December 6, 2023

14 thoughts on “Protesters swarm Melbourne CBD after lockdown announcement

  1. Great thinking Dan. So when this ‘harder, earlier, snappier’ lockdown doesn’t achieve the aim of eradicating the common cold, then what? You’ll look like an even bigger pr1ck than you do already.

  2. The accountant with the baseball bat should have finished the job. There need to be a lot more and larger protests in Australia or the covid crap will just go on forever.

  3. “We want to deal with this with a short, sharp, lockdown, decisive action, not waiting, not dawdling, now is our time. You only get one chance to go hard and go fast. If you wait, if you hesitate, if you doubt, then you will always be looking back wishing you had done more earlier.”

    Dan you don’t mind upsetting the people of Victoria but you don’t want to upset your neighbours.

    This one is 100% on your doorstep.

    Listen to what you said, Quoted above.
    Don’t wait, don’t hesitate.

    You refused to shut the borders?
    Everyone shuts them to us each time we have a case.

    You hesitated and waited until it was too late, until removal men crossed the border carrying your gift to us all.

    You delayed and hesitated and this one is your own making.

    Thank you for driving our lives further into the Covid mire.

    1. There is no covid. It’s total horse manure from beginning to end. The numbers in NSW went up because somebody wanted them to go up. How do they make that happen? Easy; increase testing. One person in 100,000 is sick with this rebranded flu. A 5% error rate in the tests means 5000 false positives for every 100,000 tests. So, spot testing roadblocks and people are too stupid to say “no – my body my choice”.

      Why do they make it happen? Because the va)( isn’t selling.

      The govt pre-ordered millions of jabs, all public money, and nobody is taking it. Awkward.

      That just for starters. The danger is people will forget about covid before everyone is jabbed, then they will see the jab is useless, dangerous and unnecessary. They will see there is no pandemic. They won’t accept perpetual lockdowns and Orwellian total control.

      Meanwhile, two people dead, one age 90, the other 70 with co-morbidities, out of a country of 25 million. I’m pretty comfortable with those odds. How many die of alcohol, tobacco, car crashes, drug od, suicide, drowning, shark bites, lightning strikes, processed food? Sheesh, take a walk around the supermarket, read a few packets… you’ll see what’s really putting Aussie lives at risk.

      Dan’s “gift” to other states was showing them you can shit on the people who pay your wages and justify it by terrorising them into accepting a pack of lies.

      Begging state premiers to restrict your behaviour is nuts. Restrict your own behaviour. If you think a deadly virus is coming up the M31 to get you, just stay in, wear a mask, you’ll be fine.

      Me, I think going out in public and breating unfiltered air is a pretty reasonable risk to take. Aussies have faced far worse threats than this without losing their minds.

      1. Well, Young Baked Alaska, Rt-PCR ‘Tests’ are supposedly for ‘Research purposes only’ – Highly Inaccurate, AND ARE A DEVICE OF ‘Political Lock Down ON DEMAND!’
        Next; Statistics for Sheeple, Lemmings get such BAD press.
        In a Standard Year Before CON JOB 19, rocked into town, Australia ONLY; from; Cancer 144,700 Dead. Heart & Circulatory Disease 43,000 Plus Dead, Tobacco related disease 21,000 Dead. From AMA Medics (Including Misdiagnosis & Effects of Wrong prescription LEGAL drugs = 0.0072% of Population =Approx 18,000 Dead [No Reflection on General Medical Staff – Maybe], Alcohol related Approx 6 – 9,000 Dead, Flu & pneumonias [Including Corona Virus & ‘Variants’ our STANDARD Colds/Flu/Pneumonias]- !8,000 Hospitilised EVERY STANDARD YEAR= 4,500 Dead = OH DEAR!, Suicides (63,000 Attempts) – 3,000 +Dead-(This will be UP since the Beginning of the PLANdemic > Economic hardships/Lockdowns/Forced Isolations AND ‘PURPOSFUL Abandonment’ by Health ‘Authorities/Systems’. & Last, Road Toll 1190 + Dead.(This DOES NOT include ‘Injuries’ in Same Catagories.
        For ALL the ‘Thinkers’, in any Given STANDARD YEAR, nearly a quarter of a Million Australians DIE, & THE Governments System, THE Policing Apparatus,THE AMA, THE MS & Social Media Groups, Central Banking,Telecommunications Groups, Insurers, Commerce Et Al, Resources sector,Chemical/Pharma ‘INDUSTRY’, ‘Response’ to this is Generally ‘Business as usual’ [Note; NO minimilisation of the Actual Citizens or/of their Existence/Relationships], NO Lock Downs,NO Check Points, NO ADF ‘Involvement’, NO Police ‘Over Reach’ ( G’Day to ALL of our NORMAL fine Members of THE Constabulary],NO Citizen Pass Ports, NO ‘Fraudulent RT-PCR ‘Tests/ing’, NO Quarantines, NO ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR CAMPAIGNS’ by THE Corporate Media Jackals, NO BULK A.I. Censorship by Social Media Platforms (Sorry censorship was always ‘IN’), ‘Electronic Tracking’ was only for certain Released ‘CRIMINALS’, Generally JUST NO WHATEVER – Well maybe a small bit. AND NO OVER THE TOP NEW LAWS WITHOUT JUST CAUSE! – Maybe.
        Currently the ONLY ‘NO’, which seems to be in Abundance, is, NO OVERSIGHT on THE MEDIA, THE GOVERNMENT [Whatever That Monster IS! it’s definitively NOT ‘FOR’ THE PEOPLE – Even ‘Pratts’ need ‘Protection!’] THE Chemical/Pharma Cabals, & of Course THE BANKING SYSTEM, waiting in the wings, for the Catastrophic Bottom to fall out of Real Estate/ Investments/Stocks – Just like Gt Depression Mark 1. [But, Bleed a few people on the way thru.]
        As for ‘Breathing outside’, THE Atmosphere last time I looked was 400 Kms High give or take. Our Troposphere level is about 10 Kilometers high, BUT, Apparantly According to Politicians, Chief medical Officers, AMA Medic Reps, Big Pharma ‘SCIENCE Divisions, & THE M.S./Social Media, & THE ‘Enforcers’, Under ‘Lock Down’ in your local City Stalag, ‘COVID’ (A NON Living Entity, as Virus are) ‘KNOWS’ WHEN a] you are Outside/Inside b] Can Tell when lock downs begin & End [Obviously can read a Calendar] c] Can Read a Chronometer & tell what ‘Time’ it is, so it can ‘Attack’ You as soon as ‘lock downs/ Curfews are ending d] KNOWS that ‘IT’ can NOT go around a perspex shield, No matter where it’s located, (Even with Common air Handling Systems [Hotels/ Shopping Centres/Hospitals/Basically everywhere], & My Fav., KNOWS NOT TO ATTACK you, OR your mates with your mask OFF, while your Eating/drinking/Maybe having a smoke. CLEVER BARSTARDS THESE VIRUS!
        OH! & KNOWS that even though your ‘Masks’ are TOTALLY ‘NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE’ (Virus protection), NOT to attack you! GOD DAMN AMAZING!
        Extra; – Search ‘Graphene’ – ANOTHER Catastrophic System (In Masking & ‘Other’], Purposefully Installed for Exacerbating Ill Health. (Use Duck Duck Go for Search – Usual Social Media Platforms A.I. May ‘Vet out’ Enquiry. Maybe pull up Jon Rappoport’s ‘Observations’ on Subject.)

      2. You have well summed it up Baked Alaska. It has always been and will always be lies upon lies, fear upon fear, about a non-existent or re-labelled virus. But I would suggest you look and investigate further and you will find that they are ALL part of the freemasons, every single leader of the whole world and including the papacy.

        To get to the top of every facet of life, business, social, political, civil and even most religious organization, one needs to be part of the Freemason as they run the world on behalf of Lucifer. That includes Daniel Andrews and Scott Morrison and every state premier as well as the current Jesuit pope. They all pledge their allegiance to Freemasonry and its General ( as they call him ), Lucifer.

        The upcoming agenda is far worst than this. They are actually now going for a bio-diversity catastrophe to introduce a climate change lockdown and eventually for an enforced SUN-day of rest and those who do not abide will be subject to death laws that will be passed. Everything else is a mere distraction from the current final agenda, including convid-19.

        A little research into articles and sites such as Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Laudato Si, Fratelli Tutti, The One world Government site, The Earth Charter Initiative ( A very paganist charter ) ,, Forbes Magazine article of March 3,2021 entitled “World Needs Equivalent Of Pandemic Lockdown Every Two Years To Meet Paris Carbon Emission Goals” is a good place to start.

        Whilst it all appears very attractive with flowery and emotive language on the surface, there is a deeper and more evil agenda and it has nothing to do with the so called climate crisis or being a good steward of this earth. The elites and globalists are the ones who have been destroying this world and peddling the lies and then have the audacity to blame every human being who wants to live his life and exercise his God-given choice, whilst they enrich themselves at every other decent human being’s expense.

        “Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince” by Joan Veon is a book really worth reading as it details exactly , amongst many other books, what is going on right now. To believe that there is no agenda and that we will take back our freedom by protesting and by counter-acting what is going on, is rather foolish. The Freemasons and Jesuits have placed their people in every single leading position in this world and is the reason why they can afford to do what they are doing to the whole world, without fear of reprisal and consequences.

        So here we are. It is all going according to biblical predictions. The next agenda item is looming very rapidly but then again so is the return of Christ, to put an end to all this chaos. And as the Satanist Maurice Strong, who has been part of Agenda 21 hinted in his overtly pagan agenda proposed for a future Earth Charter, when in his opening address to the Rio Conference delegates said, “It is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light, we indeed all have a personal choice to make.

        1. Yes, heard all this, how deep does the rabbit hole go? I don’t know. The important thing before exposing the why and the who, is to explain WHAT is happening.

          The one line answer and the 7 volume book series answer will be very different. The one-liner is that there is no pandemic, and if the public understood that, they could get on with their lives and all the agendas riding on it will be sunk as well.

          I’m being generous to the PCR tests, of course. It’s just flat out not a diagnostic, full stop. But even accepting it has some worth, the conventional take on the numbers is that the vast majority of positives must be false positives.

          Most politicians and most media don’t understand this. Which is why you are supposed to have a licence before practicing medicine. Another rule that applies to us but not them, apparently.

      3. YEP, and if we need and transplant, the hospital has to SUPPRESS our immune system because it sees the organ as not belonging in our body and it set out to kill it, it has been doing this to every bacteria,, germs etc since day one of year dot, and people just dont know 5th grade biology….. SHAME we stopped having an education in our institutions for over 20 years, now we have brain dead, idiot boxers and stupidfonas, who had no idea that if they claim a very highly contagious ??? there should have been bio hazards bins to stop the spread, SAD the number of walking dead

        1. We ALL live in a Sea of Virus,(fore the Planet is Covered in a Layer of Shit!) Including Corona Virus AND ‘Variants – in a STANDARD Symbiotic relationship – With US [Down @ OUR DNA Level]! Virus ARE NOT a living organism – DIFFERENT to Fungi & Bacteria! Corona Virus AND ‘Variants’, ARE our STANDARD Yearly cold/ Flu/ Pneumonias. WE, ALL of us are NOT & ‘War’ with these Co Operative units (Virus). THE Current Con Job 19/20/21/22/23/24/25 [Apparantly the Current ‘Exercise’, is due for Completion 2025 (According to WTO/World bank). Depends if ‘They’, have Wiped enough of US out.} Mmm, a ‘Bio Hazard Bin’? ‘WHAT SPREAD – Different to a ‘Standard Year’ – ANYWHERE??
          & ‘Highly Contagious?’ Don’t work in/for a Media Group?
          Zombie Apocalypse – Must break out my Mongoose Costume for The ‘Party’!
          But, Yes. Along with Baseline ‘Unpurchased Science’, proper History,[NOT written/vetted by THE ‘Winners/elite’ ] should have been kept as part of main Curriculum @ school for the Masses. [It’ll Never Happen. ‘Inform the Peasants?’]
          Don’t tell the Government/AMA/ Medics/ Media Circus. I think Collaberatively, THEY, started the Rumour – CON JOB 19.

  4. Proof that NSW outbreak is a complete fraud. This just arrived in my inbox:

    Confirmation that PCR testing is being run at 40-45 Ct, direct from the NSW Health website. This means that it has a 0% accuracy rate and 100% false positive rate, and it’s the reason we’re in lockdown. Fake cases. Nobody is dying. And nobody cares…

    If a person gets a ‘positive’ PCR test result at a cycle threshold of 35, the chance that the person is infected is LESS THAN 3%. The chance that person received a’ false positive’ is 97% OR HIGHER. And in NSW they’re running it at 40-45 cycles.

    @Hunt @ ScoMo @Gladys you’re all crooks and should be in prison.

    1. Yes, ‘Cycles’ Over & Above recommendations for RT-PCR ‘Tests’. Lock Down on ‘Demand’. Good News, if you have a Con Job 19 Vaccine, & get ‘Tested’, Whallah! – 25 Cycles = LOOK! THE VACCINES ‘WORK’ – “YOUR PROTECTED MATE!” The Virus is ‘Heading for the Hills!’
      PLUS, along with the Dodgey ‘Stats’, if a person presents as a ‘Positive test result’, goes away, comes back a week later [or Whenever] tests ‘positive’ again, goes away & comes back again & tests ‘Positive’ again [Same person], this is NOT 1 case[As in a single Patient], this is 3 NEW Cases! WHO [Not the Criminal U.N. Agency] said Govt/AMA/ Media, couldn’t be ‘Inventive’?
      How are People going on Checking ‘Graphene’ in Masks & on Test Swabs?

      1. Did Everyone hear recent NSW COVID update 9 News. NSW Medical Officer ” 141 People are in Hospital With COVID, 43 in ICU, ALL are Vaccinated but 1. 1 just recently received 1 dose of Vaccine.” So that’d be 100% Vaccinated, in Hospital. Yes Folks, it’s those UNVaccinated Citizens, that are the REAL Problem here!
        Free Beer with that Vaccine Sir/Madam? – Local W.Aust Pub.

        1. Oh a lot of people caught that one. It would be funny, only it isn’t. Frankly, if Gladys and “Health” Hazzard and Scomo and all the rest aren’t crapping their pathetic little undies by now I’d be super amazed. Theirs are the actions of those who know their goose is cooked. Look at Macron in France. He’ll be lucky if he lives to see a jury trial.

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