Discussion: Vaxxed Bus Tour with Meryl from AVN

A group of pro-choice mothers will begin a bus tour through Queensland in a bid to spread information about the risks of vaccinations and medical coercion.

The Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN) will be hosting the tour, and will rely on grassroots support from the public to help make the trip a success.


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Tour dates confirmed. Photo: AVN
AVN members take to the road in a bus to spread awareness about vaccine risks.

Aneeta Hafemeister, president of the group, said the government, media and medical community have tried to pretend vaccines are safe and harm no one — for far too long:

‘Our community has done what many would have considered impossible… and pulled together in a unified way to fund this amazing vehicle which will bring so much love and information to the community.”

The announcement comes at a very pressing time in the ongoing vaccination debate in Australia, with media reporting a “massive uptick” in “anti-vaccination activity” in recent months.

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News joins General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia to welcome Meryl Dorey from AVN. The team discuss the upcoming VaxXed II Bus Tour, Bill Gates, Under The Wire and more.




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