September 23, 2023

10 thoughts on “New movement exposes 5G ‘safety standards’, calls for boycott

  1. Oh, guess what! There is now “Havana Syndrome”, a sickness caused by directed microwave energy. Who’d a thunk it? Named after the mystery illness afflicting US embassy staff in Cuba. Like everything bad America has done to itself, no doubt it was blamed on the Russians, since obviously our own directed microwave devices are totally benign. They must be, they are so shiny and nice to “unbox”.


  3. Wow! You know how many petitions I’ve signed over the last 10yrs What can we do?? I would like to expose Geoengineering crap, but after them constantly and Legally spraying on the US for 20+ yrs I find NO Coalition, No groups addressing how they are constantly spraying EPA,NOAA, Natl. Weather Serv. all clammed up I’ve tried to report…NO ONE to report to…EPA website will report air quality “Good” while you’re gagging on Chems! What ever it is they Ramped it up since COVID they have…We can taste Chems. Later get headaches, lethargic, achy But What to do?? It starts w/ petitions and it goes nowhere…Our voice doesn’t matter anymore?? to be able to clam everyone up on certain dangerous programs after 20+ years to my knowledge. We have to breath it’s all around can’t avoid the air WHO is doing ANYTHING about it!! Number One Crime against Humanity and the Planet is GEOENGINEERING. Why would they ramp up the spraying since COVID? Almost to try to assist in spreading some sort of agents?? Now w/ Bill Gates involved seems they have “Carte Blanche” to do what the f+_$@ they want 🙁

    1. Well, every movement starts somewhere. Most don’t gain traction, but some do. Like small businesses, I suppose, 80% of which fail in the first year. What matters are the ones who make it. So, you have a number of choices:

      1) sit there curmudgeonly saying nothing works; in which case why even comment? Why not just party while you still can?
      2) sign every petition going, knowing that most will be futile, but that the ones that do lead on to something more will make all the others worthwhile.
      3) try to identify the movements that are worth backing and focus your support. How to achieve this is the trick.
      4) come up with your own idea that’s better than everybody else’s.

      1. Party while I still can?? Absurd…It was more meant to appeal to a group in a hope of progress…We can’t stop 5G, Geoengineering, Dismantling our Food system to where it’s all tainted w/ toxins, poisoning our water, even so called medicine, etc. Anything that’s a life necessity. They control. We haven’t been able to stop them! Been doing this for a long time it it’s the same old stuff…Give the masses a lil to appease them. And they do and we’re satisfied Movements worth backing?? I would like to. Where??…Well what is the number One crime on humanity and the planet? Show me a movement?? I would love to join but I’m finding there’s no one doing anything about the biggest crime in our lifetime. With every breath we take. Doesn’t that raise an alarm that they are spraying whatever?? over our heads? We have gone to War for “Genocide on the people” being one of the reasons and now the Military/Contractors are doing that to us “No One is doing anything” is a Fact not a complaint. 20+ yrs! Nothing! they can spray what they want and we can’t do a thing…Get it right, my complaint is, I’d like to know what to do? Who to join? 20+ yrs we have got nothing accomplished …apparently you are too involved in critiquing how I say things instead of understanding What I am saying…Up in years now and have been hoping for a lifetime the right things would change but it never has to the point of looking back and thinking maybe I had Blind Faith

        1. Well, Maatouks just won their case to show legal standing to hold Brad Hazzard to account for his insane medpanic measures, where previously he had claimed unaccountable status. Their next step will follow. That’s something you could support, if you like.

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