December 7, 2023

2 thoughts on “Discussion: Australia’s lockdown madness

  1. Congrats on > 50,000 downloads, General, this is massive. And you were excellent on that recent “Sunday Wire”, Ethan. Patrick is brilliant, and such a humble bloke. I became a 21st C Wire life member some months ago. And talking of top blokes, sorry that Andy got burgled…an awful feeling when you lose irreplaceable items. Happened to us several years ago. Hope you get through this well.

    You raised the issue of how difficult it is to get adverse covax events registered by the TGA…all part of the plan, of course, and after all, the TGA is essentially owned by pHARMa. Its head, John “Anton LaVey” Skerritt, appears more demonic by the week, like the execrable Tony Blair. It seems these awful individuals just can’t stop their inner demon emerging and manifesting in their visages.

    And spare a thought for those real leaders who stood up to the covax agenda and paid for it with their lives. It seems that such a stance can be even deadlier than the quax itself. I am a member of Cory Bernardi Confidential, and posted this, after conducting some research, recently:

    1. John Magufuli, President of Tanzania, who famously exposed the “covid-19 PCR test” as fraudulent, fired WHO officials and kept the covax out of Tanzania. His death, on 17/3/21 at 61 was described as “mysterious”. Some reports suggested “a heart condition”, others “covid-19”. Probably poisoned.
    2. Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi: a “fit sports enthusiast” who died of “cardiac arrest”, aged 55, on 8/6/20, but “widely suspected that he died of covid-19”. He refused to allow the covax in his country and recently expelled WHO staffers. Probably poisoned.
    3. Jovenel Moise, President of Haiti, who along with the others, had refused Covax involvement in his country. No doubt as to the cause of death in this case: riddled with bullets in the Presidential Palace on 7/7/21.

    I think we can add another:
    4. Ambrose Dlamini, PM of Swaziland (now known as Eswatini). Died on 13/12/20, at 52, “four weeks after testing positive to covid”. From “The Swaziland News” 28/12/20: the PM’s body “had poisoning symptoms.” Probably poisoned. 9/3/21 report: “Team from IsraAID arrives to manage the country’s covax rollout”. Dlamini was a covid sceptic/covax-resistor.

    Then in the category of “Lucky to be alive” are:
    1. Andry Rajoelina, President of Madagascar, who refused covax for four months along with $20m offered by the WHO to poison his govt’s “natural herbal remedy for covid”. Then the Sword of Damocles suspended above his head by the globalist-parasites must have become impossible to ignore: first batch of covax finally arrived on 8/5/21.
    2. Isaias Afwerki, President (Dictator) of Eritrea: covid sceptic, still resisting covax. Be very careful, Isaias!

    So perhaps I should be more sympathetic toward poor old ScoMo: he has a covid Sword of Damocles poised above him.

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