Discussion: Government overreach, legal spider web, Census

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On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash, General Maddox and Andy Somes are joined by truther and freedom fighter, Lissa Weckert, to discuss continued oppressive lockdowns (now including QLD), the COVID legislative conundrum, human rights and activism, vaccine apartheid plans, mass perceptions and more.




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Queensland LGAs placed in lockdown after six new COVID-19 cases
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BREAKING – Queensland to be Placed in Another Lockdown as Early as Next Week
Real News Australia inside sources predicted the current lockdown on 23/07

Australian law allows forced vaccines or jail to ‘prevent suspected disease’
Biosecurity Law 2015 Article

Protesters rally against compulsory vaccination in Brisbane
2015 Rally Coverage

Biosecurity Act 2015
Federal Register of Legislation

COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020
QLD Legislation

 Public Health (Further Extension of Declared Public Health Emergency—COVID-19) Regulation (No. 2) 2021
QLD Legislation

Public Health Act 2005
QLD Legislation

“Special rules”: Scott Morrison announces medical apartheid for Australians

COVID-19 vaccine passports officially launch in Australia

The Great Split: Re-Examined | FFT

Is the Census compulsory?
Real News Australia

Clive Palmer heading to the High Court?
IMOP Party

BLAST FROM THE PAST: On-the-ground with Lissa Weckert in 2015:


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2 comments on “Discussion: Government overreach, legal spider web, Census”

  1. It’s a shit sandwich, so stop eating it. Disaster management Act 2003 – State of Emergency, Declaration of Disaster – all other Acts/theatre are tag teamed on to suffocate you in paperwork and legal speak. A State of Emergency declaration suspends Australian and international LAW (let that sink in), installing Acts/theatre. Installing a ‘totalitarian government‘ allowing them to appoint ‘authorised officers’ martial law – police, military, postman, neighbours (let that sink in).
    Check in app – this is another shit sandwich, so stop eating it. Private businesses have the right to refuse service and apply ‘conditions of entry’ – shoes, shirt or masks. Authorised officers (see above) can arrest anyone they pick or choose not ‘playing the game’.

    Australia has been at war “War of Attrition” for 40+ years see previous comments.

    1. Well said, Gareth. I don’t wear a mask, sign in, etc. In accord with Solzhenitsyn’s theme in his essay “Live not by lies” (1974), I do not participate in lies. If I merely acquiesced to this totalitarian garbage I could not live with myself. And if my actions can provide an example to others, to enable them to summon up some courage, this is a bonus. But my prime motivation is doing what is best for me, and this will also be what is best for my grandchildren.

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