September 23, 2023

6 thoughts on “Here it comes: myGov shakeup will welcome biometric nightmare

  1. They have been planning this for a long time. We need to resist using this as long as possible, but scary thing is, it will get to the point that if you want to access these servics you will have no choice.

  2. BAMGF’s ID2020- Thanks Billy Goat Gates! You didn’t unexpectantly leave a Manilla Folder in Tony’s Rectal@ KillBills House, the last time YA ‘Just dropped in’?
    The Ploy from NOTmyGovs ‘Front Orifice’ IS –
    ‘Led by Australian Businessman David Thodey & a panel of Digital, Human Rights & Health Experts ( ‘Health Experts’ – Worked so well, Before & During CONVID-19(@ odds straight away with ‘operational Humans’ & ‘HEALth, except THEY forgot the ‘HEAL’ part of the Word; Definition/ Heal ; To restore to Health or Soundness, Cure. To ease or Relieve. To set right, repair. = Obviously, Digitisation of Everything, will ‘Cure’ the Current Failings of NOTmyGov!)
    Enter Young Dave Thodey – AO (order of ORstralia) & He is currently Chairman of Tyro, Australia’s only independent EFTPOS banking institution and Xero, a cloud-based accounting software provider for small and medium-sized businesses, and a non-executive Board director of Ramsay Health Care, a Global Hospital Group. Until recently he was also Chair of the Commonwealth Science, Industry & Research Organisation (CSIRO), the National research organisation for Australia. (How many ‘Bio Experiments'[Gain of Function] were the CSIRO involved in, with the WuHan Institute of Virology Again?)
    Further; David & ANOTHER round Table (Not of Arthur & Comelot Fame, Maybe it was Albo & CAN’TBERRA). No wonder it’s called InNOvationAus – Present ANOTHER OZtopia dream =
    Gov/TechnoCrap ‘Vision’ (Oxymoronic); ‘With the Capacity to deliver World leading Government Services to Australians’.
    – With AU$BILLIONS of Australian Taxpayers – Yes THE People ‘ACTUALLY’ Paying Taxes – Top Class/ Lower Socio Economic & Corporations EXCLUDED from ‘Inputs’, Previously for DECADES= IT, NOTmyGov., DOESN’T appear Capable – & That’s Recorded Historically!
    THE REALITY; ‘ With the Governments Capacity to ‘Deliver’ MORE Australians to World Globalist Systems!’
    AND, Are ALL of the Poxy – Apologies, Proxy ‘Players’ back from DAVOS Direct Marketing Junket yet? I hope they’ve ‘Restocked’ THEIR Carbon Credits for Eating all of that NEO/ ‘Banned Foods’, Booze, Their Fuel & Jets CONtributions, Electric Power generation for Everything (Mmm Switzerland in Winter – Brrr & I bet there were NO ‘Shortages’), Also dropped ALL of their Plastics, Phones in the NON recycle Bin, All of That CO2 in their ‘Carbonated’ drinks, Plus the ‘Consumptions of the 5,000 Swiss troops (K rations & Baked beans only, I’m Sure!)
    THEN, To ‘Cover’ the CO2 CON ‘Tab’, for THEIR CONvenience;
    Had Their, Their Staff & Entourage ‘Personal’ BioMetrics ‘Approved’ upon leaving & re entry back to OZ! Maybe, with NOTmyGov Future Promo, ALL of THE ‘Players’ & Inciters of GovFuture, could be ‘Chipped’ First, to ‘Show us peasants the Way!’ We could leave it that way for about 2 Years, to make SURE, it’s SAFE & EFFECTIVE! Maybe Crank up the 4/5G 18 Months in, along with their ‘CONVID JABS’, for a Real Human ‘Experiment’!
    So Hypothetical; Now then, if I, ‘Identify as Aboriginal’ to ‘Assimilate’ as One Proper Nation, & fear my Spirit ‘Being Stolen’ Via ‘Photograph/ or Imagery’ – Digital or Whatever, What happens here? – I KNOW! NOTmyGov, can have a ‘Round & Round Table’, incorporating ‘Human Rights Experts’! – Solution = “Pretzel anyone?”
    & WHO, (Not the Dodgy UN Cabal group), is ‘Guarding’ the New Meta data I.D. Systems??
    As in; ‘The report itself states: “The myGov User Audit panel emphasised that myGov is the front door for the government and ‘DOES NOT control’ the actual services that people experience.” –
    ‘Front Door’! – I don’t think ANYONE in Gov., ‘Knows’ what that is!
    And; ‘For your ‘safety and security’, of course.’ – And Who Guards the Guards – Please Don’t tell me that it’s that USELESS bastard, THE Governor General! – Historically, how’s that ‘worked’ for the Australian population?
    MORE of the same ‘FOREARM’, Sorry, ‘Foreign Control’ & Pretzel Logic thinking people have come to Expect!
    GOOD NEWS week; Prime Minstrel ForeverBendDaKneesee, has recognized NEW ‘Capabilities’, especially Forearms, apologies once again ‘Foreign Affairs’, & that IS ‘Capacities’, after his recent Rectal Expansions have HEALed! Obviously NOT a part of OZ local HEALth Dept. ‘INputs’!
    OH! And ANOTHER Govt., acronym Dept, to add to the rest! HOORAH!! Knock me up an Mis/DISappropriate, er, Um, Appropriated brass Plaque & Digi Logos to Impress the Locals at some Ridiculous amount, tagged under Benign Health & Human Resources!
    Last; Trust US @NOTmyGov! We are the ones Collectively, that Set the K9s onto You at Freedom rallies, ably supported by ‘Your’ Black Knight & Anti Terror squads in Full Body armour & Armoured Personnel carriers, Supported by ‘Your’ Police Equine divisions were having a Stomp & Go field Day, & supported by ‘Your’ ADF/ AFP & ‘Your’ Local ‘Bronze’. The Tear gas/Mace/Rubber Bullets & Truncheons, were used on YOU for ‘YOUR’ protection – NO Charge! Future Digitisation of YOU, John & Jan Citizen, is for YOUR protection & CONvenience, just like our CONVID Social Protocols! SAFE & EFFECTIVE!
    YER! I’d trust them –
    J & J Citizen; “Who can it be knocking at My door, Go way, don’t come round here no More!”
    Grunt #1; “CONVID OFFICER! (BOOT!) AT LEAST WE KICKED IN YER FRONT DOOR MATE! NOW, WE’RE DRAGGING YOU, YOUR MISSUS, YA KIDS & That Black Cat, off to a Quarantine Station! ‘COS I THINK, Ya May have a Something CONVID!”
    J&J Citizen; “Have you got ANY, I.D.”
    J & J; “What – No?”
    Grunt#1; ” FUGGIN’ DIGITISATION! GOOD NEWS MATE, YOU CAN PUT A CAT FLAP WHERE ME BOOT WENT THRU YA DOOR! – NO CHARGE! The ‘Psychologicals’ for You & Yer Family, Cat Not Included of Course, Yer can claim for Online, as long as you fill out the 50 Page Foreign BioMetrics forms, processed in Mumbai! For ALL, of YOUR BENEFITS! A-UMP! JOB DONE! LET’S ROLL!”
    Grunt#2; “GUM MICK?”

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