November 29, 2023

3 thoughts on “Residents upset as first 5G tower activated in Byron Shire

  1. only 1 solution to rid ourselves from these things… break them, yes literally go & break them with hammers/cutters/shovels/whatever

    keep doing it until telstra realises it costs too much to replace each time & eventually abandon the site.

    if enough towers/transmiters are destroyed, the entire project will fail no matter how much money is buried into it.

    just be aware of surveillance cams on & around at a distance from the tower taking a wide shot of the area ie; whole of site capture

    we can use nbn, at least its underground & hardwired so no frequency waves affecting our being



  2. You are right, Bob. Look at where two years of peaceful, lawful protests, negotiations, etc got these Byron people…exactly nowhere. The bastard things got erected anyway. Now they have a choice: cop them sweet or…

  3. Telstra would have only been taking orders to put the towers there. They are contractors aren’t they? They would have been order by the council or government. The real government are Trustees of the people you are the benifiaryies, a Trustee cannot give orders. So you have to try the none consent process of Mark Pytellek from The more people sending those in the more affective it will be, then they have to act. Its a 3 step non-consent process and it would be addressed to the prime minster, and anyone involved in the telecommunication systems etc within the government. and also to the CEO of Telstra Australia. You send 1 notice via registered post signed by a JP then you wait 28 days for a response and they have to respond especially when they get the final notice. If no response on the first notice you send them the same notice again but on it will say second notice of non-concent, etc, and wait the 28 days then you send the final notice, etc then you have every right to pursue in the Supreme Court and state your claims. I thought Tom Barnett was helping with this? No harm in trying.

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