September 27, 2023

15 thoughts on “Australians say ‘no more’: Freedom protests staged in capital cities

  1. Looks like a turning point to me, Ethan. These are very encouraging numbers for Australia…looking like the London rallies. At last more Aussies are waking up to what is being done to them by these criminal quisling governments. A great day, and top reporting. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the excellent report Ethan. It is indeed very encouraging but even though I do not want to burst the bubble, I have the feeling that it is too little to late. They have already planned the next agenda item, which is the food shortages. Already across Britain 500,000 food sector workers have been forced to isolate ( the pingdemic), plunging the country into the greatest risk of food supply collapse. In South Africa, the same thing is happening with food shortages on the rise and the resulting looting and chaos.

    Likewise in India, where farmers in Punjab are walking off the land due to Bill Gates having compromised their farming with the help of Monsanto and GMO seeds. The plan is for Billy boy to buy their land for cheap and take control of the food supply. Starvation is causing devastation in India with around 200,000 dying each month. That in conjunction with the Cyber attack they are planning will push the next agenda item along.

    The aim is for each govt of each country, controlled by the Elites and Globalists, to then supply the food to each citizen, just like it was in the time of Nazis Germany, maybe using food vouchers.

    Why you ask? Population control. If one does not comply then one does not get a voucher and one cannot get food. This was all part of the agenda, as leaked from the Canadian Prime Minister’s office. When people cannot eat, they will comply, they will not protest for fear of starvation. The game plan is too complex for any human to understand and counteract. This is God’s battle not ours. We just need to be on his side. Look at the cross of Calvary and his sacrifice and all will become clear.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. The enforced SUN-day of rest is coming fast.

  3. The CDC is withdrawing emergency approval for the fake PCR’s and demanding finally that pple use case and symptoms based to diagnose illness. When 90% of the PCR’s globally are false positives for anything at all, and the CDC now finally tells the world the truth that they cannot tell between flu and sars or anything else the whole pandemic is kaput but the damage of the lies will live on for decades

  4. There was way more than 7500 in Brisbane, double or more I reckon. Media reports say 3500 at Sydney, social media estimates closer to 50,000!
    Brisbane police were not fining or arresting anyone, it was completely peaceful and positive. I used paid parking and 10 seconds after exiting the building was called a fuckwit by a masked sheep who was clearly trying to pick a fight with me. The only aggression I witnessed all day was from those wearing masks and standing on the sidelines.
    I was very proud of the turnout and comradeship shown by all supporting the rally.

  5. Police in Melbourne were isolating individuals, jumping on and arresting them. The next step is to have trained protesters to go to the aid of those individual targeted and surround Police passively non violently. We have the numbers. Sure we’ll get bruises but they heal. We need to look at the tactics such as those employed by the Yellow Shirts in Paris. Aussie protesters did that in the Vietnam and Iraq demonstrations.
    The Gympie gathering stayed away from the populous despite being 200 meters from the busiest road in Qld, kms away from the Gympie shopping centers and traffic.

  6. Not much mention of the WA protest, but there was a very large convoy of cars that met up in Cockburn and drove through the city with mobile placards honking and tooting the public. It was good to see so many like minded people as I recently moved here from Sydney. Aussies unite!

  7. Arrests are the weapons for change. The prison system cannot cope with multiple arrests nor the police bureaucratic paperwork that follows. Extinction rebellion uses this strategy. To get as many arrests as possible. 500 arrests is an optimal number, (or as many as possible) as the political fall out is deafening. The press have a field day, and cannot lie with great numbers arrested. The politicians have no choice but to pay attention and listen. The new protestors must be peacefully unarmed; trained with a peaceful non compliance agendas; Stick to the reason for protest; stay put and be prepared to be arrested; resilient clothing etc; no mobiles; only things for one day rough survival. In the end no one will be charged etc and social action will have the desired affect. It is happening. Congratulations everyone.

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