December 6, 2023

11 thoughts on “China’s ‘Social Credit System’ will soon reach Australia

  1. You can’t make this up. They are very cunning I give them that. Sporadically introducing things like this around the country to reduce public backlash and before you know it they have all bases covered. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. The last 7 years of conservative government in Australia has led to this. Governments all around the world are introducing this technology- London the most prolific! BUT the people let this happen by continually voting in right wing conservatives who have very short sighted plans wrapped in stupidity & tied with their own selfish agendas. We have to take the time to THINK FOR OURSELVES, don’t just take the word of the smiling face on the screen.

    1. It would not have mattered whether this was right wing or left wing government at the helm of this country. The proof is that many left leaning governments are also introducing this technology and restrictions, take France, the left-leaning government that was under pressure recently from the “gilets jaunes” and also introducing the same technology and more restrictions. Likewise with China, that is so far left, it went past the socialist point and adopted communism. The fact is that the order is coming from way above, the 1%, and they control all world governments whether it is left leaning or right leaning. All they want is New World Order and it is well on its way regardless of whether the government is of the left or the right.

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