September 25, 2023

15 thoughts on “Police cars flood Western Sydney streets for “compliance operation”


    Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorization – Authorization to Supply or Administer a POISON [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defense Force] (No.2) 2021


    2. Submitted by Mikael Nordfors on April 29, 2021 -sars-cov-2-covid-19-vaccine-australian-defence-force-no2-2021

    An authorisation by the Chief Health Office under the s. 197 and s.198 Public Health Act 2016 (WA) to authorise relevant Australian Defence Force employees to supply and administer the COVID-19 Vaccine.

  2. So sick of this BS. Everyone around me is getting jabbed now because of this lockdown, they are just assuming it will protect them, irrespective of the info you give them. I just don’t have the spirit anymore to continue to convince them otherwise and at the expense of been continually labelled a conspiracy nut. What an absolute diabolical mess we are in.

    1. Can “YOU” Imagine “HOW MUCH” Tax Payers Money wasted on this BULLSHIT Publicity propaganda stunt we are witnessing, by these Braindead Thugs who work for Criminal Cabal Banksters. How many businesses they shit on to try & hook you into “THEIR” Make believe control agenda ??
      Do “NOT” consent to Corporate fear mongering, do yourself a favour, turn off your TV,
      This is “COMMUNISM” Brought on by the Private Talmudic Banksters who “OWN” Politicians with blackmail & Media abuse !

    2. Interestingly many do not realise that the jab is nothing but population control. My wife’s friend’s partner, took the jab only to get a massive stroke two days later. Her husband found her on the floor of their house completely blacked out. She was in ICU for threes days and finally came around and now she is completely paralyzed on the right with no vision in the right eye and completely disoriented and with a demented brain, not knowing where she is and always wanting to get up and clean and wash and cook. She cannot walk and needs 100% care. He states that the ICU is filling up every day with people having the exact same reaction to the vaccine.

      Her other friend that works with her in age care, had both vaccines and two days ago started getting chest pains, pains in the lymph nodes under her arms and constant shortness of breath. She is now worried and is going to the doctor to find out more. This nonsensical virus was what they are using to cull the population. Since not many people are willing to be culled, they are pushing and enforcing the narrative. It was all organised over 10 years ago.

      As the good book the bible states.

      “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

      There is no need convincing anyone. We have all said it out loud and that is all we needed to do. At the end of the day, everyone will have to make their personal choice alone.

    3. Don’t waste your time trying to convince people. Just tell it how it is and let them decide how to handle it. As John Lennon said; “being honest won’t get you many friends but it will make sure they’re the right ones”. There is an American Indian saying; “you can’t wake somebody who is only pretending to be asleep”. Put your energy into being the change you want to see. I have found so much strength that way, and while I have lost many friends in the last year or so, I’ve made more new friends recently than at any time in my life so far. And that during a time when they tried to isolate us and cut us off. Big backfire!

    4. Doesn’t EVERYONE ‘Know’; that THE System has a Grip on something Else, NOT Related to the Deployment of Current BIO Weaponry [Vaccines] ‘Program Deployment’. YES, even the Muppet W.A. Govt., has it Shown in Plain Site – Supply & Administer a ‘Poison’ – Good of them to Include THE ADF – Very Democratic American. (Wonder if Australian 2020 Defence white Paper, giving Immunity to prosecution during ‘Emergencies’ for ADF, Including ‘Reserve Forces, OH! & ‘Foreign Forces’, went Thru?)
      ;That, THE ‘Specialist Experts’ [Obviously NOT (Sic) on the Chemical Cabal ‘Payroll’], has ALL the ‘PROVEN SCIENCE BACKING’, to state such Enlightening Information YOU & I ‘Need’ to make an Unbiased Decision on Non Approved ‘Therapies’?
      I ‘TRUST’ [LOL] THE News Media to ,Inform ME & my Family, ‘Comprehensively’, Including Groups providing News 24 & 7;30 Reports, who Trot out ‘Specialists’, telling me STATISTICS from a ‘Proven Orifice’ about the ‘BALANCED OUTCOMES’, That UNLESS I am Vaccinated 1in 40 of ME, WILL end up in I.C.U., AGAINST the 1 In a Million, Possibly ‘RARE’ cases of ‘Blood Clotting’ if ‘VACCINATED’, which according to ‘Math’ by a ‘Specialist’ Dr N Swan @ a News Group near ME, is 1 in 40,000. Dodgey battery in THE Calculator?
      ;that in an Unbiased Co Operative Australia (QLD), a Qualified Doctor CANNOT use [Alternate PROVEN TREATMENTS aka; Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine – (Missed the News Groups ‘Coverage of Big Pharma ‘MURDER’ of 500 Persons, by O.Dosing Patients to ‘Prove a Biased’ OUTCOME on Hydroxychloroquine) – BIZARRE! AND, Virus, trillions of the Little Barstards (The ones Not Hanging around Fish & Chip Shops, Removal Vans & Pizza Outlets, dressed in ‘Gang Colours’ from a remake of ‘West Side Story’), which we interact with Everyday, Including Corona Virus & ‘Varants’ – EVERY DAY, which can cause a raft of ‘Outcomes’ as STANDARD HEALTH, including Respiratory ‘Responses’ – No Problem, that a ‘PROVEN’ Treatment for ‘PARASITES’ seems to work VERY Well in Patients Recovery?? Parasites??], under Pain of Deregistration/ Gaol Time, Prescribe ANYTHING other than Vaccines/ Chemical Based Pharma/ OR ZERO TREATMENT ‘Options’, to His/Her Patients! Note; See reference to Decl of Geneva – AMA & QLD Govt.,, Take Note 2nd last ‘Statement’ on Adopted Declaration. Also Note; QLD Premiers ‘Father’ Runs a Gene Data Storage & Sequencing facility, So NO ‘Mixed messaging’ (Unless it’s the ‘m’/RNA] here, then!
      ; That, Big Pharma, & Their P.E.T.S, CAN’T seem to Find the ORIGINAL Ideal about “If you Can NOT help a Person, at least cause NO Further ‘Harm’. & I Guess THE A.M.A., in LEAGUE with THE Government [for, What ANYONE Describes this, other than A Mercenary Collective], should have a Thorough look at the ‘INTENT’ of The DOCUMENT that THEY HAVE ADOPTED FOR ‘HEALTH PRACTICE’ = Declaration of Geneva (WMA,2006). Apparently, LOCALLY, NOT WORTH THE PAPER IT’S WRITTEN ON!

  3. The government treats the people with total total distrust and scorn, while DEMANDING complete trust and respect in return. Well, that ain’t going to work.

  4. Valuable comments. Yes Legitan07, I have warned people so many times about the deadly covax/quax, but most of them (including my own sister and four of my oldest friends, along with scientific colleagues) haven’t taken any f…..g notice! If the blue pill is taken by bien pensants, the red pill by activists who try to stem the tide, and the black pill by those who finally realise that they can’t change the thinking of those who are consumed with a naive faith in “authority” combined with a deep-seated desire to self-destruct, I guess I have chucked out most of the red pills and am now popping the black ones, with a view to self-preservation.

  5. The population of the area is in excess of 800,000. If just 50,000 of them stood together against the 100 or so law enforcement personnel do you really think law enforcement would stand a chance? It is well passed time to organize and push back against unlawful dictatorial mandates and laws. Yes, the police will use violence to force compliance. Yes, people will be hurt and or go to jail. But even so against that many people, organized and pushing back the cops and the govt cannot stand.

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