November 29, 2023

16 thoughts on “Freedom Day protests planned across Australia

  1. This is an opportunity for the people of Melbourne opposed to the extended state of emergency to stand up. Those who can’t get downtown simply need to take their masks off and stand in their streets and post to online media sites voicing how they feel and expose Dictator Dan and his cronies. Can you imagine if every Melbourne suburb did this, what it’ll do. It’s time guys, we can do this. We really do have the power.

    1. “Can you imagine if every Melbourne suburb did this, what it’ll do.”

      Yes. It will cause more community transmission. More people will get sick. More people will die. More restrictions will be enforced. More months of lockdown will ensue.

      You – and all those with you – are promoting the endangerment of public health and should be held accountable.

      1. Redd you clearly trust the government position on all this. And that is the point – the government position consists of a whole bunch of assertions like the ones you have regurgitated that are completely unsupported by science. Furthermore, the law is there to ensure that such one-dimensional thinking does not come to dominate. The Andrews govt is putting you through this for nothing, they are breaking the law, and dabbling in medicine without a licence.

        Their argument and yours is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and completely circular. If you believe it, then you are a victim of gaslighting and abuse, and when you finally realise that it will be too late. Blame yourself for the punishment the govt is giving you, but don’t blame the people who are challenging that as a fundamental function of a democratic society.

        But don’t take it from me, turn off the TV and find out about the many thousands of doctors, lawyers and experts in Australia and abroad who are saying the government have got this badly wrong. Then ask yourself why you have to turn off the TV in order to hear their voices? These are highly complex issues, and if you believe everything Dan Andrews says on TV about why he needs to keep hurting you the way he is, then you have absolutely no understanding of what is happening.

      2. Pretending to be wise you have become a fool. People like you have unfortunately been sent a strong delusion that you now believe the lies as truth and the reject the truth as lies.

        What a shame!

      3. YOU seem like a PROVOCATEUR, GATE KEEPER or at BEST a FOOL who believes in such entities as Santa Claus.

        If you had done your research you would know COVID ,at worst is simply a typical Flu

      4. Redd please feel free to lock yourself in the deepest darkest basement you can find & by all means wear 10 masks at a time 24/7 & never step foot outside for the rest of your life but don’t you dare even so much as think you & Andrews are going to make up bs rules to make me hide in the basement wearing masks too. That ain’t ever going to happen.
        Live free or die trying to.

  2. Check out the Know Your Rights website and YT channel for loads of incredible information about the law that even the police don’t seem to know. You have more power than you think, and a few small pieces of information could stop you getting stopped!

    Meanwhile, whatever it is that Desperate Dan is hiding, I’m sure it won’t be a secret for long. The ridiculous lengths he is going to will not save him. Come on, Dan, save us all a lot of trouble: the truth will set you free.

    1. Agree at 100% Larry, Dan is indeed hiding something but it will come out in the open very soon. I am sure whatever he is hiding will make people very angry when it comes out in the open. He can do nothing but for the truth whether he likes it or not.

      Thank you for the tip about the web site.

      Here is the link for others.

  3. Congratulations Redd, you have completely absorbed and regurgitated the position of the Andrews government. You do not need to attend the protest. In fact don’t go out at all. Attendance is for those who have understood that the Andrews government is very dangerously wrong, both scientifically and legally, and who don’t want a ‘cure’ that is worse than the disease.

    Have a nice day, good citizen, you’ve earned your free vaccine. While you wait for it to arrive, stay home and watch TV, you’ll learn everything the Andrews Govt wants you to learn about why they are right and everyone else is wrong. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long, since we’ve pushed it through many times faster than an effective and safe vaccine normally takes to develop.

  4. I’m pleasantly surprised to read other’s interpretations of Danielle Andrews’s Gestapo type war using his cops to crush the voices of the people. But I’m also saddened to learn I live in a land where so many are indoctrinated to believe the winner of a corrupt political raffle certifies supreme intelligence & heavenly godly powers are also inherited on raffle night to guide the sheep through life.

  5. Um, I’m just trying to get a handle here on the information. If I’m reading right, coronavirus is not contagious?

    1. Big subject, but nobody is actually saying that. Once you go down the rabbit hole of the science of this crisis, it gets very deep indeed, and not all we have been told is true. Far from it.

      What nearly everybody agrees on is that the government response has been way overblown, completely heavy-handed and disproportionate, counterproductive in so many ways, and, importantly unlawful. That is really the point. Speaking personally, with a good science degree and a lifetime of worldly experience, I do not fear a virus nearly as much as I fear stupid megalomaniacs in authority deciding what is good for me.

    2. In all likelihood the Covid-19 (aka CCP virus) is contagious just like the common flu etc. Just like the common flu, CCP virus is contagious in the almost identical manner (touch to face & airborne). Just like the common flu, CCP virus has a high degree of mortality in the elderly & those who have other medical conditions where a healthy immune system is required for recovery. Just like the common flu, mortality in school aged children & reasonably healthy adults doesn’t occur.
      In short, it’s a complete scam & therefore vaccinations wouldn’t be required or advised for the 5yo – 65yo referred to above.

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