New movement exposes 5G ‘safety standards’, calls for boycott

Did you know that telecommunications companies across the world are testing heating effects of 5G wireless radiation.. on a dummy?!

A new campaign is gaining support by exposing the process of ‘safety standard’ analysis, while calling for Australians to boycott 5G technology.


Campaign Reveals Why Smart Phone Users Have Become ‘Test Dummies’ For Telco Industry


Mobile phone users are being urged to boycott the next generation of 5G phones and join a new movement calling on urgent changes to existing safety standards because “the test is rigged”.

The creatively-charged We Are Not SAM campaign has this week been launched by Northern Rivers for Safe Technology, a high-profile community group based in Byron Bay, Australia.

Thanks to intense lobbying by the group, the Byron Shire has so far remained 5G free, one of the few municipalities in Australia to do so.

We Are Not SAM campaign creator Rinat Strahlhofer, an ex-telecommunications insider who’s now intent on exposing the truth about the industry, said people would be shocked to discover the truth about smart phones.

“Telcos have been getting away with certifying mobile devices as safe for years because the test is rigged,” Ms Strahlhofer said. 

“In the same way truth and public health suffered at the hands of the tobacco and asbestos industries, 5G phones are being pushed on the market despite a lack of independent, long-term studies to show they are safe.”

She said it was not widely known that the international telecommunications industry conducts safety tests about the heating effects of mobile phone wireless radiation on a plastic dummy called ‘SAM’.

Or, also known as a Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin:

During the test, which has not changed since the mid-nineties, the SAM plastic head is filled with liquid to see if it heats up one degree Celsius within a 6-minute call. SAM is based on a 100kg, six-foot tall adult male military recruit with a five-kilogram head.

If the liquid heats under one-degree within that time, the phone is deemed “safe” and ready for sale.

 “The problem is that only 3% of the population fit the profile of SAM. Most people, such as women, children and the elderly, have smaller and thinner skulls than SAM, which means they will absorb substantially more radiation,” Ms Strahlhofer said.

 “Essentially, we’ve become the test dummies for the multi trillion dollar telco industry with so much to gain from pushing out 5G phones on an unsuspecting market. Its safety standards are an absolute joke – which is devastating for our health and planet.”

She said many mobile phone users were already exposing themselves to multiple health risks from existing wireless 3G and 4G devices.

Over 2000 peer reviewed research papers demonstrate harm to human health from wireless radiation. Effects include: short-term memory and concentration, sleep disruption, headache and dizziness, fatigue, immune disruption, skin rashes, changes in cardiac function, issues with fertility and cancer.


The We Are Not SAM campaign is calling on mobile phone users to demand better safety tests and “help expose the dummy in the room” by boycotting 5G phones and signing the following petition:

We Are Not SAM has already gained the support of leading independent electromagnetic radiation scientists and doctors across the world, along with high-profile activists.

These include Robert F Kennedy Jr (founder and chairman of the Children’s Health Defense), Dr Devra Davis (President of the Environmental Health Trust), Dr Olle Johansson (a global authority on EMF radiation) and many more.

“Technology can either be used to bring value to our lives, or as a destructive force. We urge people to start questioning the way they’re using their wireless devices, and what kind of agenda the telco industry is driving,” said Ms Strahlhofer.

 “Our greatest hope is for technology to be safe for current and future generations. This means authorities regulating to minimise harmful health effects and individuals taking responsibility to end their addiction to screens.

We believe it’s crucial for humanity to rediscover their connection with nature and with each other, in real life and real time.”

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  1. Oh, guess what! There is now “Havana Syndrome”, a sickness caused by directed microwave energy. Who’d a thunk it? Named after the mystery illness afflicting US embassy staff in Cuba. Like everything bad America has done to itself, no doubt it was blamed on the Russians, since obviously our own directed microwave devices are totally benign. They must be, they are so shiny and nice to “unbox”.


  3. I’ll second that Graham, milspec 5g (directed microwave energy weapons system) will be activated once the serpent juice has been distributed to 80% of the world population making all who take it online zombies (aka empty vessels).

  4. Hello Phoenix – don’t waste your money or time. Just don’t submit, don’t conform, question everything including any voices or thoughts that aren’t consistent with your current principles and morals (voice of Allah tec), don’t take the demon juice filled with Nano tec & mRNA, don’t live next door to a 5G tower or in a city or large town just to be safe. Although they are bombarding all of Aus with HAARP ELF and Chem. Trails at the moment stay positive and stay focused. Oh and turn off (disconnect from power) all wi-fi and wi-fi enabled devises, yes that includes your mobile phone (shield this fukr) for a peaceful nights sleep. Hope this helps.

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