Berejiklian says 50% vaccination rate a ‘key to ending lockdown’

Gladys Berejiklian says vaccinations are Sydney’s ‘golden ticket’ out of lockdown, hinting that restrictions could ease at the end of the month if jab rates increase to 50%.

The Premier’s comments give the first insight into how a percentage of ‘fully vaccinated citizens’ will be used to determine how restrictions are directed.


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The message slowly begins to shift.
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Premier Gladys Berejiklian says Sydney can start to emerge from lockdown on August 28 if vaccination rates hit 50 per cent, it has been announced at a press conference.

These comments give a new insight into how a percentage of ‘fully vaccinated citizens’ can (and will) be used determine how restrictions are lifted during this pandemic.

Berejiklian says half of the state’s adults vaccinated would not “give us complete freedom”, but it would trigger the easing of restrictions.

“Let August be the month we break records for vaccinations, because that is how we get freedom,” Berejiklian said.

The current four-week lockdown extension is due to be lifted on August 28.

Now, for the first time, vaccines are being used as a direct coercive measure to end lockdowns.

Mass vaccine coercion
is coming to Australia

August 2020

By Sunday, statistics show that 19 per cent of NSW adults have been fully vaccinated, meaning the NSW government want another 30% of residents to roll up their sleeves in August.

“If we increase vaccination rates during August, this gives us many more options for August 29,” she said.

The Premier said NSW was vaccinating about 500,000 people a week, but that could be increased, particularly as more pharmacies start administrating shots and the government opens more hubs.

Berejiklian has previously stressed the focus in Greater Sydney was to see the number of positive cases in the community reach close to zero — now we are switching to vaccines.

The larger agenda is beginning to engulf Sydney.


The NSW Premier is the first lapdog to follow plans sent through by the National Cabinet.

She noted that the state needed to reach 9.2 million jabs to achieve a vaccination rate of 70 per cent and more than 10 million to reach 80 per cent – the vaccination coverage required to reach the next stages of the Commonwealth government’s ‘pathway out of the pandemic’.

But we know that it is also incremental … once we hit milestones, once you get to 50 per cent vaccination, 60 per cent, 70 per cent, it obviously triggers more freedoms,” Berejiklian said.

Citizens of NSW are being blackmailed into taking the jab.

Not allowed to leave their houses, communities or operate normally, while in restrictions.

Now, the restrictions won’t end until a certain portion of the populous is vaccinated?

Coercion of the highest order.

The goal is the creation of a medical apartheid system — the caste-system eugenics dreams.

The coming creation of a two-tier class system of society, based on personal medical decisions of free individuals, was detailed by the Prime Minister in a press conference on Saturday.

Scott Morrison says 80 per cent of the population would be required to reach ‘Phase C’, and at this point, vaccinated residents will have no restrictions, meaning they can leave the country and not be subject to “broad metropolitan lockdowns”.

The enemies of freedom begin to double-down in Australia, while the world watches as we are turned into a testing ground for the larger techno-fascist state.

However, as we have seen over the last 18 months, any talk of ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ or ‘the way out of restrictions’, has always fallen flat time-and-time again.

Even if these objectives are somehow achieved — both on a state level or domestically — you can be rest assured that something ‘unexpected’ will always pop up to continue the indefinite warfare.



The credibility of the establishment — government, media and the medical cult — is beyond the point of repair at this very moment, after deception upon deception has been uncovered.

From here, the goal is to drive up vaccine rates and then change the goal posts once we arrive there.

A two-tiered society is split into two different objectives..

Continue to transform the obedient slaves into the new-age Epsilon class, with yearly, identity shots.

Blacklist, target and restrict those who want to keep their right to self-determination.

This will come through the mandatory, society-wide implementation of vaccine passports, which are officially active here in Australia, and will become more prevalent once targets are hit.

We have already seen these scenes witnessed in the United Kingdom, who are now experiencing a civil liberty battle over the rollout of these mechanisms. This happened once they hit their targets:

In short, as has been said many times before, there is not meant to be an end to this ‘war’.

Fauci just admitted that vaccinated individuals carry just as much viral load as unvaccinated counterparts in the United States, as the whole country once again must put on their masks.

It will only morph with new variants, new narratives and new deceptions.

How could anyone in their right mind begin to keep believing these people?

Answer: The same people that believed them after no WMDs were found in Iraq.

The NPC masses that are driving The Great Split by siding with the propagandists and traitors.

Unfortunately, a large section of society are these people that will always appeal to mass consensus or authority in their decision-making processes. Some are ultimately already lost.

We must remain hopeful that the majority of Australians are not as susceptible to this agenda.

Your help spreading articles like this helps in this fight.

Despite lockdown hell, in the grander scheme of things, Australia remains in a good position to still not let the state get the upper-hand with vaccination targets.

Once you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

And it will only continue from there.

More for the vaccinated, and differently for the unvaccinated.

Apartheid to achieve a Brave New World.

Australians must stand strong in the face of these anti-democratic blackmail threats.

Our society is a house of cards, and is only held up by the people inside of it.

The people have the power to decide their own destiny.

Stay strong.


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  1. That young English chap on the video is really smart. Heed his warning, folks…don’t get the quax!!!
    Have you ever seen a more laughable trio of “leaders” than Berejiklian, Chant and Hazzard (by name, hazard by nature)? They are a laughing stock around the world. But how to get rid of them?
    They are so bad they almost make Kim Jong Dan, “Professor” Sutton and Luke “Napoleon” Cornelius in Danistan appear plausible. And our Marsh[m]all[ow], “Professor Spurious” and Commissar Stevens here in SA are almost saints by comparison.

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