WATCH: HUGE crowds gather in Melbourne to ‘Stop the Bill’

Awe-inspiring scenes witnessed in Melbourne today, as MASSIVE crowds descend upon the CBD for demonstrations.

Tens of thousands of Melbourne citizens have filled the streets of Melbourne’s CBD today, in perhaps the largest pro-choice protest to-date in the state. Some estimates suggest 50,000 people or more attended.
The demonstrators stand against mass medical coercion, invasion of privacy, permanent pandemic legislation and more.

This has now ended. Watch the recap.

Alternative livestream:


Crowd Timelapse:

The march to Parliament – highlighting the size of the crowd.


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3 comments on “WATCH: HUGE crowds gather in Melbourne to ‘Stop the Bill’”

  1. Proud of “Australians” Standing up, The OZ Spirit is alive & Well, for “OUR” Children,
    Dandrews, you will “SOON” Face the hang mans noose !

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