgot – WHERE are ‘THEY’ getting ALL of the ‘Spare- Energy – Supply & ‘Gridded'(Electric power/Water/Gas/Sewer Disposal) & Resources (Concrete[Yes, again a Shit load of ‘Water Usage’]/ Steel/ Structural Timber & Elements/ & Glass/ Plus ‘Landscaping ‘Inputs”. Maybe Include ‘ACTUAL Trade Work Forces, to Construct This I.T. LegoLand – with NetWit ZERO in Mind! CONVID ‘Jab Damaged’ BOTS, not withstanding!
    ‘Financing’ of Metropolis Mk -2 BY?
    An Architectual ‘Model’ DOES NOT A ‘LIVING’ SPACE MAKE! & the ‘Citizens’, Who live in Ze Metropolis, WHAT do they DO, WHO do they ‘Organise’?
    GOOD NEWS AFOOT!! ; With The Skeksis Architects of the NWO ‘TOOL’ (THULE) FACTORY, Air Travel (Apart from THEMSELVES) Is OUT! Therefore, the Western Sydney ‘International Airport’, WILL now be FREE LAND! – HOORAH!
    For CYNICS; I know! We can just have a Barren Landscape, & ‘People’ can just walk around with a Virtual
    Headset/Chipped Brain! – Problem Solved!
    CYNICS – Chipped Yobs Not In Communal Systems
    Any ‘High Speed Transit Systems’ (FAARTS),transiting thru this ‘Development’
    Be Well.

  6. The proxies of the global-parasites have been building population-control infrastructure in Australia (including western Sydney) for a long time. In 2007 John Patterson, 45, destroyed several telco structures in that area, using a restored armoured personnel carrier:

    “I was a senior telco officer for Telstra in Australia, responsible for the deployment of thousands of cell towers. When I discovered that the towers emit microwave radiation 50,000 times higher than the legal limit, I sent a report to head office, pleading with them to do something. I was fired within 48 hours. So to get the word out I took my friend’s ‘tank’ and destroyed eight tower sites. I was sentenced and served 20 months in gaol, and I don’t regret it. People need to know.”

    1. Wow, never heard of that story, thanks. Really goes to show how corporations are in control too. Isn’t that area full of illness too?

      1. ‘ILLNESS’ Young Lin? There’s NO NEED to refer to ‘OUR’ Operational ‘HEALTH/ Enviro/Govt.’ DOGGED,with a ‘Watch in Tow’, Systems in THIS Manner! – LOL – CJM = Court Jester Musing!
        THE ‘System’ HAS KNOWN all along of the ‘DetriMENTAL’ ‘Sciences’, & COCK [1] on the Wall permeating THE Existence of ALL! Only A ‘FOOL’ [1], with ‘FULL’ knowledge, can NOT equate ‘ExperiMental’ Tech, as being NONE other than ‘ACTUALLY Operational’! FOR, HOW, can ‘NanoTech’ NOT ALREADY ‘BE’ – ‘OPERATIONAL’? Sorry! I’ll get a Brown paper back, Cover ‘I.T.’s’ Head & ‘Block it’s View’!! MY striped Leggings, have CONfused I.T.!
        Note;[1] COCK; Codes Of Conduct Kinetics – Equal Opportunity ‘Except’, ANY ‘NATURALS’!
        [2] ; FOOL Focused Organic Orbal Logic. Please reference Sub acronym UPLOADS for NORMAL Unbiased REAL operations & REALITY; UPLOADS; Unjabbed Process Logic Organised Democratic Systems – Govt. – ALL/Corporate Operations[Full Gambit C.O.M.I.C] NOT Inclusive!
        Wellness to You My good person!

  7. Hopefully everyone who wishes to move there understand that SMART is an acronym and hopefully they will research what it REALLY means before considering this as an option for their future!

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