Medical fascists turn attention to the heart of pro-choice movement

Queenslanders who have not been vaccinated by mid-December face a range of restrictions from society, it has been announced. But the state won’t go down without a fight.

The NWO comes for QLD.
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Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has revealed the limits that will be put on Queenslanders who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 by mid-next month.

The measures will take effect from December 17, or once the state reaches 80 per cent of the Queensland population 16 years and over being fully vaccinated.

The announcement comes despite Queensland recording another day of zero locally acquired cases.

That’s right, no cases in the community, yet an announcement to take away freedoms.

Mask restrictions (where you can socially distance) will also lift once the first dose rate of Queenslanders over 16 ‘hits 80 per cent’, which is expected on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Still think this is about ‘your health’?

The Premier said pubs, clubs, nightclubs, hotels, taverns, restaurants, cafes, bars and music venues will be free from all restrictions provided all patrons and staff are fully vaccinated.

Concerts, theatres and cinemas also come under these new rules, with restrictions to apply for the private hire of venues, if occurring with unvaccinated people.

Outdoor entertainment activities like sports stadiums and theme parks, as well as all festivals, will also only allow vaccinated staff and patrons to enter.

There will be no limit on weddings where all the guests are fully vaccinated, with police set to enforce requirements for venues.

Only fully vaccinated people will be able to visit hospitals, aged care facilities, prisons and disability services, except in end-of-life or emergency situations.

Palaszczuk said people who have done the right thing deserve to be compensated.

“We are taking another small but important step on our road to keeping our freedoms,” she said.

“I’ve always said, as Premier, I am determined to unite Queenslanders and we have been united in our fight against this Delta virus. But now we need to all be united in our effort to get vaccinated.”
“People should be rewarded for what they have done so far and I want to thank Queenslanders for everything they have done.”

‘Rewarded’? For ‘doing the right thing’?

Isn’t getting vaccinated the ‘free choice’ of citizens in the state?

If there is no threat of any virus to be spread, why are the unvaccinated being punished like they are ‘potential spreaders’?

How quickly things went from:

‘When the borders open on this date, the government can no longer protect the unvaccinated’.


‘When the borders open on this date, the unvaccinated will be restricted from society’.


Constant changing of the goal posts; the peeling of a layered onion of deception to reveal the true agenda at hand. An agenda of further coercion, division and biofascist authoritarianism.

Let’s see if the border even open on this date, or if another lockdown doesn’t ‘magically appear’ before December 17th. Things change so quickly at this rate that anything is possible.

If not, Queensland will be the ONLY state to impose medical apartheid restrictions in this way.

Every other state was first locked down, bled of their job security and income streams, before being threatened. ‘Reach the target to be released from lockdowns’, they said.

Yet, Queenslanders have been living COVID-free and relatively normally — apart from the occasional snap lockdown and mask restrictions. However, to now continue this way of life, you must be double-jabbed.

As the title of this piece reads, the tyrants plan their next strike.

But will ‘continuing life’ even be possible when these new restrictions come in?

Think about it: On the basic premise that there will now be a need to enforce new restrictions, this would mean (by default) that things would no longer be as they once were.

Let’s not forget that double-vaxxed individuals still can’t visit their loved ones in hospital in New South Wales or Victoria, even as part of ‘new normal’ restrictions.

This is merely an attempt to engineer the mass compliance of one of the only remaining states to avoid the perpetual dystopia witnessed over the last 19 months.

It is also a move designed to foster more control to the growing biometric surveillance state.

Palaszczuk said the Check In QLD app would also be updated to include vaccination status.

“When you arrive at a venue you will have to show your check-in app and by, I think, the 17th of November you’ll be able to register your vaccine on your check in app,” she said.

The Queensland Human Rights Commission has previously said vaccine passport-type systems, which will underpin the changes through the Check In Queensland app, must be reasonable and proportionate.

We have seen the same integration with QR codes in New South Wales.

These are bold move moves to finally take in Queensland.

The establishment is now heading towards the middle of all the action.


I have said it for a while on podcasts now, but there may be a reason why Queensland has remained relatively untouched during this saga so far. Queensland is notoriously the home of what the mainstream media would describe as ‘anti-vaxxers’ — and avoiding them may have been a strategy.

From the Sunshine Coast to the Northern Rivers border region, a rich activist network spans the state, full of alternative health personalities, eco-communities, agricultural interest and more.

Not to mention some of the groups that can be found further up north in Cairns and other locations.

Groups like IMOP and the Australian Vaccination-risks Network are stationed in the state, as well as campaigners like Allonah Lahn and Meryl Dorey, for example.

Queensland is also where TOTT News is based, which I’ve heard some say is a pretty decent website.

Since the early days of ‘No Jab, No Pay’ campaigns for conscientious objectors, Queensland has been a stronghold state for pro-choice and vaccine questioning. Here is one TOTT report from 2015:

The state has a lot of ammunition and has already experienced strong objection to the coercive measures that have been floated so far. Recently, over 4,000 healthcare workers were stood down.

This has lead to a bedding and services shortage in some hospitals:

Not to mention that protest crowds are usually just as big as the rest of the nation, with little restrictions imposed. Imagine when this really starts to affect people in Queensland?

Queenslanders now look on to see what will happen over the next few weeks, and into the new year, as the cycle of perpetual disease warfare now looks to claim the entire nation before the next round.

Will the borders even open? Will there be another lockdown to scare people? Will areas of Logan City (64 suburbs) be punished for having the worst rates, like Sydney?

Get ready for the fireworks, ladies and gentlemen.


The establishment is looking to cement their Brave New World Order of medical segregation by claiming one of the last true beacons of normality; the home of Australia’s “New World City”.

Then, as the false ‘holiday freedom’ season wraps up (like last year) and Australians are thrown into a new journey of booster shot/’new variant’ propaganda, most of the nation will be claimed when continuing.

But it won’t go down without a fight, with large portions of the community standing tall.

Not to mention that migration rates to Queensland have skyrocketed in the past year, with over 50,000 people becoming new residents — many of which fed up with restrictions in their hometowns.

Characters like Clive Palmer, Craig Kelly, Malcolm Roberts and others are also in Queensland, with Palmer announcing a legal challenge to the state government’s announcement.

It will be a very interesting few months ahead, that’s for sure.

Either way, whatever happens, as opposed to communicating with others in NSW and VIC for coverage, I will finally get the chance to be on-the-ground for any types of happenings.

TOTT News will continue to bring you the latest developments, and I’m sure I will see some friends there with me along the way. We may have a few tricks up our sleeve planned.

In the meantime, keep fighting Australia.

I have already seen strong opinions towards this on the first day.

You are not alone in your struggle to retain fundamental human rights.


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5 comments on “Medical fascists turn attention to the heart of pro-choice movement”

  1. I share with people have the fighting human rights and freedom and fighting for life in our life time to think back in the past like in Jesus’s life time He was fighting good against evil pretty much the same kind of battle we all do now and I hope people can get some inspiration from the fighting spirits of everlasting just at different times in different places and to by different people for different reasons.

  2. Very interesting months ahead indeed, I just wonder how many business are willing to bend the knee to these new directions barring the unvaccinated from their grounds. 2022 is shaping up to be a very interesting year that’s for sure!

  3. Late last year I forecast that 2021 would be The Year of Avoiding the Vax (as far as I am concerned). On track to date, a pity that more of my family and old “friends” failed to clear this rather fundamental hurdle. And now it is The Quax, being clearly not a vax. And I’ve done pretty well in terms of non-compliance with any of the other idiot covid diktats from the criminal governments that have declared war on us.

    The globalist-parasites and their in-country quislings/quaxlings/enablers would have planned different paths through the covid coup for each State, so Qld is adhering to its, no doubt. Nevertheless, it would not surprise me if real quax rates are well below the official rates…then again, I tend to over-estimate the critical thinking ability, not to mention courage, of so many people. That said, I am optimistic that you awake freedom fighters will come out of this rather well. You may have lost Max (to Mexico), but you still have Ethan/TOTT, The General & Andy/Real News Aust, Tricci/The People’s Revolution, Meryl Dorey, Clive Palmer, Craig Kelly, Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts et plenty of al up here. It is always refreshing to come to Qld from SA. In “the old days” Brisbane was my stepping-stone to the Solomons (cattle program in the early 1980s, then agric/nutrition programs 2006-2013). Now, as well as seeing family, I can on occasions get to attend a Brisbane Freedom Rally…looking forward to 20th Nov. And I hope there will be a large, spirited turnout in Melbourne tomorrow and on the 20th.

    1. The Melbourne rally today was a beauty! If I were a Victorian Labor MP (OK, the most unlikely of hyperbolic hypotheticals) or any other MP who has voted for KJD’s draconian new Bill, I would be starting to feel uneasy.

  4. Has anyone else had their phone conversations abruptly terminated when talking about Covid using words like Nazi or Gestapo tactics? Twice now while talking to my adult kids about the dangers of the “vaccine” and the methods being used to coerce people to get the jab, as soon as I’ve said the words Nazi and Gestapo my phone has gone dead. My daughter text to say “too much talk about Covid and the Govt has shut us down”. The first time I thought I’d just lost signal, but a week later same thing and I now know it’s deliberate control.

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